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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small



"Georgie, sweetie, it's time to wake up"

Georgianna rolled over onto her side, glancing up at her father in the doorway.

"You know I hate when you call me that," she mumbled.

"I know. Now get moving, darlin'. You'll miss your plane"

She sighed and threw her blankets off her legs, hopping out of her bed and grabbing some clothes before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

Georgianna Rose Fairfax, Gigi for short, was twenty-three and for the first time in her life, she was leaving her hometown of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She had family out in Arizona who were more than happy to be hosts on her first adventure away from home. Her flight time was 7:30 am and the clock was already set on 6:14 when she got out of bed.

After a speed shower, Gigi quickly got dressed and grabbed her duffle bag, practically sprinting down the stairs. Her parents were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Baby, sit down and have a bite to eat"

"I don't have time, Momma. Dad, we have to get going"

Gigi gave her mother a brief hug and grabbed a poptart on her way out of the kitchen. Her dad grabbed her suitcase and loaded it into the backseat and they took off to the airport.

Flying out on a Wednesday made for easy travel. The airport was practically deserted and she didn't even have to wait in line at security. Soon enough, her bag was stowed away above her head and she made herself comfortable in seat 14B, striking up a conversation with an older lady next to her.

As soon as the plane had landed, Gigi pulled out her phone and sent a quick text to her cousin to let him know that she was on her way down to baggage claim where they would be meeting. She made her way through past the terminals and down the escalator to baggage claim, where she immediately spotted her cousin Ezra and Aunt Lindsey. They both waved enthusiastically and she ran toward them, throwing her bag on the ground and jumping into Ezra's arms.

"My God, I've missed you!"

"Missed you too, cuz," he chuckled as he set her back on her feet. Ezra Covington had always been Gigi's favorite cousin. Since he was only four months older than she was, they'd always had a special bond.

She turned to her right and wrapped her aunt in a quick hug. "Missed you, Aunt Lindsey"

"We missed you too, sweetie. How was your flight?"

"Pretty good"

"Come on, let's get you home. Ezra's going to show you around today"


Ezra grabbed her duffel bag from the ground and threw his arm around his cousin's shoulders as they walked back to the car.

"Damn, you've gotten tall," he commented. "You're almost my height"

"Yeah, right. I'll never be as tall as you are, you fucking giant"

"Let's go kids!" Aunt Lindsey called from the driver's seat. Ezra got into the passenger seat while Gigi got into the back. The drive from Phoenix only took about 20 minutes and when they arrived back at the house, Gigi was in awe.

"Holy shit, Aunt Lindsey, this house is huge!"

She smiled. "Your uncle would very happy to know you like it"

Aunt Lindsey went into the house while Ezra got Gigi's bag from the trunk and led her inside.

"Where is Uncle Rick anyway?"

"Dad won't be home til tonight. He's always working. Come on, I'll show you to your room"

He led her up the staircase and down the long hallway to the fourth door on the left, which he opened and stepped inside, turning on the light.

"Here's your room"

"Holy shit, it's incredible!"

"Mom went overboard when she decorated the place. You should see the other rooms"

He set her bag on the end of the tall queen-sized bed. "Are you hungry?"

"I could eat"

"Let's go get some lunch and I'll show you around"
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This is Ezra. I know it's a bit short but it's just the introduction. Thanks to all 104 of you who subscribed before I even started! You guys are great :)