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You Left The Worst With Me

Chapter 2

“Flight attendant take off position.”

I was woken up by the pilot's voice from the speaker.

“Had enough sleep, darling?” my mom asked.

“Hmm.. Not really,” I mumbled.

Then I put my iPod into my bag and got up. As we got out of the plane, we walked to the baggage claim to take our belongings. Then we went outside and saw my dad waiting for us.

“Hey dad! How are you? We've missed you so much,” I said while running up to him and hugging him.

“I've missed you guys too,” my dad said. He released the hug and went to my mom to give her a peck on the lips. Then we all went to my dad's car and put our bags in the trunk. The drive to our home was silent, aside from the songs playing on the radio. The distance between the airport and our house isn't too far. Our car got into a residence. Not too long after, we enter the garage of a blue house, and I could already guess that it is ours. The house has two stories. I got out of my car and helped my dad to put all of my belongings into my room. My mom grabbed her things herself because she only has two bags. I looked around the house. It is so neat. The doors are red. There was a large piano sitting near the staircase, the same piano that had been in my old house.

"Wanna see your room now?" asked my dad.

"Sure!" I nodded and followed my dad up the stairs.

"Here's your room," he said when we arrived at a room. The room that I'll be sleeping at. The walls were broken white, there was a king-sized bed with a little table next to it, another table, a sofa, and a cupboard in the corner right.

My dad leave me alone to give me some time alone to unpack. Immediately, I start organizing my clothes in the cupboard, sticking some posters on the wall, putting my laptop on the table and organizing a few other things. I didn't realize it's been three hours. I'm so tired. I decided to go down and make a cup of hot chocolate.

"Hey darling, what are you making?" I heard my mom asking from the living room.

“Hot chocolate,” I yelled while I stirred my hot chocolate. Then I went back to my room, holding my hot chocolate. I opened my cupboard and I changed my clothes with pajamas. And then I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After that I jumped into my bed, covered my body with a blanket, and fell asleep a few seconds later.


I was awakened by an alarm that rang from my cell phone. I grabbed my cell phone in the night stands next to my bed and turn off the alarm. Today is my first day in Baltimore. Then I walked to the kitchen, rubbing my eyes, looking for breakfast.

"Hey darling! How's your sleep last night?” asked my dad as I pulled the chair.

"Nice, I slept very well,” I replied.

"Good," my dad said as he munched on his sandwich. "Oh, here's your sandwich." He handed me a plate of sandwiches. I grabbed it and ate my sandwich greedily.

"Where's mom?" I asked.

"Oh, she's taking a shower," he replied, turning the newspaper that he was reading to the next page.

“Brey, today I'm going to the park to meet my old friend who lives here. Wanna join me?” he asked as he put the newspaper on the table.

“Sure! I don't want my first day in Baltimore only passed in the house." My dad chuckled when he heard my answer.

"Okay, then hurry up change your clothes. But finished your sandwich first." Then I eat my sandwich quickly. I don't know why but I'm so excited for this. I wanna know what's the inside of Baltimore-near my residence, to be exact.

"You can bring your camera too, Brey. Maybe there you can get the object that you want to portrait.” I nodded. Yes, I love photography, with photography I can express myself. After changing my clothes and put my Canon 7D and phone into the bag, I immediately went downstairs.

"Where are you going?” asked my mom who was watching TV at the living room.

"Me and dad are going to the park near here, he wants to meet his old friend who lives here,” I answered.

“Well, have fun there!” I nodded, then I put on my shoes and ran to my dad who had been waiting at the porch. Then we walked to the park.


“Nathan! Long time no see! How are you?” said a man who my dad's age when we arrived at the park. My dad hugs him. I'm sure this guy is an old friend that he said before.

"I'm good. You?”

"Me too. So, is this your daughter?” He asked as he pointed his finger at me.

My dad nodded. “Yes, her name is Aubrey.”

"Nice to meet you, Aubrey. I'm John your dad's high school friend.” he said as he shaked my hands.

"I know.” I giggled. “Umm dad, I wanna take some pictures there. Do you mind if I leave you?”

“Of course not, darling. I'll call you if we want to go home.”

I went around the park to look for objects. When I'm looking for objects that I could take, I feel someone pinch my shoulder. I looked back to see who pinched my shoulder.

"Hey Marie... Oops I'm sorry, I thought you're one of my school friends." said a girl with brown haired and some blonde streak.

"No problem," I smiled to her.

“Hey, I've never seen you before around here,” said the girl that pinched my shoulder.

“Of course you've never seen me, I just moved here yesterday,” I laughed slowly.

“Oh wow, where are you from?”

“I'm from California. I moved here because my dad was assigned to work here permanently by his office. By the way, I haven't know your name.”

“Oh, I'm Cassadee, Cassadee Pope.”

“Aubrey, Aubrey Williams,” I replied and smiled widely to her.

“Nice to meet you Aubrey! I love having a new friends!” she said as she raised her hands up in the air. I giggled as I looked at her action.

“Where's your house?” She asked as I took a picture of a dog that passed in front of me.

“It's two blocks away from here. How about you? Where's your house?”

“Yeah, same. Two blocks away from here too,” she replied. "What's your house number?"

"15A. Why?"

"Wow Aubrey! I live right next to you!" Cassadee yelled as she hear my answer. I just shook my head, laughing.

“So you love photography, right? Can I see your camera?” she asked as I captured another object.

“So much,” I giggled. "Yeah, you can."

“Where will you go to school here?” asked Cassadee while she seeing my camera. "Please don't say that you're going to Dulaney High School too." I just nodded slowly as she stared at me, wide eyed, then she yelled again.

“We go to the same school! We can go to the school together tomorrow!” I just laughed when I saw Cassadee's expression. She looks so excited. Then I saw my father walking toward us.

“Oh dad, I wanna introduce you to my new friend. Dad, this is Cassadee. Cassadee, this is my dad.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Williams!” said Cassadee as she shaked her hand to my dad's.

“Just call me Nathan, Cassadee,” He laughed because he saw Cassadee's pretty hyper behavior.

"By the way dad, where's John?” I asked confusedly because he greeted us alone.

“John was going home a few minutes ago because he heard from his wife that his son is sick.” I just nodded. “I come here to take you home, but it seems you're having fun with Cassadee--”

“No Mr. Williams, I also want to go home.” Cassadee interrupt my dad.

“Well, so we can go together if you'd like.”

In the ride home, we tell each other jokes. When I arrived home, I waved my hand to Cassadee.

“Bye Cassadee!"

“Bye Aubrey! See you tomorrow. I'll pick you at 6!” she yelled. And then she closed the door.
I smiled as I entered the house.
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