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Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Shut Up. Kiss Me.

So, Kevin and I have been together for a few weeks now and the guys are finallyback in the city for the first time since New Years, not that I’ve actually gotten to see them really except for a quick coffee mid morning when we met up at Starbucks so I could take Frankie for the day. Seeing as the boys will be in press, and Mr. and Mrs. J stayed in L.A. it only made sense for me and Frank to finally hang out at the local skate park.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. Yes, I’m hopeless. Nope, we didn’t stay long…at all. Instead we spent the day taking in the city, playing Jumbo Chess in the park (luckily we’re bothpretty bad), and talking music which much like his brothers he loves.

“Jenny will you sing in my band?” Frankie asked as we raided the convenience store for junk food, I mean healthystuff....like coffee and chips, but that’s beans and potatoes which isn’t toobad right?

"Frankie, I don’t sing.” I laughed.

“Yes you do!”

“Okay, I do, but I’m not a singer.”

“Because you need a band!” I’m telling you he isJoe, I don’t care that he claimshim as his least favorite older brother.

“I see where would we play then?” I asked taking his fedora and placing it on my head causing the clerk to chuckle.

“We could open for my brothers! And that’s mine!”

“You shouldn’t have called me short.” I grinned, holding the hat just out of his reach. I’m telling you he sees me one daywith out heels and the short jokes neverstop.

Fineyou’re not short.” He sighed.

“Yes, I am, but that was sweet of you to say!” I grinned handing him his hat back.

Mean! Now about the band…”

DLwouldn’t like me taking her spot as opener…neither would her fans.” It’s true, Demi lookssweet and innocent, but I’m sure she could take me! Not that she isn’tnice, she’d super cool, but still not something I want to start.

“Well, sometimes she can’t make a show, or we could go on before her.”

“Okay, well what about your girlfriend? I don’t think Maddiewould like me stepping in as lead vocalist.” I reasoned handing the clerk a twenty to cover our mid-day movie snack food.

“Wait you mean she’snot your girlfriend?” the guy interrupted.

Eww!” hey! A simple, she’s too old for mewould have worked too. “She’s like my sister!” okay better.

“And he’s eight.” I whispered.

Nine.” Fine nine!

“So, then if Iwanted to date her that would be cool?” he asked Frankie.

“Only if you want my brothers to kick your…”

Franklin! Your mama did not raise you boys to be that rude.” I scolded causing his eyes to bug out indignantly.

“I’m sorry, but I’m seeing someone.” I smiled apologetically taking my bags and change.

“Yeah my BROTHER!” Frankie sneered at the still bewildered clerk as I ushered him out.

“That’s enough.” I scold under my breath, much to his distain. When I agreed to watch Frankie, I didn’t think I’d be on his bad side so soon!

“So, what do you want for lunch?” I asked after a few minutes of silence…and I was rewarded with a shrug, great. "Well do you want to go somewhere, or would you rather I cook?”

“Cook.” He mumbled.

“Okay, well then let’s head home, and we’ll see what we have to make there.”

“Okay.” Gah, this is killingme!

“Frankie, I’m sorry I had to yell at you over there, but even when you’re upset it’s notokay to be rude buddy.”

“I know.” He mumbled flopping down on my couch.

“’Kay, good, now what do you say to homemade flautas?” I asked with forced enthusiasm.

Yeah! Hey can I call my brother first? I want to tell him we’re cooking.”

“Sure,” I reply handing over my cell, “But they may be tied up, so leave a voice mail instead of trying to call the other two if he doesn’t pick up okay?”


Cooking with Frankie, was surprisingly more laid back than cooking with his oldest brother; instead of being overly excited and inquisitive he took to trying to execute each task with precision.

“Why can’t I do that part?” he pouted as I placed the first flautainto the hot oil causing it to crackle.

“Because it’s dangerous, you could get burned.”

“But youcan do it.”

“I’m older, and even for me it’s dangerous.”

“Can I do something elsethen?”

“Okay see that large cup there with the screwytop?”


“Okay, use a spoon to put that avocado half in there, then get the sour cream out of the fridge and just put whatever’s left of it in there too.” I instructed working on putting the second batch of flautasin the hot oil.

“Okay nowwhat?” he asked.

“Now put just a little bit of that jalapenovinegar in there, and a pinch of salt.”


“Great,” I praised taking the flautasout of the oil before helping him screw the Magic Bulletblade on “Now, you take this and push it onto that little blender thing that looks like a rocket on the counter until it’s all liquidyand green got it?”


I’m proud to declare the rest of the afternoon a success, after lunch we settled down for a viewing of Brink! one of my all time favorite Disney Channel Original Movies. And then I let Frankie show me his madguitar skills as I sang along…Sugarlandwe are not, but given the fact that he’s eight...nine, and I’m not a singer I think we sounded alright. We were just in the middle of our rendition Liven’ for the City acoustic style, when I heard overly excited knocking which can only mean one thing…Joe.

