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You Left The Worst With Me

Chapter 5

Today, I will go to Alex's house again to do our english project. It's the last day to finish our poster, because we'll give it to Mr. Clark tomorrow. Actually I've been going to his house almost everyday in this past two weeks, but we always ended up watching DVDs and laying in his bed, talking for hours.

I stood up in front of Dulaney as I looked at my watch. I'll meet Alex here at 2pm and go home with him, but I've been waiting for 30 minutes and he hasn't arrived. I groaned and keep looking at my watch. I should've gone home with Cassadee if Alex forgot about our meet up. Who cares about the project if my partner forgot about it. I decided to go home by myself, but suddenly I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turn around and saw Alex gasping for breath.

"Oh, I thought you forgot about our plan to finish the project," I said annoyingly.

"I'm sorry, Brey. Jack and Rian needed my help to do their homework. It's finished in 10 minutes, but after that, we talked for couple minutes, and I totally forgot about our plan," Alex said, still gasping for breath.

I sighed as I crossed my hand over my chest and glared at him. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you? More than 30 minutes, Gaskarth. You should feel lucky I'm still here, I almost left you and go home," I said annoyed.

"Please Brey, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot. I promise I'll never do that again." I still glared at him. Then he took my hand and held it tightly. "Please Brey. Please please please, I promise Brey please." He showed me his sad face. I just couldn't stay mad at him. He looks super adorable like that.

"Well, okay I forgive you. Promise me never do that again?" His sad face turns into a grin after I said that and he nodded.

"So, let's go!" I smiled to him, we linked our hands together when we walk to his car. I keep my head down so he can't see me blushing.

"You know what?" Alex asked, breaking the silence. I turned over my head to see him.

"What?" I frowned to him.

"You look super cute when you're mad at me."

"You too, when you showed your sad face," I replied with a smirk on my face.

"I'm always cute." I laughed at his statement as I shook my head.

On the way to Alex's house, we're joking around until we arrived at there. His house already feels like mine too, because I often go to his house. As we arrived there, he opened the door for me and we entered the house.

"Would you mind to wait here a while, Brey? I'm gonna go grab something in the car," said Alex when we were in the living room.

"No problem," I replied. After he leaves me in the living room, I put my bag on the sofa and watched the comedy show that's on the TV. While I was watching TV, I smelt something good coming from the kitchen. I decided to go to the kitchen, and I saw Alex's mom cooking. It's the first time I saw her cook. Usually if I come here, she would be watching TV, sleeping, or maybe wasn't at home.

"Hey Mrs. Gaskarth," I greeted her. She turned her head toward me and smiled.

"Hey Aubrey, nice too meet you again. We rarely meet these days." I laughed softly and nodded.

"Wow, looks like you're going to have a big party," I joked. "You cooked so much food."

"Well, it's not really a big party, but today is mine and Alex's father's 23rd anniversary, and we're going to have special dinner tonight," she replied as she took out a pan of apple pie from the oven.

"Wow, congratulations to you both!" I said excitedly.

"Thanks hon," she smiled widely. "By the way, are you having plans tonight with your family or friends, Aubrey?"

"Em, nope. Why?"

"I want you to join us at the dinner tonight, what do you think?"

I looked at her with a confused face, "Won't I disturb you guys?"

She chuckled and looked at me after putting the apple pie into a big plate. "Of course not, honey. We would like you to join us here at the dinner. It'd be an awkward dinner if just three of us," she answered and laughed.

"Okay, I'll be at the dinner," I smiled and she grinned as she wanted to put the chicken to the oven, but it seems difficult. "Do you need help?" I offered.

"Uh, sure. The chicken is too big, and hard to put it to the oven," she sighed. I helped her to put the chicken. Then she turned on the oven.

"Thank you, Brey."

"You're welcome Mrs. Gaskarth."

"Oh please, just call me Isobel." She suggested me.

I smile widely. "Well, okay Isobel."

"Looks like something fun happens here." Suddenly Alex comes behind us.

Isobel chuckled. "Yes, we are. And Lex, do you mind Aubrey joining us for dinner tonight?" she asked to her son.

