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You Left The Worst With Me

"Sun setting, ocean riffs
Wind blowing, splash and dips
Twilight horizons appearing now
Still I don't know what to say
In the presence of your majesty
Near the end everyday
Star shinning bright at night
My heart spinkled among the stars
Knowing that glisten on the ocean
Is where you really are
Coastal winds blowing in
Are the waves playing with me
Knowing your presence makes me smile
As you take heaven above the sea
Feelings like the air I breathe
Experienced everyday
I can't be saddened in the evening
When I know you go away
You will rise and fall regardless
Of how the world reacts
And I will sit back and admire
The one that keeps my heart intact..."


17 years old girl named Aubrey Williams moved to Baltimore from California. Her life was unpredictable since she met Alex Gaskarth.

Disclaimer: We do NOT own All Time Low or anyone in this story, we only own the fictional stuff and the story line :)

ps: thanks to our friend, Alliya, for helping us with the story ;)

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