City of the Damned

Chapter 17

Ebony's POV

The light slowly dwindled to a small flicker. I struggled to see what was in front of me. A few times, I swore something wrapped itself round my legs. But then the sensation was gone and it left fear in it's place.
I shuddered as I thought of where they were taking me. We seemed to be going even further underground than we had before, delving deep into the Earth. I wondered if it ever stopped, or whether it carried on like this forever. My palms began to sweat with nerves as my head flashed with disturbing images.
Slowly, the light became stronger and stronger again until I could see fully. We were in a cavern, illuminated with candles, possibly thousands of them. It also gave it warmth. Judging by the size of this place, it housed something big. I shivered when I thought of the possibilities.
Hansen and Rowan had loosened their grip on my arms and Elias floated ahead of us, putting out a hand. We stopped abruptly, silence flooding over us. A small chill creeped up the back of my neck and my breathing quickened. Hansen glanced at me and I smiled to show I was alright. Well, if alright was the word. My whole world's just gone to pieces in the matter of one day. It feels like years.
Hansen and Rowan began to step back slowly, bringing me with them. Elias began to...fold, I guess the word was. He almost collapsed in on himself, like a deck chair does. I watched in fascination as he seemed to almost disappear.
"What's he...?" I was silenced when Hansen and Rowan sank to their knees. I was pulled with them.
"Now we wait," Rowan said quietly. Looked like it was gonna be a long wait.

Frank's POV
We ran down a narrow chamber, Gerard carrying Mikey and Kellie holding onto Tess for support. I gripped Emilee's hand tight and she looked at me fearfully. I tried to reassure her without making any noise, but I failed. I never was any good at miming.
She looked at me silently and smiled, telling me she knew what I was thinking. I loved the telepathic link we had. It seemed almost surreal that I could tell what she was thinking, just by looking into her eyes. My train of thought stopped suddenly when I realised we were runnning into danger. Unfortunately, my body stopped too, causing Emilee to fall. I tried catching her, but before I could, Gerard ran into the back of me. It was like a pile up. Gerard fell on top of me, carrying Mikey. Tess was running so fast that she kind of fell over the top of us and landed next to Emilee. And Kellie couldn't walk without Tess's help. So she collapsed next to us, crushing my hand that was sprawled on the floor. I tried to cry out in pain, but my voice was muffled by the fact that I was being suffocated. It seemed like an eternity before Gerard decided to get his fat ass off of me. I mean, I love the guy, I really do, but he's so slow. Mikey on the other hand, rolled straight off.
"Finally, I can breathe!" I gasped, looking up. "Oh, cra..." I was cut off when this little dude, no bigger than me (honest) grabs me round the throat and slams me against the wall. My head exploded and I fell to the floor. He repeatedly kicked my head, causing blood to run down my face, blurring my vision.
"Emilee," I croaked, before I passed out.

I opened my eyes wearily. Gerard was knelt besides me, concern in his hazel eyes. I groaned; I felt like shit and I bet I looked even worse.
"Gerard, what...where... I mean..." I trailed off. Gerard put a hand to my hand. His fingers felt wonderfully cool in the heat of the chamber and I sighed gratefully. He smiled, but it looked forced. I opened my eyes properly and looked behind him. Mikey was holding onto Kellie like he was never gonna let go. And Tess was sat in a corner staring into space, her hair ruffled and her expression blank. I frowned slightly, then realised something was missing.
"Emiee!" I shouted, my voice cracking. I leant against the wall and moaned. "Where is she?" I asked Gerard. He looked down and then back up.
"I'm sorry Frank," he whispered. "They got her." I almost felt my heart split in two. Not Emilee. Please, not Emilee.
Gerard held on to me as I cried in his arms.
"Shhh, it'll be okay," he whispered softly. But it wouldn't. Not until I got her back.