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Dazed and Confused


It was dark and dreary that night in London, I found myself walking for miles keeping to myself. Hours seemed to pass so quickly and soon I was at the water front secluded overlooking the heavy construction that would soon become the old gothic architecture I admired so much. As I sat there in the darkness of the night the sparkling stars above me reflecting in the tar-like waters giving this hauntingly beautiful gleam in the seeming hopelessness of it all; I fell asleep praying that it was all just a terrible dream.

The warmth of the sun and sounds of voices woke me from my slumber. Men dressed in 19th century police officer uniforms stood above me signifying my nightmare was not over. I sat up immediately trying to smooth out my messy hair.

“You are trespassing on private grounds,” the officer with a nicely trimmed beard states.

“You are coming with us,” the other states lifting me onto my feet by the arms.

“I apologize I didn’t know, I’m not from around here,” I respond quickly gathering my thoughts but as I was not a morning person my thought process was hasty and often minimal the first ten minutes I was awake.

“Sorry love but you’re going to the station,” the officer with the beard states.

“You can’t be serious, I didn’t even do anything harmful,” I argue.

“Hopkins she’s a yank,” the other says amused.

“Reckon she came here to London because her country is in ruins, bloody yanks fighting each other what fools,” Hopkins replies with scoff.

“Oh are the British still bitter that they could not keep America on their own? Or does it bother you lot that most Americans were born in Britain meaning it was your own people who fought against you,” I retort annoyed.

“Excuse me?” Hopkins retorts exaggeratedly looking at me with narrowed eyes.

“Don’t act like a child you heard me,” I snap.

Obviously these were the wrong words to say to a police officer and I was soon pushed into the back of a police carriage quite roughly I must say. My morning was off to a lousy start I mused as I sat in the back of the carriage as it rattled back and forth towards the police station. I could hear the men saying foul things about me only ganging more annoyance from my end. By the time the carriage stopped and the door flung open I hopped out carelessly as I was seized by the arms.

“Sexist pigs,” I growl glaring at them. Their grips were rough and tight on my forearms; I could feel the bruises already forming underneath the sleeves of the dress.

“It’s too bad you’re a mouthy yank, because if you weren’t you’d make a real pretty trophy,” Hopkins says licking his lips suggestively running his fingers across the front of my dress as he looked me up and down whilst the other man held me back by the elbows.

I was disgusted by the reference and action so took the opportunity to head butt him in the face. As his now broken nose bled I smirked cheekily.

“It’s too bad you’re a redcoat pig because if you weren’t you’d make a real good plate of bacon,” I retort as he began to bring his hand up and smacked me across the face.

I took the hit in stride and stared back at him defiantly. Hopkins brought his hand up again angry that I did not cower in fear but as his hand began to descend it was grabbed in a flash. Soon Hopkins was on the ground howling in pain as I saw a very livid Holmes taking on several other officers.

The one that held me back let me go to help take down Holmes but I used him as a shield while pushing him into his comrades to get them off of Holmes. When a few got off Holmes to come at me I picked up my skirt and kicked the front one over causing them to fall on top of each other. They got up fast and I dodged their lunges at me making sure to push them into metal lamp posts. Soon Holmes and I found ourselves back to back with one another as the large coalition of police officers surrounded us holding us at gun point from every angle.

“Fantastic,” I breathe out sardonically as we were rounded up rather roughly by the officers.

We were thrown into the holding area that had various shady and seedy looking characters already inside. I of course was the only woman. Being that I did not give one damn at the moment, I sat down on the bench where another man sat but was still a couple feet away from me. As soon as I sat down the large man scooted over right next to me with a smile.

“What are you in here for love?” he inquires in a deep scratchy voice that reminded me of Christian Bale in Batman Begins with the looks of Lou Ferrigno the man who played the Incredible Hulk.

“Impersonating a woman,” I counter with a straight face as I turned to him taking the cigarette from his hands then took a deep inhalation of the toxic substances.

The man let out a booming laughter as I blew out the smoke my elbows relaxed on my crossed legs.

“You are a very funny poppet,” the man states stopping his laughter to look at me.

“Ah my mission in life Lou,” I say with a soft smile.

“Why Lou?” he inquires.

