Boychild & Girlchild.

you better ***ing run.

Skip ahead a few month's time, and you'll find the Boychild and Girlchild on an fairly friendly basis. Adam and Olive know one another quite well, clicking and becoming as close as possible in a such a short amount of time. He learned how to play on her impulses, and she just continued to befuddle him into doing things he normally never would.

Picking her up on time. Paying for movies. Pulling the chair out for her at restaurants.

Olive learned how to be half an hour late and still be on time, how to frown and pout when he offered to pay, and how to be gracious and demure.

Adam was not a gentleman, but Olive kept him so on his toes that he felt that he needed to be.

He went into this looking for a quick fuck and run, but he was getting so much more.

Olive, however, was scared enough by how this all was playing out that she'd love to just fucking run.