“We’re BACK!!!” Joe announced giving me a hug before walking in followed by Nick and his hug then an oddly distant Kevin and his one armed hug. Okay I knowI’m not huge on public displays of affection, but I usually got way more than that beforewe were a couple.

The rest of the evening was pretty normal on the surface, but even Joe I think could tell something was off with Kev and I, question is what? I haven’t done anything, so it could very well be work stress, but still that doesn’t explain why he’s all but shut down on me. So instead of enjoying our Pixarnight, I spent the whole time waiting for the youngest three Joni to finally crash from all the sugar they consumed. Finally at about two am the last one bit the dust, and I was able to climb over the sprawled bodies to Kevin’s perch on the couch.

Trying to be quiet, I poked his side to get his attention the motioned to the fire escape, aka our late night hang out.

“I like this movie.” came his disinterested response as he turned back to the television. I knowwhat you’re thinking, but yeshe didand it took all my strength not to do a Shanaynay head bob finger wag on his pajama clad butt!

So, like the rationalgirl that I am, I took the remote from the table on his right, paused the film and proceeded to draghim outside with me. He thought he could blow meoff, psh!

Speak.” I demanded once we were both outside.

“I’m not a dog.”

“Okay fine, then pleasewould you explain why you’ve been giving me attitude all day? I understand if you’re stressed or hit your headand decided to hate only me, because I notice you’re not treating your brotherslike crap…but let me know so I don’t keep infringing on you alone time while you crash at my place.” I have a short fuse, what of it?

“What if I don’t feellike talking to you?” he demanded.

“Then you know what fine. But this whole dating thing is going to reallygo out the window with you on the other side of the country giving me the silent treatment.”

“Oh, so you’re breaking up with me nice.”

What, Kev no…I’m just saying that if we’re going to work we have to talk…it’s all we’ve got.”

“Fine, I’ll talk. Let’s start with Frankie told me.”

“Is this a riddle? Frankie told you what?”

“He told me how you were about to go out with some guy you met at a store?” he demanded looking hurt and confused.

“What? No!”

“So you’re saying he liedto me?” rule oneof Kevin Jonas...NEVERgo after his little brothers.

No, and don’tinterrupt me. I get why you’re mad but I would have thought that maybeyou’d have figured Frankie may not understand everythingand has a tendency to overreact especiallywhen I had to scold him for being rude in a store.”

“So what, you’re saying I should ignoreit?"

No, but hun thisisn’t us. We alwaystalk about everything…I figured if something like this came up you’d at leastgive me a chance to tell you what happened.” I sighed sitting on the floor waiting for him to weigh his options in his head.

“Fine. Explain.” He mumbled sitting down about a foot away from me.

“Well we went to the convenience store to get some snacks, and the wholetime Frankie was trying to get me to sing for his band. When I realized nowasn’t an option with him I tried playing the Maddie card…”

“She ispretty jealous.” He supplied trying not to smile.

Exactly! So anywaythen the nosy clerk interjects asking Frankie if he and I are together, to which your tasteless brother said ‘eww!’ by the way…”

“Uh, he’s ninewhat a tool.”

“Anyway, so the guy asked Frank if he could go out with me since he wasn’t interested…and that’s where Frankie started mouthing off.”

“He asked you out, and he used mylittle brother to do it? I’ll kick his…"

Kevin!” I scolded, “I turned him down. After I scolded Frankie for saying the exact same thing youdid. I’m starting to think I’m going to have to apologize to not only him but Mama J, because I somehowmanaged to take two of her even tempered, well behaved sons and make them rude in one day.”

“I’m sorry.” He sighed. “I just don’t like guys hitting on you, and asking you out, especially when I know I’m not here often. It’d be really easy for you to say yesyou know? No, I’m not saying you wouldit’s just not something I like to hear.”

“And I don’t like the gaggle of girls throwing themselves at you night after night but…”

“So, now you have a problem with what I dofor a living?”

“Kevin, stoptrying to pick a fight with me! You knowI love that you get to do your music thing…”

“Music thing?”

Yes, because if I say play guitaryou’ll jump down my throat about how that’s not all you do, which I know it’s a lot of different things that amount to one major thing, so stop it. What I was trying to say is, I get insecure about the temptation you have too, especiallyknowing that we’re not really together often, but we knewthat going into this right?”

Baby, I saidI was sorry.” He whined “Could you stop scoldingme and just kiss me already?” he sighed, causing me to giggle which gave him just enough time before another lecture to pull me into a kiss. “I’m sorry.” He repeated with more sincerity this time.

“I knowme too.” I whispered leaning in for a quick kiss.

“You know, this would be so much easier if I didn’t love you so much.”


“Well, then I wouldn’t care so much that we were apart all the time, or if some guy hit on you…okay that lastone yeah, but still.”



“Shut up!”

“Kiss me.”