"Of course not, mom. Since that accident, we always having dinner with dad, so I don't mind at all if someone wants to join us." he chuckled when answered Isobel's question, then he turned his head to me. "So, Brey, we should finish our project before the dinner. Mom, see you tonight." Isobel smiled and nodded to us. I followed Alex to his room. As we arrived at his room, we finished our project and joked around. Alex turned on the tape then we sing along to some songs. Mostly, he's the one who blabber the jokes. And in a hour and half, finally whe finished the poster. We breathed satisfiedly seeing our poster.

"So, what should we do now?" I asked him as I rested my back on the wall. It feels so good relaxing my back after working on the poster in a hour and half.

"How about...watching DVDs?" We chuckled at the same time. "I really don't know what we should do, because when you come here, all we do is watch DVDs and talk for hours."

"What time is it?"

Alex looked at his watch. "Around 3 o'clock. We still have 2 hours before dinner starts."

"Well, so let's spend our time until dinner with watching DVDs?" I said as we both giggled. Alex grabbed a pack of his DVDs from the cupboard and bring them to me.

"What do you want to watch?" he asked as I looked through his DVDs. After 3 minutes searching the movie I want to watch, I decided to pick this classic Disney movie.

"How about this?" I showed him 101 Dalmatians. Last time I watched this is I was in elementary school, I'd like to watch it again.

"Wow, I didn't know I still kept that DVD, I thought I've lost it." he told me. "That was my favorite movie when I was younger."

"Seriously?" He nodded. "It's my favorite movie too when I was at elementary school!"

"It's funny how we have so many things in common." I laughed as I nodded. "So, let's watch it!"

After Alex put the DVD into the player, he sat beside me and rested his back to the bed. We didn't talk too much when the film started. As the film began to start, I feel like Alex is looking at me more than he watched the movie. And when I look at him, he immediately turns into the TV. I know he's trying to hide it, but I pretended to not know that he's staring at me. In the middle of the movie, I felt so sleepy and began to close my eyes. Without realizing, my head was already on Alex's shoulder, but I didn't care at all because I was so sleepy.

After a while, I opened my eyes and realized what I just did. I immedately got up from his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Lex. I didn't realize." I stuttered.

He smiled at me and shook his head. "That's okay, Brey. Are you sleepy?" I just nodded and yawned. "Do you want to sleep? I'll wake you up when the dinner is served." Without hearing his instruction, I started to lie down and curl up on his bed. When I closed my eyes, I felt him covering up me with a blanket. And I started to sleep.

A few moments later, I feel something on my lips, then I realized it's... his lips. He gave me peck, but it's not just a peck, well, about 5 until 7 seconds. My heart beats so fast and I tried so hard not to wake up when he do that. He fuckin peck my lips! Those words keep running through my minds. I don't know what should I do. Should I wake up? But if I woke up, he'll know that I knew he was pecking my lips and he would be freaking out, so I decided to closed my eyes and sleep...


"Brey." I heard Alex woke me up and shook my shoulder softly. "Brey, wake up." He woke me up again.

"Ngggh, what's up, Lex?" I mumbled as my eyes slowly opened. My vision was slightly blurry, but as I blinked several times and finally opened my eyes, I found a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring at me. Our faces were very close and he started to realized the clumsiness on my face.

"Sorry I woke you up. My mom wants us to go downstairs, dinner's ready," he smiled.

"Uhh, okay," I mumbled. I straighten my hands up before moving from the bed, then brushed my hair with my fingers and followed Alex to the dining table. When we got there, Alex pulled out a chair for me. I thanked him, and he sat beside me, while his parents sit across us.

"What do you want to eat?" Isobel asked me. My eyes scanned the foods on the table. Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, salad, and apple pie. They all look so delicious.

"Can I have the roast chicken and mashed potatoes?" I asked them.

Isobel laughed, "Of course, honey."

"Let me get it for you." Alex gave me two pieces of chicken drumsticks and one spoonful of mashed potatoes. I thanked him and he smiled.

"So Aubrey, how have you been?" asked Peter, when we're in the middle of dinner.

"Um yeah, things are pretty great, actually. I've been busy with the school projects. So many of them are due this week," I chuckled.

