Sequel: Forget It All

You're My Backbone

My fists clenched together and I tried my best to keep my face from scrunching up. I held my breath and by now I was sure that my face must be bright red.

Since when does my brother have the right to bring random kids over to the house? Since when does he even bring kids over?

Biting my lip, I glared at the unfamiliar boy in front of me. His dark eyes along with the thick framed glasses stared back at me.

"I, uh, I hate to interupt and everything, but John sent me up here to get something. I thought this was his room. Sorry," he began to back away, but before leaving the room altogether he turned back to me. "I'm Garrett by the way. Are you John's sister?"

John's friends weren't as polite as this kid back at home. The tone in his voice surprised me and I could feel my eyes widened slightly. "Yeah. I'm June."

Garrett smiled sweetly. "Nice to meet you June."
  1. Well, Where I Come From
  2. The Boys, They Have Their Eyes All Over You
  3. I Need To Find My Way Back To The Start
  4. 'Cause You're Living A Lie You Just Can't Hide From Me
  5. Remember The Day We Started This
  6. I've Never Been The Best With My Mouth
  7. Just Know That Everyone Feels Broken Sometimes
  8. It Rained All Of May To The Month Of June
  9. Sweetheart, I'm Sorry But You're Not The First
  10. Something Wrong With Living Life Like This
  11. She Won't Remember What You Said Last Night
  12. You're Barely Sober
  13. I Know I Sound Repetitive, 'Cause I'm Repeating Myself
  14. Are You Thinking Of Me?
  15. You Set Me Up Again Like You Always Do
  16. Holding Our Breath While We Touch
  17. But This Time I Feel Like I'm Doing Something Right
  18. Another Party With The Same Kids
  19. She's Got A Way Of Making Things Okay When She's Not Around
  20. And For The First Time, I Feel Less Alone
  21. And I'll Make Her Mine
  22. Because The Boys Are Feeling Jealous
  23. You're Not In Love With Him
  24. This Fragile Game
  25. We Did Anything For Just That Little Rush
  26. But She Knows She's In Love
  27. We're Exactly Where We're Supposed To Be
  28. You're A Wreck And You Know
  29. A Train Thats Headed Nowhere
  30. Angels With Dirty Faces
  31. Here's To Words That Tell The Truth
  32. Tired Of Playing
  33. Don't Listen To The Voices In Your Head
  34. Walk This Way With Me
  35. Just Feel The Music, *** What They're Saying
  36. These Feelings Trapped Inside
  37. Give Me Something To Remember
  38. I Can't Go On Like This Forever
  39. But You Both Know What Is True
  40. Sleep's Just Time Spent Wasting Time
  41. You Don't Have To Worry
  42. When You Left She Was A Wreck
  43. I Swear We Always End Up Where We Started
  44. Your Posion Kiss
  45. You Drain The Life From Me
  46. I Know I'm Gonna Fall
  47. Are We Really Thinking It Through?
  48. Lovers Lost In Space
  49. You're My Backbone