Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Eleven.

I bring my legs up to my chest and sigh as I look out into the darkness. Tonight had been weird, I never really imagined hanging out with Ariana, especially not laughing and smiling around her, it felt as if we were actually sisters and not enemies.

Maybe it was my fault that we didn't quite get along, I was angry that I didn't know about having a twin sister, and I guess I took out my anger on her.

"Aren't you cold?" I hear Alex from behind me.

I turn my head and see Alex step out into the backyard and then close the sliding door.

"Is the movie over?" I question as I turn my head and stare out at the darkness once more.

"No, but Jack and Ariana fell asleep, and I didn't think you should be out here all alone." He says as he sits next to me on the cold grass.

"I just needed some fresh air," I say in a low voice.

We sit there right next to each other without saying a single word. Just the two of us sitting in complete and comfortable silence.

"Do you ever miss him?" I whisper a couple of minutes later.

"Yeah," he whispers after a minute of silence.

"What do you miss about him?" I ask as I turn to look at him.

"Him, I miss him." He sighs, "we were going to do things together, we were going to see the world and accomplish our goals, but now he's just gone, it was like I didn't matter to him, like everything we planned were just lies," Alex says as his eyes water.

"Maybe towards the end they were, but not all of it,"

Alex looks at me with sad eyes, "if he did lie, then it was to protect you and protect himself," I say in a low voice.

"It just hurt a lot that he didn't trust me, that he didn't try to reach out to anybody, and I hate myself every single day for not noticing there was something wrong with him," he says as a few tears escape.

"I know that you wish you could have done something, or said something to him that would have changed his mind, but what if you had known? What if you tried and he still did it? You would only hate yourself more, and the pain would be much more," I tell him as I wipe away his fresh tears.

"You just need to remember the great times, and that he loved you, and that he knew you were strong and you would forgive him for what he did, and you are strong, and you need to forgive yourself."

Alex wraps his around around me and rests his head on my shoulder as he sniffs, "thank you Meghan."

"You're not alone," I whisper

"Is that how you felt too?" Alex asks after a couple of minutes.

"I used to blame myself for their death, that maybe if I had gone with them to eat dinner, then everything would have been different, and it was destroying me," I say as my voice cracks.

"I would pretend that they were away on a business trip and that they were going to knock on the door and surprise me, but I knew they were dead and that I would never see them again, and it would tear me apart because I wanted to believe my own lie," I say as I try to hold back a sob.

Alex pulls back from the hug and stares at me through sad eyes, he wipes my eyes and gives me a small smile, "you're not alone," he whispers.

I return his smile as we stare at each other, as the seconds pass our faces become closer, and I feel my heart beat increase as I realize what's going to happen. I close my eyes just as I feel Alex's lips on mine, he kisses me slowly sending goosebumps through my body, I kiss him back, and I can taste the saltiness from our tears.

I feel my nerves turn into excitement as I feel Alex's warm hands on my neck as he deepens the kiss, and his tongue finds a way into my mouth.

We pull back as we gasp for air. I smile as Alex kisses my forehead, he looks at me and gives me a smile, then he kisses me softly on lips just as the sliding door closes, and from the corner of my eyes I could see Ariana walking away.
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