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Veni, Vidi, Vici


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Marc Winston was every woman’s wet dream. With muscles that rippled with every movement, smoldering eyes that could melt hearts and a killer smile (literally), Marc was charisma, rebellion and sex rolled up in a package.

Grace Lennon was the one thing you wouldn't ever remember. With mousy blond hair, pasty skin, a waifish demeanor and a want for everything she just can't have, Grace couldn't draw attention to herself even if she was running butt naked across New York.

But together, they were a love story.

  1. One
    we meet Marc and Grace
  2. Two
    where Marc is put into an awkward situation
  3. Three
    Grace thinks about Marc
  4. Four
    where Marc confronts Vera
  5. Five
    Where Marc and Grace converse again
  6. Six
    where we meet the parents
  7. Seven
    Grace gets a surprise
  8. Eight
    Marc gets pretty angry...
  9. Nine
  10. Ten
    we all have to do things we don't want to do
  11. Eleven
    There is no love without forgiveness and no forgiveness without love
  12. Twelve
  13. Thirteen
    "she isn't someone i wanna date..."
  14. Fourteen
    blah blahdfkdsfk.....
  15. Fifteen
    Warmth, hope, joy, love
  16. Sixteen
    where Marc confronts Grace
  17. Seventeen
    Marc and Grace talk. sort of...
  18. Eighteen
    "you don't look very Scottish..."
  19. Nineteen
    Grace meets Bryony
  20. Twenty
    epiphany Part I
  21. Twentyone
    epiphany Part II