Boychild & Girlchild.

the wrath of the ocean

"Once upon a time, there was a smart girl going down the wrong path. She went against what her mommy and daddy said to do, playing with her friends when she wasn't supposed to and crossing the street without looking twice.

One day, she met a boy. He taught her to listen to what others had to say, understand why people told her to do things. They were to keep her safe and happy, and once she realized that... why, by the time she realized that, she also knew that she loved that boy.

And then, the boy did something really mean. He kissed another girl while he was with that girl, and it hurt her feelings. She started to be bad again, and then he caught her once more. He fought away what was tricking her into being naughty, and the pair began to trust each other again.

Finally, the girl and the boy got married. After a happy few years, the girl found out she was going to be a mommy. She had a baby girl, a happy, beautiful little child and then she had a hyper son."

"That's us, right mommy?"

"Yeah, baby, that's you."
♠ ♠ ♠
by amanda


so, this has been my baby. she's done now. olive and adam are done with their story.
and that's just damn fine.