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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small

Twenty Six


It was eerily quiet, the only sound in the room coming from the small metal fan sitting on the desk. John lay staring up at the ivory ceiling, thinking over the information he'd just been given. Gigi lay with her head on his chest, his heartbeat echoing in her eardrum and her head slowly moving up and down with the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.


"Hmm?" His chest vibrated with the noise. His eyes shifted down to her face and he brushed a stand of hair out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

She sighed and sat up completely, leaning her back against the headboard. "I've been....weird practically since the day you started talking to me. But ever since I went home, I've just been in a shitty mood and I didn't mean to take it out on y'all. I jumped to conclusions and got mad at you for no reason and then tried to freeze you out for the past few days. So I'm sorry."

She took a breath and turned her head to look at him. He was biting his lip, trying to hold back a smile and completely failing. "What are you smiling about?"

"I'm sorry but you just said y'all and Jesus Christ, you're adorable."

"I'm pouring out my heart to you and you're focused on the fact that I said y'all?!"

He burst out laughing this time. "You said it again! God you're fucking perfect."

She shook her head, trying not to start laughing herself. "Jerk," she muttered, rolling over onto her side with her back to him.

"Hey now, come on," he said, running his fingertips down her arm. "I'm sorry I wasn't listening intently. But you are really adorable with that accent of yours. Is it a crime to find you adorable?"

She chuckled, turning her head just enough to see his face. "Of course not. In fact, you can write a song about it and play it to me on repeat. Just not when I'm trying to be serious with you."

"There's no reason to be sorry, Gigi. I'd probably be in an even shittier mood if that were to happen to me."

"What, if your husband left you?" she joked.

He cracked a smile and grabbed her hip, rolling her back over onto her back and throwing his arm over her to pull her closer to his body. "You didn't deserve that."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe I did. I don't know."

"There's no way. You're too....amazing. And perfect. Trust me, if any guy leaves you, it's not because of you. It's because there's something inherently wrong with him."

"You're sweet."

He moved closer so that their heads rested on the same pillow, their faces just centimeters apart. She turned her head so that she was staring at the ceiling while he was staring at her. "We've been talking for awhile now. Even before we actually met, we had a few deep conversations. Aside from the whole, uh, husband thing, I feel like we've gotten to know each other well. I feel like I've known you all along.

And looking at this girl-- this gorgeous, perfect creature lying next to me-- I know that there's no way you could ever deserve that. Or any pain at all."

He watched as her eyebrows furrowed and her teeth sank into her bottom lip. When she sniffled, he realized that she was crying. He quickly propped himself up on his elbow and wrapped both arms around her, one around her body and the other around her shoulders. He cradled her head against his chest and gently stroked her hair. "Please don't cry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."

She shook her head weakly. "No. You didn't. I'm just so fucking emotionally exhausted. And you're just so wonderful. I'm sorry."

He chuckled. "You know, these apologies could go back and forth all night."

"You're right. Sorry."

As soon as the word left her mouth, she realized what she was saying. They both laughed and he got up from the bed, holding out his hand for her to take. "Where are we going?" she asked as he pulled her off the bed and onto her feet.

"Well if you're up for it, the guys really fucking miss you. Especially Pat."

Gigi smiled. "Let's go."

She slid on her sandals then followed him out to his truck. The ten minute ride was spent with the windows down and Tom Petty blasting through the radio. As they pulled into the Kirch driveway, she suddenly got really excited about seeing Pat again since it felt like forever since the last time. She jogged up the front steps but John stopped her before she could open the door.

"What is it?" she asked, turning around to face him. He took her hands and held them loosely in his then leaned in for a soft kiss before going into the house with a huge smile on his face. She followed closely behind with a similar one.

They all shouted excited greetings to her when she stepped out from behind John. Pat, who was sitting on the kitchen counter, jumped down and ran full force at her, picking her up in a bear hug. "Where the hell have you been?! God, I've missed you!"

"I'm sorry. I've just had some things going on but all better now."

As soon as Pat set her back on the ground, she spotted Ezra and Cora leaning against the counter in front of the sink. She let go of Pat and immediately headed toward Ezra, throwing her arms around his neck and burying her face in his shoulder. Cora patted her back comfortingly and Gigi stretched out one arm to pull her in for the hug as well. Pat made 'aww' sounds and pretty soon he joined in, throwing his arms around Gigi from behind. John, Tim, and the rest of the guys who were standing around the kitchen joined as well until it was one large group hug.

When they all eventually let go of each other, Gigi went back to sit on the empty bar seat next to John, who slid his arm around the back of the chair and leaned in to plant a quick kiss on her cheek before taking her hand in his. Gigi looked back to Cora, who had seen the action, and she was grinning. Gigi smiled back at her and gave John's hand a squeeze, making him look over at her and smile as well.

Things were looking up.
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