"How's your school? Did you have fun since you're in Dulaney?" Now it's Isobel's turn to ask.

"Yeah, my friends are nice to me. Thank God I met them." They smiled hearing my answer.

"And, what about you and Alex?" asked Isobel again.

"Uhm... Sorry?" I frowned after she asked me that question. I honestly don't understand what she's talking about.

"Yeah you know, like, dating? Are you guys dating?" continued Isobel. Me and Alex choked hearing the question.

"W-what are you talking about, m-mom? Aubrey and I are just friends." answered Alex stammered

"He's right, Isobel. We're just friends." I answered as I grabbed the napkin to wipe the stains in my lips. Suddenly I feel something vibrating from my jeans pocket, before realizing it was my cellphone. I picked it from my pocket. And see my mom's name on the screen.

"Sorry, can I asnwer the call?" I asked them. "My mom is calling."

"Sure, Brey." Peter smiled to me. I got up from my chair and walk to the bathroom under the stairs and press the answer button.

"What's up, mom?" I asked.

"Hi, Brey! I just wanna tell you that your dad and I are attending his boss' daughter wedding, so we'll be at home late, maybe at 10pm. And anyway, I brought the key. So, will you stay at Alex's until we get home? I'll tell you when we're back."

"Sure, mom. Okay, have fun you two."

"Okay, darling. Anyway, I gotta go. Bye, darl!"

"Bye mom." She hung up the call. I sighed before going back to the dining table.

"So," I started the conversation when I got back to my seat. "My mom told me that her and my dad are attending my dad boss' daughter wedding party. Do you mind if I stay here until they got home? I didn't bring the house key," I grinned.

"Not at all, Brey. Of course you can stay," Isobel told me with smile in her face. I thanked her and continued my dinner.

When the dinner finished, Alex asked me to go to his room and watch movie while waiting for my parents. When we're on the way to his room, my eyes stopped at a bedroom across Alex's bedroom. I've seen that room at the first day I came here, but I've never seen that room opened before. I doubt that's a guest room, because there's a letter 'T' hanging on the door. I really want to ask Alex about this, but haven't done it yet, 'cause I think it's not important. But I really want to know who's the owner of that room, I don't know why. Suddenly, Alex is waving at me.

"Hey, what are you doing? Why you suddenly stopped here? What are you thinking about?" He raised his eyebrow to me.

"Uhh, nothing... I-I just just think about California," I lied.

"Oh, I thought you were thinking about how nice and awesome I am." I frowned to him as he smirked.

"You wish," I answered him with cynical tone.

He chuckled and embrace me. "I'm just kidding, don't be mad at me."

"I'll stop being mad at you if you stop embracing me." He realized his hands and let go.

"Sorry," he grinned and ran his hands through his hair.


"Lex," I asked him when we already lying on his bed and watching a movie. He turned his head down to me. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?" He smiled.

"But I'm sorry if my question bothers you."

"Jesus, Brey. Don't scare me," he chuckled. "Just ask."

"I've been here for many times and that room accross yours is always closed. May I know whose room it is? I know it's not my bussines, but I'm just curious, you know."

He looked down at his laps and bit his lower lips. "It's... my brother's room." Finally, he spoke after an awkward silence, but still not looked at me. "And, you will not see that room opened, because he's already gone."

"H-he's dead?" I looked at him with confused face.

He started to look at me and sighed. "He commited suicide last year." I gasped. I felt so bad asking him that. Then, he turned his head down again, but I can still see his eyes. I'm shocked when I saw tears fall down onto his cheeks, and he started to cry.

"I-I'm sorry, Lex. I didn't mean to make you cry," I rubbed his shoulder to calm him.

"N-no, it's not your fault. Sorry i-if I cry like t-this, it's still s-so hard to me, r-remembering that I'm the c-cause of his dead," he choked out.

"What do you mean?" Okay, I'm such a bitch, asked him this question.

"Y-you wanna hear the story?"

"If you don't mind," I smiled.

