Sequel: The Road.
Status: The End! Sequel Is Up!


When you think of twins, you think of identical, same, close; Well, that's not the case with this two, Meghan and Ariana, two completely different people.

Ariana was outgoing and loved to be around her guy friends. She enjoyed art anything from drawing to painting to photography. Music was a big part of her life too, she knew how to play at least six instruments, but her favorite was the piano. She was very girl too, it was strange to others that someone as girl and "scene" as Ariana would hang out with guys all the time. Alex being her best friend, would do everything together since they were four years old, they were inseparable until... she showed up.

Meghan grew up in the upper east side of Manhattan, New York. She grew up being the best at everything she applied herself to do, if she wanted something, she got it. She attended private school, went shopping every weekend, and she believed if there was a princess in New York, it would be her, and then tragedy struck and her life completely changed. Meghan has a hard time making friends because people see her as a stuck up bitch, even though she is very kind and her true passion in life is drawing.