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You Left The Worst With Me

Chapter 4

"I'm so sorry Brey, I can't go to school today....oh crap, my head hurts so much because I hit my head on the door yesterday."

"But who will I go to school with?" I asked Cassadee while I brushed my hair.

"I called someone to pick you up, so don't worry, okay? I have to go, my head just got worse. Bye, Brey!"

"But--" Cassade hung up her phone before I finished my words.

"Stupid." I mumbled to myself as I shake my head.

With a feeling little bit annoyed with Cassadee, I grabbed my bag and entered the dining room. I greeted my mom, sit beside her and eat my breakfast. After I finished my breakfast, my phone rang.

"What?" I answered her call.

"The person who replaced me today is on his way. Get ready, okay? See you tomorrow Brey! Love you!" Cassadee immediately hung up without hearing my answer.

I sighed, then I walked to the shoe shelf, and grabbed my sneakers. As I finished tying my sneakers, I heard car horn outside my home.

"Brey, someone’s here to pick you up!" My mom yelled from the kitchen. I walked to the front door and yelled a goodbye to my mom. I was shocked to see who picked me up this morning. He stood near the opened passenger's door while texting on his phone. Realizing me standing in front of my front door staring at him confusedly, he stopped his fingers from texting on his phone and smiled at me. I don't know why but it makes butterflies on my guts. I smiled back and walked to his car.

"Good morning, Brey," he greeted me. "Cassadee called me and said that I must replace her to pick you up this morning. You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not, Alex." I smiled at him. He grinned softly, showing me his teeth. He opened me the passenger's door, and I entered his car.

"Thank you."

"Anytime," he replied with a smile on his face.

On our way to school, we don't talk too much. In the red lights, he pressed the play button on his tape so it changed into my favorite song. Reflexively, I began to sing along to the song.

"Wow, you know this song?" Suddenly Alex asked me after that song finished. I blushed, knowing he heard me singing.

"Yeah, it's my favorite song." I answered with little laugh from my mouth. "Wow, it must suck for you, listening to my crappy voice before."

"No. No. No. Your voice is amazing."

"Uh, thanks Lex." He showed his small smile to me, which is still cute. Then the awkward silence began. Suddenly, I remembered accident that happened to Cassadee last night. Without realizing, let a small laugh from my mouth.

"What are you laughing about?" Alex frowned to me.

"Nothing. I just remembered last night, when Cassadee accidentally hit her head into the door." He chuckled hearing my answer.

"Yeah, it must hurt for her, cause I can hear the sound when her head hit the door last night." I laughed and nodded. "But thank God, for letting last night accident happened to her, because now a pretty girl sit beside me now. If last night accident didn't happened to her, this pretty girl will not be here beside me this morning.” I blushed so hard when I heard Alex said that. I laughed softly, to hide my nervous feeling.

As we arrived at school, Alex turns the steer in his car where he usually parks. Then I checked the time on my cellphone when Alex get out from his car. After I put back my cellphone into my bag, I unbuckled the seatbelt, I jolted because Alex suddenly opened the passenger's door for me, I thought he already went inside the school without waiting for me.

"Thank you." I smiled to him. He smiled back at me. Gosh, why his smile always makes my heart melt? "I thought you went inside already."

He laughed, "So you think I'll leave my car before I lock it?" I looked at him confusedly. "Just kidding. I'm not leaving you to walk inside on your own. Just imagine that I’m Cassadee." I laughed when I heard his jokes as I shook my head. Then we entered the school hall. There, we saw Jack is talking with a boy. And we walked to them.

"Oww here's the couple, dude!" mocked Jack

"Shut up, man!" Alex as he smacked Jack on the shoulder.

"That hurts, Gaskank!" Jack fake pouted. Alex frowned to him.

"Stop calling me with that, Jackass!" Me and that boy laughed seeing them fake-fighting. "By the way, brey, this is Matt. Matt, this is Aubrey, she's a new girl here." I saw into the boy who's talking with Jack before. He has a lip ring in his mouth.

"Matt Flyzik, but just call me Matt." He shook my hands with a smile.

"Aubrey Williams, just call me Aubrey," I replied.

"Um, Brey, what's your first period?" Alex asked me when we walked to the locker.

"I have history on first period, and english after that. Why?"

"Oh good! I have english too at second class." After he asked me that, suddenly the bell rings signing the first period has just started. "Okay, see you in english class." He kissed my cheek quickly then running to his class. I blushed so hard. Thank God, he's already gone, so he wouldn't see my blush. Then I grabbed my physics book in my locker. After that, I walked to history class. When I entered my class, I saw Rian sitting alone in his chair, he waves his hand when saw me standing in front of the class door.

