Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Two.

I really wish I didn't have to take my sister to the party she was just so not cool and snobby it was no wonder she had no friends.

Everyone was at Alex's party and I could tell everyone was having fun, I smiled and wondered off with Alex. He was telling me about what Jack had done earlier in the week to get suspended, of course he had to set something on fire. The pyro, his mom was so pissed I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold it anymore.

"I'll be right" I shouted and walked past him and into the bathroom.

Why did she have to move in with us? She sure doesn't treat mom like her mother, she demanded the master bedroom, like the little bitch she is. Even I don't treat my mom like that, and why the hell does she keep calling her Carmen.

I washed my hands and noticed that my make up was already starting to run, I groaned and stated reapplying it. Meghan wold be laughing her ass off and would have made remarks like you have way too much eyeliner on

I walked back to the loud music and dancing, I looked for Alex but he wasn't anywhere in sight I decided I'd just sit on his couch and drink some beer while I waited for him. Not once had he asked if I knew Meghan, I never acknowledge her as my sibling or twin for that matter.. Alex didn't know anything about that. I didn't want him to know period. Main reasons being is that I wouldn't feel quite as unique.

I waited and waited and nowhere to be found I walked around for awhile asking people if they had seen him and everyone said he had left.

He left me.

That stung, it's just what my father did, the coward, he deserved what he got he never called me or mom for that matter she told me I had a twin but he never called, my mother said she lost all contact with him until sophomore year or something like that. Before he died, I was so angry at him I hated him ever since I was young. Now Alex left me at this party, it made me so angry. Alex never left me at parties he would always drag me out or carry me out and he just left me here?

I sighed and decided I'd go play beer pong with Jack and Zack for awhile, I was doing pretty good then I grew bored and left. I walked outside the music was blaring from the inside, when I noticed Meghan wasn't here either. She couldn't be with Alex could she? I grew angry at the thought of that, he was my best friend. I wasn't going to share him with anyone.

I closed my eyes and wondered what the hell was going on with my life? I could hear laughing, it was Meghan. I got up and started to walk to where she was, behind the house she was with Alex he was telling her some joke or something.

I was very insecure of myself of course, I balled my hands into fists, he was out here for three hours talking to Meghan, leaving me inside. I dropped my hands, I was just going to let it go, I walked back inside and grabbed my purse.

I then told everyone I was going home that I was tired and couldn't stay out too long, I had a job interview in the morning for a photography job. I walked to the car and got into the driver's seat from there I pulled out my phone and sent my "sister" a message.

I'm going home, coming or what?

I waited a few minutes before I saw two shadows walking out from behind the house and to my car. Alex was standing next to Meghan, she slipped into the passengers seat and rolled down her window.

"Thanks, Alex you really know how to make someone feel comfortable at a party where I don't know most people" she laughed.

"Yeah, I know how that goes, hey... Ariana?"

I was gripping onto the steering wheel, glaring at the trees in front of me I didn't acknowledge him whatsoever.

"You two, know each other?" he asked Meghan this time.

"Yeah..." she started.

"Huh, that's cool Ariana, why are you leaving so early? It's not even midnight yet?" he asked, curious to know.

I bit my lip trying to relax, I started the ignition this time Alex walked around to the driver's side and knocked on the window.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" he chuckled.

I kept staring foward trying to stay quiet and relax, for me it was hard to watch my best friend with my sister. I didn't like it it made me feel so insecure, she got everything she wanted and I didn't want to give him up for her, for anyone actually, so I was very angry.

"Aren't you going to answer him?" Meghan chuckled.

"Shut up," I growled.

"Ouch, angry much?"

"Oh, come on Ari stay for a few more hours,please?"

I huffed and rolled down my window, "No, I'm not going to stay, so I can be ignored by my best friend and wait, I HAVE an interview tomorrow or did you forget already? Figures, whatever. Good night Alexander. Don't call me"

With those last words I pulled out of the driveway and drove home in silence I wasn't going to be speaking to anyone for the rest of the night...
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