First Love

Chapter 42

Frank's pov
I sat in the car looking at all the traffic around us, every so often I glanced up to look at the time on the dashboard to find that it was getting closer to when Annie was leaving, 10.50, 10.53, 11.02 etc...
By the time we made it through the traffic it was almost twenty minutes past eleven.
"We're not going to make it," I said sadly.
"Don't say that, we will." Said my mum unconvincingly.
As we drove I kept glancing up at the clock, 11.20, 11.26...
By the time we arrived at Hannah's house it was just past 11.40, I jumped out of the car and ran to the front door, I rang the doorbell and a moment later an older woman who I presumed was Hannah's mum answered the door.
"Hello," she said cheerfully.
"Hi um is Annie here?" I asked.
"Are you Frank?"
"Yes I am," I replied.
"Oh sweetheart I'm sorry but she already left about ten minutes ago." She said.
"Are you serious?" I said out loud.
"They were going to drive over to your house before going to the airport, maybe they're still there." She said.
"Oh ok, thankyou." I replied running back to the car.
"She says they left like ten minutes ago but they were going by our house first." I said as I got in and closed the door.
"Well let's see if they're there." Said my mum starting the car.
We arrived at our house a couple of minutes later but there was no sign of Annie and Hannah, I ran into the house up to my room and grabbed my cell phone which I'd left behind in the rush this morning. After grabbing it I ran back downstairs and out back into the car. Once again my mum started it up and we began to drive to the airport.
Looking down at my phone I saw that I'd recieved 12 missed calls and 3 texts from Annie asking me where I was, I tried to call her to find out where they were but I couldn't get a signal.
"Damn it!" I shouted throwing it on the backseat in frustration.
"Don't worry sweetheart we'll make it there," my mum said softly.
"I hope so," I replied leaning my head against the window.
Eventually the airport came into sight and once again we were met by traffic at the entrance.
"Why don't you get out and go on foot," suggested my mum. "It'll probably be quicker."
"Yeah, yeah it probably will," I said opening the door.
"Good luck," she said smiling.
"Thankyou," I grinned before running off towards the entrance.

Once I got inside I had absoloutely no idea where to go, I rushed around looking at all of the boards above the various check-in desks looking for one displaying a flight out to LA soon which took me a while.
Eventually I came across one that had a flight to LA leaving in 40 minutes.
"Excuse me," I said walking up to the counter.
"I'm sorry sir but there's a queue," said the lady behind it pointing ahead.
I turned to see around five people standing in a straight line looking at me as if I'd just killed a puppy or something.
"I understand that but this is an emergency, I need to know if someone's on one of your flights." I said.
"I'm sorry sir but you'll have to wait your turn." She said smiling apologetically.
I sighed before walking along to the back of the line.
"Excuse me, I don't mean to bother you but aren't you in that band. Um My chemical Romance?" Asked a black haired girl standing in front of me.
"Yeah yeah I am," I replied.
"Wow, um you guys are great. I guess you hear that all the time though." She said smiling.
"It's always nice to hear it," I replied. I attempted to smile but couldn't find the strength.
"Something wrong? Actually sorry that's none of my business." She said.
"No it's ok, I'm just trying to find someone. My girlfriend actually, I was meant to see her before she left to go home but I had to go buy something and there was traffic and I missed her and now she'd probably gone and thinking that I don't care or something." I said in one breath.
"I'm really sorry." She said resting a hand on my arm.
"Yeah, thanks." I said.
"So what does she look like?" She asked.
"She's really pretty, like your height with dark red hair and these really beautiful bright green eyes." I said, "I know that's not exactly unique."
"Wait." She paused. "Was she with another girl? Really pale with dark hair and like blue eyes." She said.
"Actually yeah she would've been." I said in surprise.
"Well I saw some girls that looked like they could be who you're looking for here about ten minutes ago." She smiled.
"Really?" I almost shouted.
"Yeah, she already checked in and headed off towards security." She said.
"Where is that?" I asked.
"Um right down there to the right," she said pointing towards my right.
"Oh my goodness thankyou, thankyou so much." I said starting to move away.
"That's ok," she replied.
"Hey e-mail us, I'll get you tickets or something." I said turning back towards her.
"Ok, good luck!"
"Thankyou!" I shouted as I turned to run.

After a minute of running I finally saw a sign for the security check hanging down from the ceiling, directly underneath it I saw a flash of red hair.
"Annie!" I shouted still running. "Annie wait!".
I watched as she turned towards me, a smile forming on her face. The next few moments were like what you see in the movies when a soldier comes home from the war. She dropped her bag onto the floor and began running towards me, as we reached each other I pulled her into the tightest hug ever.
"Oh my God, I was so scared you'd left." I said.
"Well if you'd come when you said you would..." she began to say, my lips stopping her mid-sentence.
"I'm so so sorry, there was something that I needed to do and there was like an accident so we couldn't get back in time," I said pulling away.
"Are you ok?" She asked wide eyed.
"Oh yeah I'm fine," I replied looking into her eyes.
"So what did you have to do that was so important that you almost missed saying goodbye to your beautiful girlfriend?" She teased.
"This," I said.
Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a small black velvet box, biting my lip I looked up to see a suprised expression on her face.
"Frank!" She gasped.
I kissed her lips softly before bending down onto one knee, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach working on overdrive.
"Annie, I've loved you ever since the first moment I met you and I will always love you. Now that I have you back I can't imagine living my life without you, I wanna have beautiful babies and grow all grey and wrinkly with you. Basically before my knee siezes up or my head explodes from talking I want to ask you if you'd, if you'd." I paused realising that all eyes were on me.
"Frank don't stop," Said Annie with tears in her eyes.
"Annie," I stood up. "Will you marry me," I said opening the box to reveal a white gold and diamond engagement ring.
"Yes!" She shouted wrapping her arms around me. "Yes I will."
"Really?" I asked making sure I'd heard her right.
"Yes really, I've always loved you too and I don't ever want to be without you." She cried before kissing me.
Slowly we pulled away from each other, I gently took the ring out from the box and placed it onto her finger suddenly the whole place errupted with applause from the what seemed to be hundreds of people standing around watching us.
I turned around to see my mum standing behind us crying, the look on her face told me that she was already mentally planning the wedding.
"One more thing," I said.
"Yes," said Annie stroking my face.
"Will you stay with me? You could come on tour with us, I grinned.
"Of course I will." She laughed.
"Great!" I said lifting her up and spinning her around.
"Just one thing though." She said in-between giggles.
"Yeah," I said putting her down.
"What about my bags?"

-The End