Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Twelve

I sat up and stretched my arms, I must have dosed off. I stood up and stretched again, yawning this time, I looked over at the clock it was three am. I wondered where Meghan and Alex were, I was afraid to ask, but I walked around.

I could hear whispering, I walked to the sliding door, sliding it open a little bit to get some fresh air, and then I saw them. They were kissing, my heart was pounding inside of me, and I could feel a sharp pain going through me. I closed the door and walked away, tears were swelling up in my eyes, and in a flash they were spilling.

I should have known better to fall in love. What was I thinking? They can relate more than he and I ever could.

I quickly grabbed my bag and packed all my stuff, I was aching and my tears kept coming. I made sure I was really quiet so I wouldn't wake anyone up.

I should have just kept my distance...

I took my necklace off and stuffed it back into the small box and placed it in my bag, I couldn't wear it anymore. I felt too betrayed; I walked out quietly so no one could hear me, and walked home.

I wiped my tears from my eyes I knew that I wouldn't be anything more than a friend to him, I just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to be around him anymore, she won like she always has and there's no way I could ever win.

She's always gotten everything, this isn't different. This is my fault for not telling him how I feel; he would have laughed at me. Why did I ever think he could love me? I can't be around him anymore. I just can't.

I walked to the back of my mom's house and walked in; I hurried upstairs to my bedroom and locked myself in.

I put on some music and held my legs against my chest and cried harder into my hands. The image was plastered in my mind, I couldn't make it go away, they were making out and it hurt me. It hurt me so much that I had to take all the pictures of Alex and me down and put them in a box. It may sound dramatic but I'm sure there were plenty of people out there that could understand my pain.

The box was sitting on the counter, why did I even wear it he didn't wear his at all, I looked out the window, it was pitch black.

"Why can't I get over you," I whispered to myself.

I quickly changed and got into bed, I wrapped myself in my blankets and tried to sleep, but I found it hard to get any sleep with the image stuck in my head.

"Damn it,"


I woke up with a terrible headache and I was dehydrated from all the crying I did last night, I got up and got dressed.

I brushed my hair into a sloppy bun and walked to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I walked back to my bedroom and grabbed my camera and walked downstairs where I found my mom sitting on the table nibbling on a piece of toast and drinking coffee.


"Oh, hi honey," she jumped.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you, are you okay?"

"Meghan and I had an argument yesterday," she sighed.

I frowned, "What happened?"

"Nothing important, work?"

"Yeah, I know it’s my day off but I need the money," I whispered.


"Mom, I'm going to move out soon," I whispered.

"So soon?"

"Yeah, mom I'm a big girl now, I got to start taking care of myself,"

She sighed and nodded, I walked over to her and gave her a big hug, and I rubbed her back.

"Don't worry I haven't started looking yet" I smiled and walked out.


I wanted to get my mind of Alex and Meghan, so I took an extra day of work, I didn't mind I loved what I did.

"You're quiet today Ariana," Andrew noted.

I looked over at him and nodded, "Just a little distracted sorry"

"It's fine"

I nodded and followed Andrew; I wondered what they were doing now? If he even cared that he had broken my heart in a million pieces.

How can he know? He doesn't even know you love him.

I sighed and started snapping pictures of couples sitting and it made my heart sink, would I ever have someone to go home to? Would I have someone to love? Because Alex wasn't going to be the one for me. I should have known better than to actually believe that he would be the one for me.

I'm so fucking stupid.

I told Andrew about my plan of moving out of my mom's house and get my own apartment; he told me that it sounded like a good plan.

"I just need more money you know, and I'm going to have to get some roommates" I laughed.

"Yeah, that's the bad part you could get a terrible roommate" he teased.

"Shut up, don't say that you're scaring me" I laughed, taking a bite from my sandwich.

"You can always move in with me and my sister" he suggested.

I bit my lip, "Maybe, let me think it over some more okay?"


I really didn't want to leave my piano alone and I'm sure it wouldn't fit in the apartment where Andrew and his sister were staying.


At home I noticed that Meghan was home, I walked in and ignored her completely I didn't want to talk to her OR Alex. I just changed and called Andrew to see if he wanted to hang out with me tonight.


This way I can avoid both of them.
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I personally like Ariana, she's very artistic and sweet.