Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Seven.

“Alex stop!” I say trying not to laugh.

Alex starts to beat his eyelashes and pucker up his lips, “you’re not going to break me!” I shout as I look away but I can’t help it and begin to laugh.

“I broke you!” Alex shouts and claps.

I look at him with a big smile and flip him off; he gasps and puts his hand on his chest pretending that I had offended him.

“Alex, if you don’t stop making faces it’s going to take me forever to finish drawing you.” I tell him in a serious tone of voice.

“Exactly,” he replies with a smile.

“What?” I ask a bit confused.

“The longer you take to draw me, the more time I get to spend time with you,” he says causing my cheeks to go red.

“You like spending time with me?” I ask with a smile.

“Yeah, you’re so… weird.”

I look at Alex with a confused expression.

“What I mean is, you’re different and I like it, and you laugh at all my jokes, even the bad ones.”

“I think they’re funny.” I say in a low voice.

“That’s what I’m talking about, normal people wouldn’t agree.”

I shrug and look down at my sketching pad, “you know me, I’m just a weird person.” I say with a small laugh, I look up to see Alex smiling.

“Can I draw you now?” I ask in a serious tone.

Alex takes a deep breath and exhales slowly, “yes, you can draw me now.”

I smile, “you can smile or look lost in thought.”

“I only have to options!?”

“Yes, now choose.”

“Fine, I choose lost in thought.”

“Great choice, now stare at something in your room think about anything you want.”

Alex nods and scans his room and stares out his bedroom window. I sit on his bed and place my sketch book on my lap and get my drawing pencil from my bag of art supplies, I sharpen it a bit and begin to draw him.

I stare at Alex as I do the last finishing touches, after a couple of more minutes I look at my drawing, it’s perfect.

I look at Alex, and realize that for the last two hours he didn’t make any sudden movements or said anything for that matter, he had been so calmed and relaxed.

I wonder what he’s thinking about, is he thinking about his brother? Music? Ariana? His future? His band? Is he thinking about me?

I blush at the thought, and look at Alex glad he didn’t notice. I clear my throat, “I’m all done.” I say and sign at the bottom of the page.

I feel the bed move as Alex sits beside me, I hand him the sketch book and he looks at it, then he turns to look at me with a smile.

“Wow, I knew it was going to be good, but not this amazing.” He says still looking at the drawing.

“Thanks,” I say in a low voice feeling a bit shy.

“Do you think I can keep it?” He asks as he turns to look at me.

“Yeah as long as you promise to take care of it,” I tell him as I detach the drawing from my sketch book and hand it to him.

“I will put it in a picture frame and hang it on my wall, I promise.” Alex tells me and gives me hug taking me by surprise.

Alex pulls away and looks at me with a questioning look, “you’re friends with Ariana, right?” He asks me.


“Do you know why she doesn’t want to talk to me?”

Was that what he was thinking about? I feel a small sting in my chest.

“She hasn’t mentioned anything,” I say and look down at my hands.

I start to think that maybe this was the reason why he was spending so much time with me. For the past two weeks Ariana hadn’t talked to him or hanged out with him. Alex had known me for almost two years and never once did he ask me to hang out with him, why until now?

“What’s wrong?” I hear Alex ask.

I blink a couple of times and realize I had been staring at him this whole time; I shake my head, “nothing.”

“Are you sure?” Alex asks staring at me; I stare back staring at his lips, ever since he kissed me there was something about him that made me feel special, made me feel all excited and nervous at the same time, and made me feel hot and cold at the same time.

Why is this happening? I wonder as I close my eyes. It had never been my intention to fall for Alex, but it was too late now.

“Meghan?” I hear Alex whisper as I feel his warm hand on my cheek.

I open my eyes and look into his brown eyes, I smile shyly feeling embarrassed about the whole situation.

“What are you thinking about?” He whispers, his hand still on my cheek.

“I’m thinking about what you just asked me,” I laugh a bit, letting him know it was a joke.

Alex smiles as he places his free hand on my other cheek, “you have pretty eyes,” he murmurs as he leans in closer to me, I close my eyes as my heart begins to beat faster with each passing millisecond.

“Ale-OH!”Jack exclaims causing both Alex and I to move away from one another, I feel my whole face go red.

“I’ll knock next time.” Jack says and closes the door slowly, then there’s a knock on the door, causing me to laugh a bit.

“Come in.” Alex says, and Jack re-opens the door.

“Oh, hey Meghan I didn’t know you were here,” he says with a grin, pretending he hadn’t seen anything.

“Well, I was but I have to go home, so Alex is all yours now.” I say with a smile and stand up from Alex’s bed.

“I’ll drive you home,” Alex says as he stands up as well.

“No it’s okay, I can walk.” I say as I put all my stuff into my tote bag.

“Alex is taking you home, and I’m coming along.” Jack says taking my arm and leading me out of Alex’s room, we walk down the stairs and I say goodbye to Alex’s mom, then we walk out of the house.

“No, seriously I can walk home, it’s no big deal.” I say, I didn’t want them to know I lived with Ariana.

“Why do you always refuse me to take you home?” Alex asks in a serious tone of voice.

“Because I don’t want Jack to stalk me,” I say with an amused smile.

“I’m being serious.”

I sigh and look at Alex, “you can drop me off at Ariana’s and I can walk home from there, I need to tell her something anyway.”

Alex sighs, “fine.”
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