“You look like a Lou, Lou the incredibly hulking man of staggering proportions,” I reply being the only one that would be able to get my Incredible Hulk reference.

“Then Lou I am,” the man smiles.

“Are you even going to acknowledge me?” Holmes inquires sounding annoyed.

“You know what I love Lou?” I respond looking at Lou.

“What’s that?” Lou replies.

“The rain, I tend to feel much cleaner when it rains,” I state. Lou looked at me intrigued.

“I rescue you and you’re ignoring me how charming,” Holmes says. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he threw his arms up in disbelief.

“Honestly Holmes, I hardly call what you did a rescue, has it occurred to you that we are both in jail?” I say without turning to look at him.

“I suppose you make a valid point,” he states sitting down.

Within the next two hours every one in the holding zone was playing poker, with me winning most of the games with my uncanny gambling luck. Often it would come down to me and Holmes who on various occasions was bluffing. Being that I had for the most part a great hand, I would ride out the bluff. I noticed from the corner of my eye the guardsmen opening the door to reveal Watson.

“It disturbs me how well you two take being in jail,” Watson states from the outside of the holding cell.

“Well when life gives you lemons,” I shrug.

“Are you coming or what?” he replies with raised eyebrows.

“I suppose, not like Holmes can possibly win this hand,” I respond placing my cards face up to reveal the royal flush in diamonds onto the old wooden crate. Holmes looked rather annoyed with the hand and stood up as well.

“And she wins again,” Lou laughs heartily.

“It was lovely meeting you boys,” I say with a charming smile.

“As it was a pleasure meeting you dearest poppet,” Lou says for everyone.

“Goodbye,” I reply as we left the holding area.

As we entered the carriage Watson and Holmes sat on the same side as one another whilst I was on my own opposite of them.

“I can’t believe you two, beating up half of Scotland Yard,” Watson scolds.

“Blame Mr. Rescue next to you, I simply joined into the festivities so he wasn’t beaten to a bloody pulp though thinking back on it seems far more beneficial to my enjoyment to have let them beat him senseless,” I retort.

“How very charitable of you,” Holmes remarks sardonically.

“You tried to rescue her?” Watson questions incredulously.

“Her position was compromised and as one of my cases I had to insure her safety,” he answers pointedly.

“Case? Do not even try pretending to care about my case; it’s your personal case you are worried about and guess what Holmes? Moriarty only brought me into this picture because obviously your numerous failed attempts to catch him have bored him, now I’m stuck in the cross fire,” I rant angrily.

“And how would you know?” Holmes retorts.

“Have you got any clue why I got out of the carriage? Did it occur to you that I had a valid reason? No, you just have written me off as some insane woman,” I scoff.

“Then why did you leave the carriage?” he counters in an incredulous tone.

“You know what? Actually I don’t remember, must be part of being insane,” I retort narrowing my eyes at him.

“You insufferable woman tell me,” Holmes orders staring back at me just as fiercely.

“I’d rather not,” I state.

“You’re insane,” he says.

“Good I take comfort in knowing my level of insanity,” I counter. Holmes let out a loud frustrated growl.

“You two aren’t going to kill each other if I’m not around are you?” Watson inquires carefully.

“Oh what a world that would be without the arrogant ass of detective Sherlock Holmes, you pose such a lovely idea Watson,” I say evilly.

“And what a world it would be without the insane yank blabbering on like a fool and not thanking anyone for saving her,” Holmes responds.

“Saving me from what?” I retort.

“From those men in the alleyway,” he states.

“Oh please I had that completely under control, you came after I took care of them,” I say rolling my eyes at him.

“And the police officers that were ganging up on you after you so stupidly hit one of them,” Holmes suggests as the carriage came to a stop.

“So stupidly hit one of them? Those pigs were roughing me up and that one I hit suggested
I’d make a lovely trophy whilst he had his hands all over me, I am not one to sit and take such demeaning behavior with a smile, my father raised me to take care of myself and not let such disgusting men degrade me without consequence,” I respond intensely as I got up and out of the carriage no longer wanting to have this conversation.

I began heading away from the carriage and 221B Baker Street because I was fed up with Holmes. Mrs. Hudson was walking towards me with arms full of groceries so unfortunately for me she sighted me, her eyes wide with worry.

I suppose I wasn't going to be able to leave just yet.
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