"Come here, Brey!" He half yelled at me. I walked over to where he seat and took a seat beside him.

"Wow, we have same class now?" He nodded. As he nodded to me, Mr. Peter entered.

"Now we'll learn about World War I and II." Then, Mr. Peter explained history of World War I and II history. In the middle of class, I feel sleepy because listening Mr. Peter explanation. I keep rubbing my eyes every 3 minutes to keep me up. History will never be my favorite class. Then I lose myself in a daydream, pretend to hear Mr. Peter. Suddenly I remembered what happened last night, when Alex kissed my cheek... And he did that again a hour ago. His lips feels soft in my cheek. It feels...good. I smiled softly when remembered that.

"Psst Brey." Suddenly Rian whispered something to me, and I get out from my thoughts.

"What?" I asked in my low voice, just to avoid that Mr. Peter will hear me. Then he passed me a crumpled paper, I opened the paper and read it.

There's a girl I like since freshman year named Kara, we went on a date like 2 or 3 times but I haven't confessed my feeling for her. I want you to ask her what does she think about me. Please please Brey >.<

I write my reply underneath.

Dude how can I ask her something if I don't know her? -.-.

I curl up the paper and give it back to Rian. I see him began to read it then he write his answer, and passed it to me.

I'll introduce you to her later at lunch :DD

"Well, okay. I'll do that for you," I whispered to him.

"Really?! Oh Brey, I owe you so much! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!" He whispered back to me, with a happy tone. I chuckled seeing his reaction.

The class is finally over. I wave my hand to Rian who is walking to his next class. So do I, I walked to english class, then I see Alex is waiting for me in front of the class door. He sees me and smiled to me. I smiled back to him and then I walked to him, we entered the class and took a seat. Not long after that, Mr. Clark come to the class.

"Okay class, today I want you guys to make an english project. First, all of you have to pick a number randomly here in this bowl. And after that, please find your partner and join her / him." Mr. Clark began to walk to seat by the next seat, all students pick their number randomly. When Mr. Clark walk by Alex's and my seat, I see Alex picked his number, and so do I.

"Please open the paper. Find your partner that has the same number as yours," said Mr. Clark. I opened the tiny paper. 14.

"What number did you get?" asked Alex.

"14, you?" I asked back to him.

"Seriously?! I got number 14 too!" I was shocked knowing that he got the same number as mine. "Wow, I think it's fate." He grinned happily. I just giggled seeing his expression.

"Already find your partner?" Suddenly Mr. Clark asked to the students, we just nodded. "Good. So here's your project. You and your partner will make a poster. You can choose the theme whatever you want. Oh I almost forgot, the deadline is 2 weeks later, so be sure to make the poster very nice."

"So, what theme are we gonna use?" I asked to Alex after Mr. Clark gave us the instruction.

"How about....I don't know." I laughed when he said that.

"Well, I was thinking about a theme that is related to global warming. How?"

"That's great idea! So, what if we do the project after school in my house?" asked Alex.

"That sounds good, but how will I get home later?"

He chuckled. "I can drive you home, Brey." I feel dumb asking him like that, so I just laughed bitterly and nodded.

"Oh yeah, Brey. I have some thing to talk about with Jack in lunch. Is it okay if you go to the cafetaria alone?" Alex asked to me. We were done choosing our poster theme, so we have a free time to chat.

"No problem, Lex. I owe Rian something. He said that he want to introduce me to a girl that he likes...em what's her name...Kara?"

Alex laughed. "Yeah, her name is Kara. Rian is too shy to get to know her, but when we're in the band practice, he always yelled 'I like her, man! Her beautiful smile and eyes, when she holds my hand... gosh, she's so perfect!'" I can't hold my laughs, seeing Alex mimicking Rian when he said that.

"And, you have a band, right? Cassadee told me that she has friends that's running in a band. So, it's that you?"

"Yeah, it is me. Our band called All Time Low. I'm the vocalist, Jack is the guitarist, Rian is the drummer, and our friend Zack as the bassist." he explained to me.

"Zack? I haven't heard about him. He doesn't go to this school?"

"Yes, he goes to Towson High School. Me and Jack know each other since we're in elementary school, and we met Rian in junior high school. Zack is Rian's neighbor when we're on junior high school, and he introduced us to Zack. So, we're still close until now even though we go to different schools." I just nodded when Alex explaining about Zack.

The lunch bell rings, me and Alex exited the english class.

"I'll see you later." Then he waved to me and walked over Jack who’s already waiting for him near the locker, and I walked to the cafeteria. As I arrived at the cafeteria, I see Rian is waiting for me when I got to the door, I smiled as I approached him, he smiled back to me. I don't know why but I can't wait to meet the-girl-of-Rian's-dream. It's so crowded here in the cafeteria. I followed Rian who leads me to a table. There I see 3 girls are joking around with Matt.

