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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small



As soon as Gigi woke up, she changed into a bathing suit and went out to do some laps in the pool. Ezra had woken up by the time she returned and she went to get a shower before going to brunch with him.

She was praying they didn't run into anyone since she'd not taken much time in getting ready- old running shorts and a baggy tank, still damp wavy hair.

They'd just sat down at a table by the window and had their order taken when someone knocked loudly on the window. Tim and Kennedy were outside waving like idiots. Ezra motioned for them to join them and they immediately moved toward the door.

Tim rushed to slide in on Gigi's size, leaving Kennedy to sit with Ezra. His arm automatically went up to the back of the chair, practically around her shoulders. She just gave him a smile and continued talking to Ezra. It was known by now that Tim liked to flirt and he especially liked to flirt with Gigi.

After they'd finished eating, Tim took Gigi to hang out with Pat while Kennedy went somewhere with Ezra. Tim hung around for awhile but eventually someone texted him and he reluctantly left.

"So have you talked to John anymore?"

"Not since last night. I guess I hurt his feelings or something"

Pat shrugged his shoulders. "He seemed fine when I talked to him this morning"

He turned the television on and slumped down into a comfortable position so Gigi followed suit. She'd almost dozed off when her phone began to loudly blare "The Circle of Life."

She picked it up, expecting it to be Cora but furrowed her eyebrows when she saw John's name on the screen instead. She looked over at Pat who raised his eyebrows at her.

"It's John"

"Answer it!"

Gigi frowned and slid her phone open.



"Yes, John?"

She could practically hear him smiling as he exhaled and said hi.

"Hi. So...why are you calling me?"

"I just wanted to hear what you sound like. Your accent is adorable by the way"

She scoffed. "I don't have an accent"

Pat snickered from beside her and she stuck out her tongue.

"Yeah, you do. And it's really cute. Where are you from?"

"South Carolina"

"What are you doing in Arizona?"




"Okay...So, uh, what are you doing right now?"

"Just hanging out with a friend"

"A friend, huh?"

"That is correct"

"What's he saying?" Pat whispered, poking her arm.

"Nothing really. He sounds kind of awkward"

"I sound awkward?"

"Shit, you heard that?"

He chuckled nervously. "Um yeah"


"No, no. Sorry I'm awkward"

"Why don't you ask him to come over?" Pat whispered.


"No what?"

"Um, n-nothing. Nothing"

"Now who's being awkward?"

"Shut up"

"So am I going to get to meet you?"

"You ask me that alot"

"I'll keep on til I actually do"

"Persistence. I like it"

"Why thank you"

"Gigi, hang uupp," Pat whined.

"Who's that?"

Gigi's eyes widened as she looked at Pat, who just seemed to realize his mistake.

"Oh, that's just my friend"

"It's a guy?"

"Uhm..yeah. Look, I should probably go"


Gigi could hear the disappointment in his voice and she felt bad.

"Um, but you can text me if you want"


"Yeah, sure"

"Alright then"

Gigi said her goodbyes and hung up the phone while Pat gave her a look.


"Well what?"

He shook his head and turned back to the television.

Gigi started thinking. John really wasn't so bad.

Her phone beeped with a new text from him and she actually smiled.

And then she realized- she wasn't annoyed anymore.
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