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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small

Twenty Seven


"I'm not talking about this, Cora."

After she finished drying her hair, Gigi left the bathroom to go into her bedroom and Cora hopped down from the counter to follow her. She jumped onto the bed while Gigi went over to her closet. She shed the baggy tee shirt she was wearing and quickly pulled on some shorts and her favorite lace shirt.

"I was just asking! You guys have been hanging out for awhile now."

"We're not even officially dating."

"Neither are me and Ezra but we still do it."

Gigi shivered and made a face. "Gross."

Cora laughed. "I'm just trying to prove my point!"

"There's a difference between me and John and you and Ezra though. You guys have been in a serious relationship already. You've- eww- had sex before. John and I are, I guess."

She shrugged. "I guess. But I'd still fuck him if I were you."

Gigi rolled her eyes. "It's not that simple."

"Why not? You're hot, he's hot, the sex would definitely be hot. Don't look at me like that! I'm just saying! All you have to do is go tell him, 'Hey, John, I'd like to fuck you!' "

Ezra entered the room then and he was making a disgusted face at Cora. "On the one hand, I'm hoping you're just imitating Gigi. On the other hand, that would be disgusting too and now I wish that I just hadn't walked in here at all."

Cora laughed as she pushed herself off the bed and crossed the room to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his cheek. "Just annoying G while she's getting ready, babe."

"You're encouraging my cousin to sleep with my friend and they've only been on one date?"

"Yeah, so? The poor girl hasn't fucked anyone since Graham!"

Gigi immediately began to turn bright pink. "Cora!"

"I'm just saying you deserve to finally get back out there. And I really don't think John will mind being that guy."

"Jesus Christ," she mumbled, her hands moving up to cover her face.

"Alright, new topic," Ezra suggested.

"Yes, please," Gig answered immediately.

"Oh yeah! The reason I came in here in the first place. Tim called. Everyone's going out to that show tonight. Wants us to come. Especially you, G."

"Sure, let's go."

"Okay. I'll let him know we're coming. We need to leave in about an hour."

He left the room, leaving Cora and Gigi alone. Gigi went back into her bathroom to apply her makeup and Cora followed her, hopping back up onto the counter. "What about Tim then? I'm sure he wouldn't mind either."

"Tim's just harmless flirting. I like John."

Cora grinned widely. "I can't wait for you guys to be official. You're so cute together."

"We might not become official at all, Cor."

"Why the fuck not?!"

"The summer's almost over. I'll be going back to South Carolina. And so will you, remember?"

"Ugh, I don't want to think about it now. Let's just pretend that's not true."

Gigi sighed and went back to putting on her makeup while Cora pouted. By the time everyone finished getting ready, it was nearing time to leave. The show was apparently sold out but since Ezra knew the guys at the door, they were able to go on in.

The crowd was ridiculous but luckily they were able to get out of it somewhat by sitting at the bar. Not long after they sat down and ordered drinks, Tim, John, Garrett, and a few others arrived. John was quick to snag the seat next to Gigi before Tim could get to it. He ordered himself a beer then casually slung his arm around Gigi's shoulders while he sipped on it.

"So who exactly are we supposed to be seeing?"

"Only one of the best bands out there- Wilco."

"Never heard of them."

His eyes widened. "What? You've never-.....What the hell is wrong with your cousin? He should be sharing these things with you."

She laughed. "He did force me to listen to Ryan Adams and some band called Ivory. So I guess he's halfway sharing."

John shook his head as the lights went down and the show began.


Immediately after the show, Cora went out to some club with Ezra, leaving Gigi with John. He led her out to his old white truck and they left the venue to go back to the house. Ezra and Cora wouldn't be back until the wee hours of the morning which left the media room free and left them privacy. Gigi put in one of her favorite movies Big Fish and fell onto the sofa next to John. She curled her legs up under her body and leaned her head on John's shoulder, lacing her arm through his.

The movie was halfway over when she tilted her head up to look at him. "Hey, John?" she whispered.

He looked down at her with a smile. "You don't have to whisper. It's just us."

"Shut up," she pouted.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he apologized with a grin. "What were you going to say?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "This is nice," she replied simply.

"Yeah," he agreed. "It is."

Her smile grew to match his and then he slowly leaned down to connect their lips. She reacted immediately, sitting up completely to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him closer. He quickly moved her onto his lap and tangled his fingers in her hair as his lips moved down to her neck.

After fifteen minutes or so, she broke away from him and stood up, holding out her hand to him. He took it and stood up, following her out of the room and down the hallway to her bedroom.

"Wait," he said, pulling back on her hand just before she reached the bed.

She turned back to him with curious eyes. "What is it?"

"Are you sure about this?"

Her mind went back to the conversation she'd had with Cora earlier. A grin slowly spread across her features and she squeezed his hand, pulling him down on the bed with her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she fell backwards and he put his arms out so as not to crush her with his weight. She gently pushed her lips against his. "I'm positive."
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