Sequel: Two Lives As One
Status: Check out Two Lives As One! Picks up at Christmas time after the events in this story :)

One Life To Live

Melanie Cavlavier, also known as "Mel, or Melly", born a midwestern girl moves to New York to attend NYU, majoring in medicine and psychology. She dorms with a girl named Bethany Lynn Thompson, a southern girl from Alabama who she becomes best friends with. Bethany Lynn introduces Melanie to Freddie Allen, and other friends at the college whom she knows. One night, Melanie goes to a party with Bethany Lynn to "keep an eye" on her, so that her drinking doesn't get the better of her. After losing Bethany in the crowd, she runs into a man named Lance Capra, who is evidently the host of the party. Sparks fly between the two people, and by the end of the night, Lance has given her his number. They pursue a relationship, and Melanie finds out what Lance is hiding from her. The big question is; will that change the way she feels about him?