"Umm hey Kara," greeted Rian nervously when called Kara's name. "Hey girls."

"Hey Ri," grinned Kara. So this is Kara. She seems nice, I thought.

"Kara, I'd like to introduce you to Aubrey, she's the new student here."

"Hey Aubrey, nice to meet you, I'm Kara Diakoulas." smiled Kara as she shook her hands with mine and I smiled back to her.

"Nice to meet you too Kara. Rian told me so much about you," I smirked.

"About me?" asked Kara, she looks a bit confused.

"Yes, about you. He said-- AWW!" I stopped my words as Rian stepped his foot into my sneakers and glared at me. I just laughed bitterly to him.

"Hey guys!" I heard Jack yelled behind me. Then I turned back, seeing Jack's goofy grin on his face, then I turned my eyes to see Alex standing beside him. I smiled to him when I see his face. I start to look at two girls who's sitting beside Kara.

"And Brey, this is Naddy Johnson, Matt's girlfriend." Kara pointed to the girl who have brown hair with blonde streak hair on the bangs. She smiled to me as she waves her hand. And she pointed to a girl who have brown hair and brown colored eyes just like Matt. "And this is Sheila Flyzik. Yes, she is Matt's sister."

"And my girlfriend!" Suddenly Jack took a seat beside Sheila and giving her a peck on the lips.

"Seriously Jack, can you stop yelled like that for just like five minutes?" said Sheila as she tried to hide her blush.

"I can, but just because you told me." Jack smirked to her.

"Good boy." Then Jack leaned his head to Sheila and kissed her lips gently.

"Gosh, I'm here to having lunch, not to see make out session!" said Alex as he put disgusting look on his face. Not only Alex, almost all in this group stared at Sheila dan Jack with disgusting look, until two of them finished their make out session. And Alex took a seat beside me.

"Hi," he said as he grinned to me.

"Hi Lex," I smiled to him before I bite my tuna sandwich, then I continued eating my sandwich and chatting with them. I think my day will be fun with them.


Last period is over, I walked to my locker to put my books there. Suddenly I felt someone closing my eyes with their hands from behind me.

"Guess who?" asked someone behind me. I chuckled when I heard a similiar sound from that person.

"Alex fuckin Gaskarth," I said as I giggled. He grinned at me as he let go his hands from my eyes. "So, let's go to my house." I followed behind him to his car. Alex opened me the passenger's door. I thanked him and get in the car, then he opened the driver's door and started the car.

"Wow, I never thought that guy like Jack has a girlfriend," I chuckled when I remembered what happened in cafeteria this afternoon.

"Yeah, you may see from Jack's immature personality, but he have a characteristic that you'll never thought. He can be serious at the time, and he's a faithful boy. He loves Sheila very much, so does Sheila," said Alex.

"You're right. I can see the way Jack stared at her, there's love in the way they stared at each other." Alex laughed as he nodded his head.

"Alex?" I asked.


"Do you have a girlfriend?" He keep silent for a while. "Uh, sorry if I asked you such a dumb question. You don't have to answer it if you don't want though."

"No, it's okay. I just a little bit shocked you asked me that question."

I frowned, "Umm why?"

"I just...uhm, forget it. Well, I don't have a girlfriend," he answered.

"Wow, band dudes like you don't have a girlfriend?" I stared at him confusedly.

He chuckled. "Yes. I've been single for 2 years. I broke up with my ex for a reason. And until now, I haven't found a girl that match my type yet." I just nodded when I heard his explanation.

He turns the car into a neighborhood and pulled in a white house driveway that I think it's his house.

"Well, this is my house," he smiled to me as he opened the front door, and I followed behind him entering his house. We passed by the living room and I see a woman sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Hey mom!" He kissed her cheek.

"Hey Lex. And who's this girl?" She asked to Alex when she glanced at me.

"Oh, this is Aubrey, my english partner. So that's why she's going home with me," explain him. She smiled to me and shook my hands.

"I'm Isobel Gaskarth, Alex's mom. Nice to meet you, Aubrey."

"Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Gaskarth," I smiled back to her.

"Well, mom. Me and Aubrey are going to do our english project at my room, see you soon." Then we go upstairs. As we arrived at the hallway, Alex opened his bedroom door.

"Sorry my room is a little bit messy," he grinned and rubbed his hair.

"No, your room is so neat," I replied. Then I sit on the corner of his bed.

"But it will be messier after we finished our english project," joked Alex as he grabbed the materials to make posters.

"Yep," I laughed softly. I sit in the carpet beside Alex and we started to do our project. I cut the coloured paper for the title and I feel Alex staring at me.

