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Chapter Four.

I can't believe Alex had the nerve of coming over, he knew better, we only talked for a few minutes. I was too annoyed to continue talking to him and told him I had to go to my interview. I decided to dress a black pencil skirt with an ivory silk ruffle blouse and black pumps; I pulled my black hair into a neat bun.

I didn't wear as quite much eyeliner as I usually do, because of course this was professional and I had to look professional so they would take me seriously. My make up was light and in nude colors, I knew this was just a photography job, but it was a professional photography, for big magazines like, Vogue, Elle, and other high fashion magazines.

I noticed that Alex had taken my so called sister with him, I was watching through the blinds, I mumbled. This was not going well at all, I grabbed my purse and made my way out, I got into my car and drove off.


I walked into the building feeling confident and strong and like I could do anything now, as I walked through the building, I thought about Alex. He didn't realize I was annoyed with him; he's a guy I should have known better.

"Hi, I'm Ariana I'm looking for Mr. Hale," I told a secretary.

"Oh, yes he has been expecting you, through that door to go all the way down the hall and his office is on the left"

I nodded and walked through the hall, the walls were gray making the whole place look so cold, there was some color, a lot of photography of course.

I saw a sign that read Carson Hale in front of a door, I walked in and there was no one there, I bit my lip and sat down in a chair.

"Hello there, you must be Ariana Marcelo correct?"

I nodded "It's a pleasure to meet you"

We shook hands and went started talking about what I could be doing and showing me a real schedule. I bit my lip, I was going to be very busy but as long as it would keep me from being at home I wouldn't mind at all.

"Do you have your any files?" he asked.

I nodded, "I do,"

I handed him a manila folder with large pictures of what I had done, most were of my paintings and of Alex and his band.

"These are phenomenal “he smiled.

I beamed with joy, this is what I wanted to do and I couldn't believe that he liked my work it was a great day.

"Don't know why you're so dressed up though, “he chuckled.

I blushed, "I wanted to look professional"

"I'm glad though; it gives me a sense of what you're like and that you will take this job seriously,"

I smiled "Thank you sir,"

"You have the job" he nodded, taking a few last glances at my photography.

"Thank you, this means a lot" I grinned.

He nodded; we both stood up and shook hands again before he dismissed me, and I smiled and walked out happy.

I didn't really want to go back home, instead I decided I'd go check out some cameras at Best Buy.

I didn't stay long but I found the camera that I really wanted, it was beautiful and it cost a fortune.

"I'll buy this with my first pay check" I smiled.


Home, somewhere I didn't want to be but I had to come home sometime, when I walked in I noticed that my sister wasn't there.

"Ma, where's Meghan?"

"Still out with Alex,"

I cringed at the thought; he didn't even text me at all. I walked to my bedroom and shut the door behind me, locking myself in my bedroom.

"We'll always be best friends right Alex?" I asked him, smiling.

"Duh!" he said, gripping me into a tight hug.

"You won't let another girl come between us promise?" I whispered.


I grinned, "Good, glad we have that settled, we should go to class before we both get detention, we've been tardy 3 times this week"

"Let's just skip class altogether" he nodded.

"Hmm... yeah!"

I sighed, stupid memories, I wasn't in the mood for them and yet I could help but feel jealous of her. I guess he thought she was prettier than me, maybe she was, but she was a real bitch too. He didn't know that of course, she acts all innocent and nice to Alex, but to me she's a real monster.

Everyone thinks that I'm the monster because I wear thick eyeliner and black eye shadow, they judge me.

I sat up and picked up my guitar that I received for Christmas last year and started to play, this was one reason that Alex and I became such good friends. We shared a passion for music, I could tell you how many instruments I can play but that would be showing off my skills.

I strummed the guitar and started writing notes on the paper; I wrote music once in awhile, I was very artistic, unlike my sister. The only thing she did was draw, big deal, it wasn't even that great. Not that I care, I had all the talent I could possibly want, I know that sounds like I'm being stuck up and a bitch, BUT she always gets her way with everything. I HAD to work hard for my talents; it wasn't just an overnight thing. I loved it so much that I started since I was young same with music and photography. I had so much love for the arts; I had planned to go to a one of those really awesome colleges in New York or Los Angeles, as soon as I had enough money.

I grabbed my journal and started writing a letter to my pen pal, I wasn't very intelligent like my twin, but I was artistic and that was good enough for me. I enjoyed writing as much as painting and playing the piano.

Dear Christina,

Today was great in many ways, but it also was terrible, you know that guy I was telling you about. Alex, yeah my best friend, that I fell in love with two years ago. Well, he's been hanging out with my bitch of a sister, Meghan and it drives me crazy! Wish you were here to comfort me, my mom won't do it, fuck it she's too busy giving Meghan all she wants, the lazy ass chick doesn't even have a job. Alex never liked me that way, I'm either too girly for him or too much of a guy. What the hell does he want from me? I wish I could tell him but my sister would probably steal him from me.

On to better news, that photography job, I got it! I'm so excited I can't wait to start tomorrow; I'll be going around and taking pictures of random people that have "taste" in clothes. I know you told me that I was good at everything that's "ART" including fashion, but I hate fashion, you know why? Because everyone is always criticizing you and I can't stand that! Yeah, so I'm good at making my own clothes, I don't give a fuck for fashion. I won't tell Meghan because she'd get so angry. I mean I should just to spite her, but I'm a better person than that.

Anyways, I'm going to go I have to go shower and write an application and essay for that Arts school in Los Angeles! Wish me luck!



I folded the stationary and slipped into an envelope and sealed it and placed a stamp on the right corner. I neatly wrote her address and mine own then placed the letter on my drawer, I would get up early and send it then.
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