Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter One.

I stare at my High School diploma as I try to ignore Carmen and Ariana, I still couldn’t believe I was related to them, especially Ariana. Sure she’s my twin but that doesn’t mean we have anything in common, though Carmen swears we looked identical when we were born, I wanted to tell her that all babies look the same when they’re born.

I sigh loudly and look out the window, I wanted to get home already, the sooner the less I had to hear them talking.

“Meghan mija, I’m very proud of you.” Carmen says speaking to me for the first time since we got in the car, I look at her through the rear view mirror and she smiles, “I’m sure your dad would be proud that you were the valedictorian.”

“Thank you,” I mumble and look back out the window, of course my dad would be proud, him and Ashley had always pushed me to be the best at everything, and taught me that second place was not as good as first.

I always believed that Ashley was my mom, but after she and my dad got into a car accident and died two years ago, I found out the truth.

Not only did Ashley turn out to just be my step-mom, but it turned out I had a twin sister who lived with our real mom, and after the funeral I had to pack everything and move to Baltimore, Maryland. Ugh.

“We are home.” Carmen announces, like every other time.

I roll my eyes and get out of the car, I walk through the green grass and into our two story suburban home, of course it didn’t compare to the luxurious New York condo I used to live in, nothing here will every compare to my old life.

I run up the stairs but before I can lock myself in my room Carmen calls out my name.

I sigh and look down the stairs where Carmen is standing with a smile on her face, “Yes?” I ask trying not to sound too rude.

“Are you going to the party tonight with Ariana?”

“No mom, she wasn’t invited!” Ariana say in a loud voice as she enters the house.

“If she wasn’t invited, then you’re not going Ariana.”

“What!?" Ariana shrieks angrily.

“It’s okay Carmen, I didn’t want to go anyway.” I say and turn around to start heading to my room.

“I don’t like the way you two pretend the other doesn’t exist, so it’s final either you two go or neither goes.” Carmen says in a stern voice, causing Ariana to groan angrily.

“You better be ready in two hours,” Ariana tells me as she glares at me.

I roll my eyes and head to my room, I walk in and close my door.

“Peace and quiet, finally.” I murmur and walk over to my bed, I lay on it and close my eyes.

“You better be ready!” Ariana shouts from outside my room.

I groan and sit up as I glare at the door. “I will be!” I shout back and walk over to my closet, I look through my dresses and decide on a white dress covered in black lace with flower designs, I throw the dress to my bed and look for shoes, I grab my black no heel boots, I grab my towel and walk into my bathroom, of course I told Carmen I had to have the master bedroom if she wanted me to be happy, and as always I got what I wanted.

I take a quick shower and get dressed, then I blow dry my hair and straighten it. I sigh as I stare at the mirror, I wasn’t sure whether to put my hair into a ponytail or just leave it down.

“I’ll leave it down.” I murmur as I move my aqua blue and purple dyed bangs out of my eyes.

I start laughing as I remember the time when Carmen almost had a heart attack when I came home and my previously natural blond hair had been dyed aqua blue and purple, her reaction had been priceless.

I put on a little bit of cover up and black eye liner to bring out my dark blue eyes, I put on some clear lip gloss and smile for a second before frowning.

This party is going to be terrible, I’m going to be surrounded by Ariana and her friends.

I groan and walk out of my room and walk down to the first floor and into the living room to wait for Ariana.

An hour later, Ariana finally came down, of course wearing her usual heavy black eye make up, as well as her black hair extensions. I look at her strapless black dress, and couldn’t decide whether I disliked it, or hated it. Though I did like the red belt around her waist.

“Okay ma, we’re leaving now.” Ariana shouts and I join her by the front door, I take my black cardigan and put it on.

“Who’s driving?” Carmen shouts back.

“I am!” She shouts, I open the door and walk out.

“Bye ma!” Ariana shouts and then steps outside and closes the front door, I follow her to her car and hop in as soon as she unlocks it.

Fifteen minutes later we arrive to a very crowded street, Ariana curses under hear breath and drives two blocks more and parks, which meant I had to walk with her to the house, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if she had dropped me off in the middle of nowhere.

We walk silently as the music gets louder with each step, soon I hear someone shout Ariana’s name, “hey Alex!” She shouts back and walks towards him.

I look around not sure what to do, should I just walk into the house or go back to the car and wait for Ariana to be done partying. I decide to stay.

Something incredible is bound to happen or at least something completely insane.

“Oh, hey Meghan!” Alex says as he notices me in the dark.

“Hey Alex.” I wave and walk away.

Alex had been in my art class for junior and senior year, of course I know him and Ariana are best friends, she always goes to his house, but he doesn’t know that Ariana and I are twin sister, or sister for that matter, maybe it had slipped Ariana’s mind to mention that to him. But then again it's easy to pretend we don't even know each other, as seeing I have my dad's last name, and she has her mother's.

Maybe that was one of the reasons why Alex never came to our house, maybe she didn’t want him to know about me.

I turn back and see Alex whisper something into Ariana’s ear, and then both of them start laughing. I look down at my feet and sigh as I walk into the loud house.
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