He exhaled before tell me the story. "My brother and I h-had an argument, a-and I was very emotional, and I s-said words that broke him down. I forgot that he had a problem w-with his girlfriend too, s-she cheated on him, he really love her, a-and it hurts him. O-of course I didn't mean the words I said, b-but he run t-to his room and break the door. I-I thought to leave him alone to c-calm himself down, and went t-to Rian's house for a band practice. W-when I'm got home, I knocked h-his room. B-but he didn't answer it, so I decided t-to open the door. B-but when I o-opened it.." he stopped for a while and took a deep breath before he continued. "I found him laying on t-the bed, blood everywhere, a-and a knife on his hand." I opened my mouth, shocked. Suddenly, he throw his head into my shoulder and just cried. His tears fell on my clothes. I hugged him and rubbed his back to calm him down, and he hugged me back. I feel like a mother who held her crying baby.

"I miss him so much, Brey. I r-really can't stop blaming myself i-if I remembering that," he mumbled to my ears and he sobbed are getting harder.

"Sssh," I shussed. "I know you miss him, Lex. Stop blaming yourself, I know he doesn't want you to feel guilty. He's already at his place, so don't worry." He nodded, but still sobbed. I keep rubbing his back. I didn't lost my brother, because I don't have one, but I can still feel his pain of losing his brother. I can't imagine if that happens to me. It really hurts me, seeing him break down like this.

After a while, his sobbing stopped. I feel glad he's already calmed down.

"Lex," I whispered to him when I didn't hear any sobs. He didn't answer. I took his head from my shoulder with my right hand and find out that he's asleep. His mouth were hanging open. I giggled to myself, he's so cute. I feel my eyes getting heavier, so I decided to sleep. I get rid of his hand on my waist and laid him to the bed. After that, I sleep beside his shoulder.


Alex woke up with a little headache. He groaned and rubbed his eyes until it fully opened. He felt the tear remains on his cheek. When he looked on his left side, he saw Aubrey asleep, leaning on his shoulder. He heard her soft snores and chuckled a little. She looks beautiful yet her mouth is hanging open. Then, he looked at his night stand and grabbed his watch. It's already 10pm. He wanted to wake up Aubrey because it's already 10 and she should be at her house, but he doesn't want to wake her. She must be tired, he thought. Gently, Alex got Aubrey's head from his shoulder and put it to the pillow, and tucked her in the blanket. Before he got up from his bed, he turned his head to see aubrey again. He get up from his bed and walked to the living room.

He saw his mom still awake in the living room, reading book. Isobel turned his head from her book when she saw his son sat beside her.

"You know, you and Aubrey looks cute when you both are falling asleep beside each other." Isobel started the conversation. Alex's cheek turned red.

"Y-you saw us?" Alex frowned.

"Yeah, at first I wanted to tell both of you it's already 10pm. But seeing you and Aubrey sleep, I don't want to wake you up," she chuckled. "Anyway, where is she?"

"She's still asleep. She looks so tired, maybe because finishing our project this afternoon. I don't want to wake her up." He didn't tell Isobel that he was telling the story about Daniel to Aubrey. "Can she just stay here until tomorrow?"

"I like your idea, hon. But I don't think it's a good idea because you both have school tomorrow and her stuff is at her house," Isobel answered. Alex sighed, his mom is right. "What about you drive her home, but don't wake her up?" Isobel gives a suggestion.

Alex kept silent for a while. "That's a great idea, mom! Okay, I'll bring her home now?" He looked at his mom and she nodded. Then, Alex went to his room. Carefully, he carried Aubrey bridal style to his car and put Aubrey's bag on his shoulder. After put Aubrey on the passanger seat, he drove to her house.


It was very late when Alex drove home after drop Aubrey to her house. When Alex arrived at his house, he parked his car in the driveway and entered the house. He saw her mom in the living room, still reading the same book that he seen before.

"Hey mom, why you haven't slept yet?" He asked his mom as he sipped a glass of water and sat beside his mom.

"Yeah, insomnia is killing me, like usual." Alex chuckled.

"Hon, can I ask you something?"

"What, mom?" He answered before he sipped a glass of water again.

"Do you like Aubrey?" Alex almost choked, hearing his mom's question.

"W-what are you talking about, mom?!"

"Just be honest to me, Lex. I know that you like her. I can see that from your eyes when you look at her." Isobel explained. Alex bit his lip, don't know how to answer his mom's question.

