Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Twenty.

I sighed, I knew she was going to do this but I guess it was nice of her; strange but I took her offer. I was already packed, I was just waiting for Charlie to come by and give me a ride to the airport.

"Are you ready to go?" my grandfather asked me.

I just nodded, "I am, I hope they like everything"

"You'll do great things dear, I've always believed it" he smiled kissing my temple.

"Thanks Papa,"

"Wait! Ariana" I heard her shout, my mother.

I turned around and watched my mother she ran into me and wrapped her spaghetti arms around me, she held me tight.

"Mom..."I whispered.

"I'm going to miss you baby, I don't want you to go, but these are your dreams, you have to grow up sometime"

I smiled "Thanks mom, you and papa have been the best thank you for raising me"

Charlie pulled up and waved, "Ready?"

I nodded, he got off and helped me with my luggage;I turned to my grandpa and mom giving them the last hugs for awhile.

"Take care, and Charlie please watch over her okay?"

He smiled, "I will don't worry"

Charlie and I are more friends than anything else he was originally from New York so he was going to show me the ropes. Hah. Can't believe I just said that just last month I thought he was one creepy ass guy and now he's like my best friend.


New York, will you like me? Accept me or will you frown upon me? Destroy me? Will I fit in with your people? Will I be good enough? Will my pieces me good enough?

"I wish you'd stop doubting yourself" he snapped at me.

"Stop snapping at me Charlie, New York looks terrifying I just don't want to crash and burn," I sighed.

"You're music is amazing, you're better than Beethoven"

"Oh my god, don't say that! I am so not , I'm way beneath him," I said.

"Good god, Ariana stop it, they'll love you and if they don't fuck them"

He was right who cares what these New Yorkers thought about me, all that matters was that I was happy and I was going to start all over.

New York, I'm ready for you and I'm ready for what you have to teach me. Bring it.
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The End!
Sorry it's short but I had no idea what to write. Ahaha.
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