"Can you stop staring at me like that? I feel uncomfortable," I said to him. He distracts his view from me.

"Sorry," he said as he grinned, then he started to cut the papers with me.

When I was in the middle of working our project, I feel like I want to pee.

"Lex." He turned his head and frowned when he sees me. "Can I use your toilet? I wanna pee."

"Sure," he said as he chuckled.

Then I go to the Alex's bathroom. After that, I walked to where I sat before. Suddenly my feet tripped over the carpet. I was half-screaming, and my chest fell into Alex's. I feel something warm in my lips, I was shocked realizing my lips is pressed to him. Quickly I moved and close my lips, I see Alex, he blushed.

"I'm so sorry Lex, I didn't realize I kissed you when I fell into your chest." I bit my lips and look at him. "Oh I'm so stupid."

"It's okay Brey, don't blame yourself like that. It's an accident," he told me. "Let's continue our work." I just nodded nervously and back where I sat before.


Time flies when you’re having fun, and our poster is half finished. Then me and Alex go downstairs and see Alex's mom is talking with a man, that I think he's Alex dad.

"Mom, I'm gonna drive Aubrey home. Oh dad, by the way this is Aubrey, my english project partner. Brey, this is my dad, Peter Gaskarth." Alex's dad smiled at me.

"See you soon Mr. and Mrs. Gaskarth," I said. They wave their hand to me and I walked to the driveway with Alex. As always, he opened the passenger door for me.

On our way home, we don't talk too much. Just the song from the radio fill this awkward silence. Suddenly, my stomach growled so loud. Then I see Alex hold his laughter and see me.

"Sorry, I'm hungry," I said as I laughed bitterly.

"Me too, but not so noisy like that." I chuckled. "How about we stopped by in Burger King about two blocks away from here to fill our stomach?"

"Sounds great, I didn't want my stomach growled again like that," I joked. Alex turns his car to Burger King.

"What do you want to eat?" asked Alex to me.

"Mmm, I want whooper jr and frozen cherry," I replied. It's my favorite menu if I come to Burger King.

"Okay, wait a minute. I'll order there." Alex moved from his seat, but I stopped him before he go to the cashier, and he looked at me with a confused look on his face.

"I won't let you to pay my food." I look for my wallet on my bag, but I can't found it. "Oh my god! I forgot to bring my wallet."

"It's okay Brey, I'll pay it for you."

"But you're too nice to me," I sighed as I heard him chuckle.

"No problem, I love to do that too. I'll be back." I see him walked to the cashier. Not long after that, he walked over to our table with a tray full of foods and put them in the table. I thanked him as he took a seat across of me.

"So, Brey, you haven't tell me more about yourself." He opened a conversation after that awkard silence between us.

"Where do you want me to start?"

"Emm, the reason why you moved here, maybe?"

"Okay. I moved to Baltimore because my dad has a job here and he can't leave me and my mom in California. Actually, I feel so sad because I have to leave my friends back there in California, and I think I won’t have new friends as fun as my old friends. But I think I was wrong. I met the new friends as fun as my old friends just like you guys." I saw he grinned when I glanced at him. "And by the way, I love cooking and photography."

"Wow, you love cooking and photography?" He asked with excitement tone.

"Yup. But now I feel like I don't have any passion to cook again since my grandma died, she taught me how to cook. I love her so much, its just remembered me of her if I cook. So, I decided to cook if necessary." I stopped a while took a sip of my frozen cherry. "And photography. I love it so much. I love taking photos. Just like someone said, memories can fade, but photographs not." Alex nodded as he agreed. We talked for hours until we didn't realize the time. When I checked the time, I was shocked because my time shows that it's now 10pm already.

"God, we almost spend 2 and half hours here. Time flies so fast without us realizing it."

"Shall we go? I don't want your parents mad at me because making their daughter go home very late," he joked. I let a small laugh escape from my mouth. We immediately get out from Burger King and he drove his car to my house. Soon, he stopped his car in front of my house.

"Thanks Lex, for today. I really had fun," I said as I unbuckled the seatbelt.

"Me too, Brey." He showed me the smile that I always... adored. "See you tomorrow. I hope your parents don't mad at me because making their daughter go home late," he joked.

I chuckled. "See you tomorrow Lex." Then I get out from his car and waved my hands to him. Slowly, his car began to fade. I sighed as I walked inside to my house..
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Sorry for the late update, busy with school and other stuffs. By the way, Naddy and Sheila are our names. At first we were confused what we're gonna call Jack's & Matt's girlfriend, then one of our friends said "Why didn't you use your name? It'll be more fun."
So....this is it. Enjoy!