Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Ten.

Alex had said he would be back he was going to help his friend out or something so I sat around and got ready.

Look hot.

"Like that's going to help," I sighed.

Tone the eyeliner and shadow down, keep it simple, he's never seen you with simple make up on, don't hide your beauty, enhance it

I thought about it for a minute, maybe I would tone the make up down, Alex never has seen me without make up, except when were were kids. But those days were different we spent time outside playing.

"Maybe I will, it'll be weird but I will"

I smiled and pulled out a pair of shirts and my favorite Linkin Park t-shirt which was black and the letters were white with a smoky purple background. I grabbed my black extra high converse and slipped them on, I loved those shoes, they made me feel sexy.

My make up was not heavy at all, instead of using black eyeshadow I used a nude color, something that matched my skin color only a shade darker, I went easy on the black eyeliner, and mascara wasn't much. My lipstick was also a nude pink, that made me smiled, I always had to have nail polish on me, so I used a purple shade, to top things off I had a butterfly hair clip that I put on my hair.

"Hope this isn't too much, it shouldn't be" I smiled.

Trying to win him over won't be easy, but I'll do my best.

Alex sent me a text message saying that we we're going bowling and I was excited, I loved bowling, probably the only sport other than swimming that I enjoyed, but didn't get to do often.


When I saw Alex walk back in, I grabbed my bag and ran outside and noticed Jack was already in the passenger seat, and someone else was in the back. I opened the door and saw none other than my sister, Meghan.


I sighed this was not going to end well was it? I knew something wrong was going to happen, but I thought I'd be civil to her, even though she was never civil to me or my mother, I'll be the bigger person.

"Meghan," I greeted.

"Ariana," she whispered.

"Bowling huh?"

"Cosmic bowling" Alex smiled.

"Awesome," I nodded.

It was so dark in the car I couldn't really see any faces but I could feel my sister feeling uncomfortable. I guess it was a twin thing but I felt all right, a little uneasy but I was going to be nice tonight.

It was quite for awhile, actually it was quite the rest of the way to the bowling alley, Alex parked and we got off. Meghan didn't say much to me, but i didn't say much to her either, just to be nice and not bark at her while we were around Alex and Jack.

"I call Meghan to be on my team!" Jack shouted.

"But I wanted her on my team!" Alex groaned.


No one wanted me on their team, talk about low blow, I sighed and walked over to get my bowling shoes.

"I was kidding you know," he whispered behind me.

I jumped, "What are you talking about now?"

"I want you on my team," Alex replied.

"Right.. well, it doesn't matter who's team I'm in"

"Sorry didn't mean to offend you"

I turned around to face him, "You didn't, so don't worry about it okay?"

"Oh.. okay. Hey, you look different,"

I rolled my eyes, "Everyone's been saying that,"

"Its true, you have gorgeous eyes, I never noticed how they change color when light hits them"

I blushed, "Yeah, sometimes they look neon green,"

"That's cool, you look really pretty too" he grinned.

"Trying to persuade me into forgiving you?" I asked.

"Of course not!" he laughed.

"Liar," I laughed, "Flattery doesn't work well for you Alex,"

"Bummer, well let's go!"

I followed him to where our lane was at and I noticed Jack writing down or names, I put my bowling shoes on and looked over at Meghan.

"Good luck" I smiled.

She looked taken back, "Uh, thanks"

I nodded and turned to Alex "You better not make me lose,"

"Oh, baby please," he chuckled.

I giggled, "Who's going first?" I asked.

"Uh, I'm first then Ariana,then Meghan and Alex is last" Jack informed us.

"Oh okay,"

Jack grabbed his bowling ball which was blue and the game had began.

I thought we were all having a good time, even Meghan laughed a few times, I never saw her crack a smile, it was quite refreshing.

"I still can't believe Jack won!" Alex pouted.

I grabbed Alex's hand and smiled, "He's not quite as sweet as you though"

"Thats true" he grinned.

"Hey! I heard that!"

We all laughed, "Let's go get some grub and go play video games?"

"More games Jack? Gees!" Meghan teased him.

"Rawr! Or we can just do nothing all night,"

"Horror movies and play poker?" I suggested, laughing.

"That sounds fun too!" Jack grinned.

"NOT strip poker!" Meghan and I said at the same time.

"Anyways, let's go back to Alex's" Jack smiled.

"Let's go pick up some movies and food!"

We all agreed, on our way to the parking lot, both Jack and Alex kept staring at me, trying to figure something out.

"What?" I asked.

"What's so different about you today?" they both answered.

I rolled my eyes, "Guys, I'm not wearing heavy make up today!"


I shook my head "You guys are idiots"

"You love us!"

I laughed, "I do, you're the best!"


At Alex's house we we're all sitting around playing Uno and watching horror flicks that included Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th.

"Hide me!" Alex shrieked hiding behind me.

Jack laughed, "Alex you're such a wimp!"

He pouted, "Don't laugh at me"

"You're one to talk Jack," I laughed.

I hugged Alex, he could be so sweet at times and really annoying at other times but I loved being around him.
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