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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small



Gigi was nervous to see five cars in the driveway when they pulled up at Tim's house. Ezra had told her that he was hanging out with just Tim and Kennedy, yet there were three extra cars parked there.

"Ez, who're these other people?"

He shrugged and got out of the car. She hurried to het out as well.

"Well, that one's Jared's and that one over there is Tim's dad's. Don't know about the other one"

Great, she thought. I swear to God if it's John-

"G, hurry up"

Ezra's voice snapped her back to where he was standing at the door waiting. She jogged up the steps and followed him into the house. Tim's dad was on his way out and he greeted them as he passed by. When they reached the living room, Gigi was able to see the other visitor.

"Pat, oh my God"

Pat turned around and grinned. "Gigi!"

Gigi followed Ezra around to the couch and sat down between him and Pat.

"You scared me for a minute. I thought that car might be John's"

"I just got it! Isn't it awesome?"

"Very awesome"

"Kenny, this is Gigi. G, this is Kennedy"

Gigi smiled and gave a small wave in Kennedy's direction. Tim started up a conversation Gigi knew nothing about, leaving her to talk to Pat.

"Hey, Pat?"


"You haven't told John we hang out, have you?"

"Are you crazy? He'd kill me if he knew I had and didn't tell him yet. Why?"

She laughed. "Just making sure"

Tim mentioning Gigi's name caused her to stop and turn to listen to what he was saying.

"So, Ez, are you and Gigi dating or what?"

"Eww, no!" both shouted simultaneously. Tim and Kennedy both stared at them.

"That's disgusting," she stated, shaking her head.

"Yeah, she's like family to me," Ezra added, looking slyly at Gigi. "Best friends since birth"

"Oh. So, Gigi, do you have a boyfriend then?" Tim asked, grinning.

"Oh no, no, no!" Erza interrupted.

"What? You said you weren't-"

"Yeah, but I still look out for her. And there's no way I'm letting you dicks go near her"

"Ezra, oh my God," Gigi groaned,running her hand down her face.

"Just to clarify, did you call us dicks, or did you say our dicks can't go near her? Two different things, bro"

"How about you are dicks and your dicks can't go near her"

"Well, that's just not fair. Being a dick I can deal with. But the other part...."

Gigi found the conversation humorous. She was trying to keep from laughing just because Ezra looked so serious about what he was telling Tim. She heard the front door open, followed by a raspy voice.

"Yo, Tim! You here?"

Pat jumped up from his seat and pulled Gigi toward the back door as Tim answered John, telling him where they were. They just made it out the door and closed it back when John stepped into the living room. He sat down next to Ezra, where Gigi had been sitting and looked around curiously.

"It smells like a girl in here, man. Nice, but not a good scent for you"

Tim shrugged it off and began a different conversation.

Gigi and Pat made their way around the house to Pat's car and left the house quickly.

"That was close"

"Yeah, you almost had to meet him," Pat replied grinning.

"Ezra said he's a nice guy"

"Yeah, he is. Probably just comes off bad through text"

She shrugged. "Maybe"

"So where to?"

"I could eat....?"

"Then eating it is"
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Very short. Sorry, guys. I felt like I needed to get something posted since it's been awhile.