Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Thirteen.

I lay on the floor with a smile on my face, I still can't believe last night had actually happened, just thinking about the kiss made my heart beat increase, and my cheeks blush. I sigh and sit up and look at the pictures I had drawn earlier in the day of faceless lovers.

I wasn't sure what to think about Alex and me, I mean he hadn't said much after we kissed, he just smiled and took my hand in his, and then we laid on the grass staring at the night sky, without saying a single word.

I stand up and stretch, my back was starting to hurt from being on the ground, I walk to my door and open it just as Ariana passes by, she glares at me and then walks into her bedroom. I stare at the wall confused about what had just happened.

I sigh in defeat and walk up to her bedroom door, I knock softly and I hear her mumble something before the door opens, "what?" She hisses.

"What's your problem?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She responds in a flat tone.

“I know you’re mad at me, and I want to know why.”

“Why do you even care?”

“I just do, okay? Just tell me why.”

“I think you know why, and you’re just doing this to be a bitch.” She says and slams the door in my face.

I glare at the door, and knock on it furiously, “just go away!” She shouts angrily.

I stare at the door unable to understand why she was so angry, yesterday she had been all smile and now she was worse than she had ever been. Unless she did see what happened between me and Alex.

I knock again, this time she opens the door looking very pissed off.

“Does this have to do anything with Alex?”

Her eyes saddened as I said his name, and that only told me that I was right.

“You saw us last night, didn’t you?” I ask in a low voice.

“Apparently you two were too busy to even notice that I was gone,” she says sourly.

I stare at her, I can see the pain and the anger on her face. I began to wonder if maybe her feelings for Alex were a lot deeper than just friendship.

“I don’t know why that upsets you, I know he’s your best friend and I’m not trying to take him away from you, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop seeing him, because I like him a lot and I know he likes me too.”

“You’re so full of it Meghan, you’re the reason why we Alex and me don’t talk or hang out like we used to, so why don’t you just go back to where you cam from and waste your life there.”

“Don’t even try to blame that on me Ariana, because it’s your fucking fault, and you know it! You’re the one that pushes him away whenever he does something you don’t like!”

Ariana shoves me forcefully causing me to hit the hall wall, “you don’t know anything!” She hisses.

“You just like being a controlling bitch, and you can’t stand that Alex is paying more attention to me than you,” I hiss back glaring at her.

“Alex has known me longer, and soon he’ll realize that you’re nothing but a worthless snob with no heart,” She says with a smirk.

“All you care about is having Alex all to yourself, well guess what? He’s not an object, he’s a person, and he’s allowed to like or hate anybody he wants, and it’s not up to you!” I shout as I feel my anger rise up.

“He’s my best friend and I’m just looking out for him, not that you would know anything about that, I can’t imagine anybody wanting to be friends with you,”

“You’re just vile and cruel, like your mother!” I hiss.

Ariana gasps and slaps me, “she’s the one who took you in when nobody else wanted you! You just came into our lives and ruined it, we would have been better off if you were in that car with the bastard you called a father.”

My hands turn into fists as my eyes tear up, “you’re the one without a heart!” I hiss as I hit her square in the jaw.

She groans and shoves me out of the way as she runs down the stairs.
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