Sequel: The Road.
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Chapter Eight.

I walked into the office to go to Mr. Hale's office to drop off my pictures, I was loving my job, from early morning to late at night I was out all day. I loved every minute of it, since I didn't have to be at home all day wondering why Alex hadn't called, or even sent a text.

Only two weeks on the job and already I was making new friends with my co-workers they were all very nice.

"Ariana want to hang out?"

I turned around and smiled "Sure, Andrew when?"

"After we're done developing these pictures, we get out early tonight! woo!"

I giggled, "All right,"

Andrew was one of my newest friends, such a sweet guy, he had been working here for a few years, doing photography and assistant to the editors and whatnot. He was extremely attractive too, short brown hair and hazel eyes that could melt anyone's heart, he wasn't Alex.

"Why are you so quite tonight?" he asked.

"Nothing, just thinking about my friend" I sighed, putting the negatives down.

"Oh did something happened between you?"

"Kind of," I sighed, not wanting to think about it.

I'm such a coward, I won't even fight for him anymore. Meghan has always had her way and I know she likes him. I heard her talking to mother about it, I'm not stupid, well she can have him.

"Want to talk about it?"

I shook my head, "It's okay, let's just go and have fun"

"All right, we'll let me take these and I'll be right back,"


I waited outside and opened my phone, it was a text from Alex again, he wanted to talk to me, but I of course didn't want to talk to him.

"Ready?" he asked.

I nodded and walked to my car, "You have your own car maybe we should just meet there?"

He nodded in agreement "Okay, wait... we never said where we'd meet up"

"Right, um... "

"Haha let's just get some movies and watch them at your place?"

"I live with my mother, ha " I laughed.


"I have an awful twin sister too!"

"Ha you told me, and it'll be okay"

I shook my head, "Andrew why not your house? I mean I can drop my car off and just go with you,"

"That sounds good too,"

I smiled in relief "Okay, good"


I parked my car behind my mom's and quickly got off and walked inside putting my equipment in the closet, and locking the door.

"Ariana, donde as estado?" my mother asks.

"At work?"

"I don't see you much anymore mija"

"Sorry, I'm busy all the time but I love my job,"

"I know but Alex and I are worried about you" she whispered.


"He's always calling and asking for you, why are you avoiding him?"

"That's none of your business mom, I gotta go I'm going to hang out with a co-worker"

"Ariana, you're acting different, what changed?"

"Nothing, my job is whats doing it and I love it"

"Is this about Alex spending his time with your sister?"

"No... mother but now that you're mentioning it I didn't know he spent time with her thanks I'll be back later"

I walked out and found Alex in front of me, he looked sad, I took in a long breath and looked at my hands.

"Ariana, could you please tell me why the hell you're avoiding me?"

"I have a job Alex, from morning till eleven at night"

"I know,but you get weekends off "

"Why do you even care Alex? I'm just one of the guys, you don't interrogate them like this"

"Um... Ariana I'll be in the car"

"Okay Andrew,"

"Who's that?" he turned to look at him.

"Co worker, we're just going to hang out,"

"Oh, so you don't have time for me?"

"And you have tie for me?" I shot back, "You're always with Meghan you forgot about me,"

"That's not true! You know I WOULD never forget about you" he shouted.

"You have. You never called me or sent me any messages, since you two started hanging out ,but whatever you do what you want, replace me I don't care" I whimpered walking away.

I felt him pull me back, "No, I would never replace you, Ariana, you know how much you mean to me, a lot"

"I'm just one of the boys to you! that's all I am! "

Tears were formed in my eyes already but I wiped them off right away I didn't want to cry, I wasn't going to cry.

"Is that what you think!?" he said, shaking me.

I looked away, "Its always been that way,"

"That's not true! I don't tease you like the guys, I don't treat you like them! I treat you like a lady and you know that"

I closed my eyes "Why do you always do this to me?" I whispered.

"Do what?" he asked, frustrated.

"Make me feel so small" I cringed.

He sighed, "I don't mean to make you feel bad, or make you feel like I've abandoned you, I wouldn't do that,"

I sighed "It doesn't feel the same"

His face soften as he took my hands and rubbed them gently, "I'm sorry if you feel like I've replaced you, I haven't"

I looked into his chocolate eyes, "I.. I.. um...I'm sorry"


"For avoiding you,"

He kissed my hands and smiled, I blushed and watched him take a small box from his pocket.

"Here I was saving this for you," he opened my right hand and placed the box in my hand.

"What is this?"

"A token of our friendship" he smiled.

I breathed and opened the maroon colored box, inside was a necklace, you know those best friend necklaces that only girls wear, I smiled.

"Its beautiful" I smiled, tearing up.

"Don't you remember what tomorrow is?"

My heart was beating faster and then it came to me, it was the anniversary of when we first became best friends, we always celebrated it.

"Of course!" I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight.

"I'm glad you remember now put it on,"

"This is your half" I nodded giving him the other half.

It wasn't a heart, like most people would assume it was a music note, he knew about my love for music and we shared a deep bond about that.

"Thank you"

"Your welcome"

"Don't think I forgot about you" I was saving money for your present, which you'll get tomorrow"

"Do I HAVE to wait that long?" he pouted.

I giggled, "Well, maybe hold on,"

I walked over to Andrew's car "Hey, um mind if we do this another time? I'm sorry It's just I'm patchign thigns up with my friend"

"Oh, not a problem" he smiled, "I'll see you Monday!"

"Thanks we'll reschedule" I nodded waving bye.

He drove off and I turned back to Alex "Wait here" I smiled

I ran inside and to my bedroom, I took out his present, a new guitar, I knew he would have loved this and it took forever for me to save up for it. He had always wanted this one, so it was perfect, I ran backdownstairs and outside.

"Here you go" I grinned.

"Oh my god, this is sweet!"

I smiled "glad you like it"

"I love it, you know me too well, its like you're my other half or something"

I blushed "I've known you since we were four what did you expect? A cheap novelty?" I giggled

He put the guitar down and picked me up, hugging me so tight I couldn't breathed, we made up, it was official.

"We should go out "

"I'm tired,why don't I sleep over?" I asked him.

"Hmm...mother would not like that"

"Haha Alex we're grown adults, besides she knows me well!"

"True, all right then,"

I smiled, I had my best friend back and I was so happy, I took out my music note and kissed it, silver and diamond encrusted. I must mean a lot to him for him to go through all that trouble and spend all that money.

"It didn't cost that much if that's what you're worried about" he noted, as he took my things and put them in his car.

"Uh huh"

"The diamond is small but still valuable"

"You didn't have to, you could have gotten me something cheaper"

"I know but I didn't want to, our friendship isn't cheap, Ariana I value our friendship like that diamond,"

I blushed, "You're too sweet"

"I know, now let's go!"

"Just us two right?"

"Yup, like always" he grinned.

I grinned and jumped in his car, this was going to be such a wonderful time, even though I wish I could tell him my feelings. I knew he wasn't interested in me that way and that hurt me but I had to deal with it.
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