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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small



The next few days Gigi spent talking to John either by phone or through text. The rest of her time was divided between skype calls with Cora and hanging out with Ezra, Pat, and Tim.

She hadn't slept much. Three nights in a row she'd stayed up talking to John on the phone, learning lots of little things about him. Her particular favorites were that his voice became more raspy the later on in the night it got, and that if something was really funny, he giggled like a little girl.

John was learning lots of little things about Gigi too. That she got distracted when her favorite song came up on shuffle and that she'd change the subject when they talked about past relationships. He knew Gigi wasn't telling him everything but he wasn't about to ruin everything by asking her.

It was past six in the morning and they were still talking.

"Are you ever going to let me meet you?"

"Maybe someday"

"Why are you being so damn difficult?"

She chuckled. "It's not that important, John. I like the way it is now"

"I do too but-...."

"But what?"

"Nah, nevermind"

"No, tell me"

"No, it's nothing"

"You're a butthead"

"You're kind of a butthead too"

Gigi gasped dramatically. "I can't believe you just called me that"

"You just called me that"

"Yeah, but when I said it, it was true"

"That hurts, Gigi. Real bad"

"Oh, shut up"

Both of them became relatively quiet after that and it didn't take Gigi long to fall asleep. John could hear that her breathing had steadied and he quietly called her name a few times before giving up. He chuckled and said goodnight even though she was already out.

Because Gigi had fallen asleep with the phone to her ear, she instantly woke up cursing when it rang hours later.

"Hello?" she answered groggily.

"Hey, G!"

"Cora, it's too early"

"But it's already after three here. That means it's after noon, right?"

"Shit, it's already noon?"

"Yeah. Why aren't you awake yet? You never sleep this late"

"I was up late"

"Ohh, is that so? Doing what, may I ask?"

Gigi could hear the smirk in her voice.

"Talking on the phone"


"John," Gigi mumbled.

"You were talking to John? Aww, that's adorable!"

"It's not a big deal, Cor"

"How late did you stay up?"

"Til about....six this morning"

"You stayed up all night talking to him?"

"Yeah, I guess so"

"Gigi, this is great! You liiike him," she sang.

"Cora, don't be ridiculous. I've never even officially met him in person"

"So? You don't just stay up all night talking to someone you don't like"


"See? You can't even refute it! So cute"

"Shut up or I'll get Ezra"

"Like I'm scared to talk to Ezra"

"Ez! Can you come here?" Gigi called out.

"Okay, okay! I give!"

The door to Gigi's room and Ezra peaked his head in. "Yeah?"

Gigi grinned. "Too late, Cor. Ez, Cora wants to talk to you"

"Georgianna Rose, I will kill you! Don't you dare-"

Gigi handed the phone to Ezra with Cora still ranting and got up to get some clothes and go take a shower. When she returned, Ezra was still on the phone with Cora and he smiled as he said goodbye to her then handed the phone back to Gigi.

"I forgot how much I miss her"

"She misses you too. What are we doing today?"

"Well, are you in a flirting mood?"

She raised her eyebrows at him. "Why?"

"Because I'm going to Tim's. If you want to go...."


Ezra rolled his eyes. "Come on then"
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