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Everyone's a Winner with a Heart That Small



After Pat and Gigi got their fill of the local diner's french fries, she suggested going back to Ezra's house. Lindsey greeted them when they came in the door and they went upstairs to the media room. While Gigi was choosing a movie to watch, Pat was making himself comfortable on the couch. After putting in the dvd, Gigi took a seat beside Pat and pressed play on the remote.

Gigi looked over at Pat, who seemed to already be getting interested in the movie on the screen.

"Hey, Pat?"

He grunted a response because he was only half paying attention to her.

"I lied before"

He turned to look at her, now giving her his full attention. "About what?"

"Ezra. He's not just my friend. He's my cousin too"

"Why didn't you just say that to begin with?"

"Well, honestly, I figured if John knew I was Ezra's cousin, that I was staying at Ezra's house, and with Ezra all the time, then I'd most definitely have to meet him. But now it seems like that doesn't even matter because it's apparently going to happen no matter what"

"It's not like I would've told him, you know"

"It was just easier to tell the group that. I didn't want someone to accidentally say something"

"Regardless of that, I promise you meeting John would not be the worst experience of your life"

"Yeah, he's a great guy, he's not that bad, he just sounds bad in the texts, I know"

Pat chuckled. "All true though"

"So you and Ez keep saying"

Gigi's phone began to beep so she dug it out from her bag and looked down at the screen to see who the text was from.

She shook her head. "Speak of the devil"

"It's John? What does he want?"

She opened the text and read it before looking back at him.

"He wants to know what I'm up to"

"Tell him you're hanging out with friends. He'll automatically think more hot girls"

"You're mean"

"Just do it"

Gigi replied to the text and they both waited for his reply. Less than thirty seconds later, it came. She laughed. "You were right"

"Now you can break his little heart by telling him your friends are dudes"

"Are you sure he's your friend?"

Pat rolled his eyes and she sent her reply. Again, John's reply was fast.

Seriously, am I ever going to meet you?

Likely not. I'm not that interesting anyway.

I highly doubt that. I can tell you are.

Pat became uninterested and began watching the movie again.

You know nothing. I happen to be extremely boring.

That can't be true.

Oh, but it is. I prefer to stay in my room and read old books or watch black and white movies. Definitely not your type.

How do you know what my type is?

You? The lead singer of a pretty famous band?

Stereotyping isn't cool, Gigi.

Right, of course. Neither is being shallow.

Who's being shallow?

If Pat had told you I'm ugly, would you be trying to talk to me now?

It doesn't matter to me.


I'll admit that Pat saying you're beautiful has definitely not discouraged me from trying to talk to you but I'm not a total douchebag.

Gigi sighed and put her phone down without replying. Talking to him always ended up making her annoyed. She tried to concentrate on the movie but John just stayed on her mind the entire time.

Ezra came home two movies later and joined them in the media room.



"Were you texting John earlier?"

"Was he texting me? Yes. Why?"

"Whatever you said, you bummed him out"

"It isn't my fault he's shallow"

"You called him shallow?"


Ezra sighed. "And why'd you do that, Georgianna?"

She raised her eyebrows at him. No one ever called her by her full name. "Because he is, Ezra"

He shook his head and sat down in the empty space on the couch to join in watching the movie. Gigi shrugged and turned her attention back to the screen.

It wasn't her fault.
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