"I..." He stopped for a while before continuing his words. "I honestly don't know with my feeling about her," he looked at his mom.

"Just tell her your feeling before another guy has her." Isobel smirked.

"Ha ha, funny mom." She chuckled. "Anyway, can I go to sleep? I'm tired."

"Sure hon, sleep well." Alex kissed his mom's cheek and went to his room. There, he tossed his jeans off and change his shirt into a white tee, and brushed his teeth. He went to bed and staring at the celling and thought what happened today. One question popped on his mind.

Is it true that I like her? He sighed. If I don't like her, then why I peck her lips when she was asleep?


I woke up to the alarm sound on my night stand. I groaned and tried to turn off the alarm. When I'm fully awake, I'm kinda confused because Alex's room looks like mine. I frowned when I looked around me. I really am in my room! I confused a while. I sighed, and suddenly my minds keeps repeating about what happened yesterday. When Alex peck my lips while I slept... I still can feel the way his lips met mine. I got out from my thoughts when I heard my cellphone rang. I grabbed my cellphone from the night stands and saw Cassadee's name on the screen. I yawned before finally pressing the answer button.

"Wassup, Cass?" I mumbled with my sleepy voice.

"Are you going to school today?"

"Of course, dumbass. My parents would kick my ass if I skip school with no reason," I joked. Cassadee chuckled on the speaker.

"Okay, what time we'll go?"

"Ngggh," I grabbed my watch to estimate the time to go to school. "Um, in 25 minutes?"

"Okay, if you don't come out in 25 minutes, I'll break your bones!"

"Aww, Cass is mean! I'm gonna call the cops because you want to kill me!" I joked. "Well, I'm gonna get ready, or I'll be late and you'll break my bones."

"What the fuck, Brey!" I heard her laughing. "Okay, remember, don't be late!"

I put my cellphone on the night stand after she hung up and pulled the blanket off from my body. Then I went to my bathroom and took a quick shower. After that, went to my closet. I chose light blue sweater and black tight jeans. I went to the bathroom again to brush my teeth and put on some make up like mascara on my eyelash and an eyeliner, and I clipped my hair upside. When it's finished, I grabbed my bag and went to the dining room. There, I saw my mom was cooking something. From the smell, I can guess it's blueberry pancake.

"Mmm, smells delicious." My mom turned her head from the stove, and smiled seeing me sitting on the dining chair. Then she brought 2 plates of pancakes and sit across me.

"You know my favorite!" I grinned.

"Of course, darl. I just realized it's been a long time since I made pancake, so I decided to make this."

"Where's dad?" I asked as I munched the pancake.

"Today is his day off, so he's still sleeping." I just nodded and continued eating my pancakes.

"So," she breaks the silence. "Are you both dating?" I stopped eating and looked at her frowned.

"What are you talking about?"

"Are you and Alex dating?" I looked at her with confused face. Then she continued, "Last night, he drove you here while you were asleep, you should thank him."

"He drove me home?" She nodded. "Well, I will thank him later at school. And by the way, me and Alex aren't dating, mom. We're just friends."

"We'll see," she smirked. "You two look cute, you know?"

I glared at her. "Whatever, mom."

She just laughed.


"I'm glad that Mr. Clark loves our project," I grinned when me and Alex are on our way to cafeteria from English class. When he saw our project, he told us that our project is the best project from the others.

"So am I," he chuckled. "Our hard work in two weeks ended up good."

"Yeah, you're right," I agreed. "Anyway, Lex, thanks for driving me home last night. Why didn't you just wake me up?" I asked.

"You looked so tired last night, I don't want to wake you up. And, you look so cute when you're sleeping, I didn't want to lose that pretty face of an angel." I blushed so hard when he said that. I bit my lower lip because I don't know what to say. We walked to the cafeteria with silence between us.

Before we entered cafeteria, he said something. "Thanks for last night, Brey."

"T-thanks for what?" I looked at him confusedly.

"You calmed me down when I was crying over Dan," he smiled weakly when he said his brother's name. "It's still hard when I remembering that day."

"That's okay, Lex. Even though I've never been in your position, I do understand your feeling." He nodded with a smile. Then, we entered cafeteria and go to the table where we usually eat.


