Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Fourteen.

I can't believe she punched me, and she said all those things to me, she didn't even care that I was in love with him. What a bitch. I ran outside and I started crying out loud, I couldn't help it, but the only thing I could feel was pain and it wasn't so much physical as it was emotional.

I looked back I could see her through the window, she was pacing back and forth I rolled my eyes and rubbed my cheek. That really hurt, and I had doubted that she'd apologize to me; after all I was the fucking heartless bitch. That's all I was to her, a selfish controlling bitch.

I can't believe she said that, what a dumb bitch.

I don't think of Alex as an object. Whatever, soon she won't have to see my fucking face again.

I noticed a figure walking towards me, and recognize it, it was Alex I ran back inside and to my bedroom, Meghan was in her room, I could hear her mumble and cuss, I could also hear her "music". I quickly gathered up everything, I had already packed everything and was ready to go; all I was waiting for was for an apartment to open up. Tears kept coming, Alex didn't care. I don't think he ever cared about me, all I heard were lies, lies and more lies.

I grabbed my car keys and my suitcases and walk downstairs; I open the front door and saw Alex standing in front of me.

"Ariana, you left last night and I wanted to know wh--"

"MOVE!" I shouted pushing him away.

I opened the trunk and stuffed my bags and suitcases inside and wiped my tear and make up stained cheeks, but the tears just kept coming.

"Ariana what the hell is going on?!" he shouted.

I just ignored him and ran back upstairs to get more stuff, I wasn't going to stick around so she would hit me again, and I've been meaning to leave this place anyway. I could hear footsteps behind me, I knew it was Alex but I didn't care I kept packing my stuff and gathering everything that I needed and wanted up.

"ARIANA!" he breathed. "Where are you going?"

I shoved him and ran back downstairs and to my car I stuffed the remaining bags into my car and shut the trunk.

"Fuck it, talk to me already why the hell are you leaving?!" he screamed.

I balled my fists and threw the box he had given me a few days ago at his face; I wasn't going to buy his shit anymore.

"You don't even notice me anymore! It's like I DON'T fucking exist!" I cried.

"What the hell!?" he opened the box "What's going on?"

"Are you that oblivious Alex it’s obvious that you've replaced me and you don't even care about me or my feelings?"

"Didn't we just have --?"

"SHUT UP! I can't take it anymore" I sobbed.

"Ariana... what happen to your face?" he took a step closer.


"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"I can't believe you never noticed! I can't believe you Alex, you've hurt me so much and I just can't take it anymore!" I cried harder.

"What... hurt you? Ariana... what's --"

"I love you, and you just --ugh" I couldn't stop crying.

He didn't say anything he just stood there, I knew he wouldn't feel the same way; I was an idiot thinking that he could ever love me. I stood up and walked to my car I got in the driver's seat and turned on the ignition.

"Don't worry, you can have Meghan you guys can be happy together, you don't need me anyway, I'm sure I'll find someone else to love,” I drove off.

I wasn't sure where I was going to go, but I knew I couldn't stay near my mom's house, not today. Not ever.

I drove for an hour thinking of where to go, my phone kept going off, and I knew it would be Alex but I didn't want to answer.


I finally made it to a motel, I was only going to stay for the night; I parked my car and got off, I walked into the room. I sat down in the bed; I noticed there was a mirror next to the bed stand, I picked it up and stared at my reflection. I had a large bruise on my face and my cheeks were stained with eyeliner, from all the crying I've been doing.

I took a look at my Blackberry and noticed I had six unread messages and 3 missed calls and one voice mail. I didn't want to know what they said; I knew they'd be from Alex.

Ariana, please come back we need to talk.

Ariana, did you mean what you said?

Why didn't you ever tell me?

Ariana, please answer me

Ariana, why are you leaving?

You threw your present back at me? What the hell is that about? Do you not want to be friends anymore?

Please come back.

I sighed and pressed redial, to check my voice mail, I could feel the tears overwhelming my eyes again.

"Ariana, its Alex please just listen don't just delete it. We're you serious about what you said? I mean the loving me part?"

I pressed end, I didn't want to hear him anymore my heart broke more every time I heard his voice and how could he doubt me anyways. How could he think that I WOULD lie to him about my feelings?

I pressed redial to listen to the whole voice mail, I was curious to know what else he had said.

"I know you may not believe when I say this but I think you should know, I've always, always had feelings for you,"

I blinked and listened to it more carefully.

"I never thought you could feel the same way, you always said I was your best friend and I thought that's all I could ever be..."

I'm not going back, I'm not going back. I'm going to stay away from them both, they'll be happier without me anyway. Especially Meghan, she'd love that.

"Stupid tears," I sniffed.

I wiped tears but the more I thought about them being happy I became more miserable and I cried all over again. I was going to tear him out from my heart and never talking to either of them again.
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