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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small



Ezra put his hand on Gigi's knee to stop her from bouncing her leg and gave her a look.

"I'm sorry! I'm excited!"

"I know but calm the fuck down"

"Don't act like you're not excited too"

He ignored her statement, instead focusing on the escalator. "There she is"

Gigi jumped up from the row of chairs and ran toward the escalator. Cora was only a few steps off when Gigi attacked her in a hug.

Cora patted her back. "Gi, we're blocking traffic here"

Gigi let her go and they both walked over to Ezra. He gave her a quick hug and when he let her go, she looked at Gigi with big eyes. Gig laughed and laced her arm through Cora's as they walked over to baggage claim.

"Alright, so where are we going first?!" Cora asked excitedly as they all got into the car.

"I don't know, Ez?"

He shrugged as he started the car. "It's up to you girls"

Gigi turned around in her seat to look at Cora. "Well, Cor?"

A smirk grew on her face. "I, for one, would like to meet this new boy Gigi's got falling all over himself"

"Cora, no"

"Gigi, come on! I wanna meet this guy you can't shut up about"

Ezra kept his eyes on the road but he was grinning widely. "Really, G?"

"No, Ezra. Cora, don't make me come back there"

"Gigi, I don't know why you're embarrassed. I creeped on him. He's hot stuff"

"Oh my God, shut up"

"I wish I could see your face. I bet you're blushing. Ezra, is she blushing?"

Ezra glanced over at her and started laughing. "Yep she sure is"

Gig covered her cheeks with her hands. "You two both need to shut up. You're the same way about each other"

Ezra looked in the rear view mirror at Cora and she looked back, biting her lip to surpress her smile.

"Text him to meet us, Gigi!"

"I will have no part in this"

"Fine. Ezra, could I pretty please hold your phone?"

Ezra waited til they stopped at a red light and dug his phone out of his jeans pocket, passing it back to Cora. She typed out a message to John and sat back contentedly. Moments later, she leaned up between the seats.

"He wants to know where?"

Ezra looked at Gigi but she shook her head and looked out the window.

"Ask him where he is"

She typed another message and within seconds, she received a reply.

"He says he's at Garrett's?"

"Alright. Tell him we'll be there in ten"

Cora typed in a quick reply and gave the phone back to Ezra while Gigi pulled her feet up into the seat and pouted. Seven long minutes later, they were pulling into the driveway. Cora jumped out first, opening Gigi's door and pulling her out of her seat. She pushed her though the front door first and all the boys shouted greetings. Gigi frowned and flopped down on the couch beside Pat.

"Gigi! Have fun on your date the other night?"

"Suprisingly, I did"

He chuckled. "I told you to just get to know him"

Ezra entered the room with Cora following closely behind them. Gigi wondered what took them so long to get inside when they had been right behind her. Ezra introduced her to the room and she smiled bashfully, which wasn't like her at all. Pat nudged Gigi with his elbow and she raised her eyebrows at him.

"That's your best friend?"


"You're not nearly as enthusiastic as I thought you'd be"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I am happy she's here but I know it's for Ezra, not me"

"I thought they broke up awhile ago?"

"They did. But they still love each other"

"Well, you've always got your other best friend," he mumbled, grinning as he threw his arm around her shoulders.

John had been watching them intently as they had their secret conversation, but he didn't know that Cora had been watching him. She could plainly see the jealousy on his face as his friend wrapped his arms around the girl he liked and she laughed.

"Hey G!"

Pat, Gigi, and John all looked in Tim's direction. Gigi grinned at the huge smile on his face. "Yes, Tim?"

"You up for ihop?"

She grinned wider. "I'm always up for food"

"Sweet. Who's going?" Tim asked, getting up from his chair. Gigi got up too and Pat held out his arms so that she could pull him up. John rose to his feet and looked at Gigi, who gave him a dazzling smile in return.

"Is that it?" Tim finally asked, looking around the room. Gigi half hoped that Cora would stand up to join them but she stayed seated right next to Ezra. Gigi turned and headed to the door with the boys following close behind her.

Tim volunteered to drive and the other boys graciously offered the front seat to Gigi. Once they pulled into the parking lot at ihop, they all piled out of the car and Pat practically ran inside with Tim following and Gigi and John bringing up the rear.



"You're really quiet"

When he didn't respond, she took his hand and wrapped her other hand around his arm. "John?"

He turned his head to look down at her and squeezed her hand, giving her a small smile. "Come on"

John didn't let go of her hand when they stepped inside the restuarant doors. Pat waved to them from the table and grinned widely when he saw their linked hands. He only let go to let her slide into the booth, across from Pat. He was still grinning and he raised his eyebrows when she looked at him. She smiled back and shook her head.

Once John slid in next to her, he slipped his arm under the table and grabbed her hand again where it rested on her bare thigh. His thumb gently rubbed small circles on her skin and she looked over at him. Upon feeling her gaze, he turned his head and grinned at her. She smiled back and looked back to Pat as she squeezed his hand. This actually feels really nice, she thought to herself.
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