I lay on my bed and playing laptop. This is weekend, and I don't know what to do to spend my free time, so I decided to copy the photos from my camera to the laptop. It was the photos with my friends in California, my friends here, and some random photos like plants, animal, sceneries, and many more. I smiled everytime I see those silly photos. Suddenly my phone vibrated, a sign there's new message. I grabbed it and check my inbox.

It was from Alex. I opened his message.

Hi, Brey! r u free this evening?

Yup, why?

Soon, my phone vibrated again.

I was wondering if u wanna come to see our band practice @ Rian's. wdyt? :)?

Sure! I almost died because out of boredom here -.- but idk where Rian's house is..

God! I forgot that -_- but no problem, I can pick u up. Get ready! I'll be there in 15 minutes ;)

I quickly removed the camera's memory card from my laptop and shut it off. I changed my clothes(link polyvore) and slid it onto my body. Then I entered bathroom and put on some make up. After that, I grabbed my bag and cellphone from the bed, and walked downstairs. Before I finished wearing my shoes, I heard a car horn and I bet it was Alex's. Hurriedly, I tied my shoelace. Then, I get out from my home and seeing him waiting for me outside the car.

"Hi Brey, ready to go?" asked him and smiled. He wore a Mario Bros tee and black jeans. His hair was messy but still looks adorable..

"Yup. Let's go!" I exclaimed. My mom is shopping at the supermarket and my dad is in his office, so I brought the key and sent a text message to my mom to let her know that I'm going to Rian's.


As we arrived at Rian's, Alex parked his car on the driveway. There I saw so many cars. I bet there's full of our gangs inside.

"Looks like they're already here. Come on, Brey!" Then we get out from his car and he locked the car before we finally come inside, with him grabbed my left hand. When we entered the living room, Jack, Rian, Matt, and one guy who has big muscles are there. I bet it's Zack, one of All Time Low member. And there's Kara, Naddy, and Sheila. Cassadee wasn't here because she told me that she's going with her family from today until tomorrow. Naddy, and Sheila are cuddling with their boyfriends. Honestly, I'm jealous with them.

"Hey guys! We're here!" Alex yelled. They're all looking at me and Alex. I just grinned.

"You guys didn't mind if Aubrey here to see our band practice, right?" asked Alex.

"Of course no, Lex!" exclaimed Jack. They're still looking at us. Then I realized that they were looking to Alex's and my hand that linked, not to our face. Me and Alex let go of our hands and we're both blushing.

"So," Alex coughing as he walked to the sofa, I followed him. "Let's start our practice!" He tried to distract their view from us.

"Good idea, dude! I don't wanna waste our time seeing these people cuddling with their mate," the guy that I thought named Zack continued it.

"Shut up, Zachary. You're just jealous." Jack stick out his tongue. I just shook my head everytime I see Jack's immaturity.

"Alex's right. Let's start our practice, guys! Soon, we're going to graduate and it means our tour days will come, so we must prepared from now," exclaimed Rian who is sitting beside Kara.

"By the way, Brey, this is Zack Merrick, our bassist. Zack, this is Aubrey, she's the new girl who moved from California, she moved here three weeks ago." Alex introduce me to Zack.

"Nice to meet you, Aubrey." Zack smiled to me and shake my hands.

"Nice to meet you too, Zack," I grinned.

Then we went down to Rian's basement. It's like a mini studio. There's one set of drum, two guitars, and one bass, and three microphone with their stands. And it has mini loudspeaker on the right side and left side. Me and the girls, and Matt sit on the sofa in front of them.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Jack said as he opened the guitar from it's case and go to his position. "Let's start our mini - concert. If you're thirsty, grab the drinks on the mini-bar. If you wanna eat, there's snacks too," said Jack and pointed to a table full of snacks.

"You know, Jack? You look like a steward on the airplane." Rian joked and go to his position behind the drum.

"Yes, I am! Dear passengers, welcome to Hawaii, we're gonna take off soon... What?! This plane is burning?! Mayday! Mayday! Everyone, we're gonna have emergency landing! Ooooh our plane hit a tree! Oooo AAAAA!" Jack act like real steward and everyone burst out laughing.

"Wait Jack, it's pilot style, not steward," Matt frowned.

"Yea... whatever! They're both on the airplane, right?" said Jack, defend himself.

"Alright alright," said Alex after we're done laughing. "Let's start the practice. The first song we're gonna play is We Say Summer. Enjoy!" They played the instrument and then Alex started singing...

I have seen millions of faces,
ever-unchanging; content with redundancy,
I'm not the same way;
searching for change in directions that I want to go.

Take a breath, let it out slow,
Seasons change with the break of a lifetime,
Remind me again why we thought twice about it,
We've got ambition like you've got restraint so,

Smile like you don't give a damn about the consequence,
just say anything,
We say summer holds such wonderful things.

This must be more than just built up suspense,
In the wake of an accident.
Twist and turn in my sleep,
wake me up when we get there;
Destination success.

Run like hell - We make noise for the sake of escaping.
Run like hell - You only live once now take this to heart.
Tell my family and friends I'll be ok.

Smile like you don't give a damn about the consequence,
just say anything,
We say summer holds such wonderful things.

I couldn't help but stunned hearing Alex sing. His voice is... beautiful. I'd like to spend my whole life just to hear he's singing. And when he's singing, I can feel that his eyes are locked on mine. And I don't know what to do. Awkward.

"Psttt Brey," Kara pinched my shoulder in the middle of band practice. I turned my head to see Kara. "I saw Alex's eyes when he's singing, his eyes kept looking at you," she whispered.

"Yeah, I feel it too, Kar. What's wrong with me?" I asked her. I honestly don't know why he keeps staring at me since he started to sing.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Brey. Maybe you're amazing, so he couldn't stop staring at you," teased Kara. I just glared at her and she chuckled. I turn my head back to watch them singing.

After four songs they played, the practice finally ended. We grabbed the drinks in the mini bar.

"So, Brey." I turned my head to Jack when he called me. "What do you think about the practice?" He asked with a goofy grin on his face.

"You guys are amazing!" My voice is full of excitement. "Rian, your drum skills are awesome. Zack and Jack, I love watching your fingers playing around the bass and guitar. And Alex, your voice is... amazing!"

"Thanks, Brey." Alex grinned to me.

"Aww, thank you so much Brey for your compliment!" Without realizing, Jack hugged me so tight and shake my body. I just opened my mouth and don't know what to say so he can stop the hug.

"Jack, stop hugging her like that! You make her out of breath, you know?" Sheila scolded Jack. After his girlfriend scolded him, he stopped hugging me and grinned.

"Sorry, I just excited that you like our band. I thought you will hate us, guess my feeling was wrong," he keeps grinning.

"And, you know what guys? I'm proud being your friend. You're all talented!" I exclaimed. I see Jack's face like he wants to hug me again. Quickly I got up from the sofa at the same time he wants to hug me again. And it makes him fall to the floor. We laughed so hard, seeing him fall like that.

"What the fuck, Brey! You don't want my hugs?!" Jack pretends to be sad. "It hurts, you know." He sounds like he's gonna cry, and we all know that he was just acting.

"Not like that, Jackie. I don't wanna die now just because my friend hugged me so tight that I can't even breathe," I joked. He just glared and mumbled something that I couldn't hear. I feel awful letting him lie on the floor, me and Zack helped him to stand up, but suddenly he pressed my body down and tickled me.

"Jack! Stop!" I screamed. But it makes him tickle me harder.

"It's a revenge because you already refuse my hugs!" he said and continued tickling me.

"Jack!!! Please stop or I'm gonna kick your dick!" I joked in the middle when I inhale and exhale, trying to tell that so he can stop ticking me. I seriously really can't stand the tickle.

"What?! No! I don't want you to kick my dick, it's my biggest treasure I've ever had!" he stopped tickling me and covered his dick with his hands, scared of me really kicking his 'treasure'. "And then, Alex's dick is better than mine, if you kick it, mine would be uglier than his.”

"What the fuck, Jack! Don't brought me into this!" Alex glared at him, and then they hitted each other. I just laughed bitterly seeing them like that. I'm sure that when I get home later, I'll be very exhausted...
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