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Who's The Devil Sitting On Your Shoulder?


A gasp of disgust escaped through her parted lips. Her hands had moved to rest on her hips as she stared at the smirking boy in front of her; she hated this boy with a passion. She hated his brown messy hair, his lustful brown eyes, his boyish figure and his huge ego.

She bit her lip trying to hold back a remark. She knew that if she said something he would retort and then they were be back to where they had started. Hearing his laughter made her skin crawl; he knew just how to get underneath her skin. He had schemes and jokes planned out just for her. He wanted to see her break and show everyone that she just wasn’t as tough as she made herself out to be.

“No come back?” His tone mocked her, “I’m surprised.” Using her right hand, she pushed her dark auburn hair off her shoulder, and smirked at him. His eyes narrowed; usually she would have said something by now. “What are you planning?” he asked.

She licked her lips, “Nothing.. yet.” Narrowing his eyes, he took this time to look her over. Her dark auburn hair was down today and hung just past her shoulders; her green eyes were outlined with black eyeliner with a light mascara on her eyelashes as her bangs fell over her left eye. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a tan blazer over it with a pair of black skinny jeans. Without even looking at her feet, he knew that she was wearing a pair of heels.

Before he could reply, a hand gripped his arm pulling him away. He noticed the smirk on her light tanned face grow. “Emerson.” Her smirk dropped and a scowl took its place.

“Gaskarth.” A hand gripped her arm, pulling her back and away from the boy. Looking at her friend, she groaned, “He started it.”


“Ashley,” Nicole mocked. “Alex fucking started it.”

Rolling her eyes, Ashley began to pull Nicole down the hallway, “You say that every time. If you hate him so much, why do you even go near him?” Nicole looked at her friend; they have been best-friends since forever, and nearly looking like sisters made the two girls closer than ever. They both had the same color hair, Ashley’s a little bit lighter, almost about the same height and personality. The girls were one in the same. The only difference was that Nicole’s skin color was a little bit darker than Ashley’s.

“It’s not like I look for him,” Nicole mumbled as she adjusted her purse strap, “He looks for me.” Hearing Ashley sigh made Nicole regret not leaving when she had the chance. “I’m sorry.. he just infuriates me to no end.”

“You should ignore him then.” Ashley stated as they walked towards Nicole’s car in the student parking lot.

“I try!” Nicole’s voice raised slightly, “His egotistical ass is everywhere! It’s like he knows where I am!” Opening the driver door, Nicole threw her purse over the headrest, got in and slammed the door. “I don’t even know how girls can like him!”

Ashley closed her door and placed her bag by her feet. Nicole was rambling on about how Alex was such a player and uses girls, and how that also infuriates her. Leaning her head against the headrest, Ashley closed her eyes and focused on the one thing that had always seemed to tune her best-friend out when she was in a mood like this.

Jack Barakat.

She thought about his dark hair that always looked like he just rolled out of bed, his breathtaking eyes that seemed to cause her just to stare into them, his tall lanky body that made him stand out from all the other guys at school, and most importantly, how he had the ability to make her laugh.

Jack was prefect. If you asked her if she liked him, she would straight up tell you yes, and if you asked him if he liked her back, he would always answer with a fuck yeah; but if you asked them why they weren’t together, they would reply with the same truthful answer.

Because of Nicole and Alex.

Nicole and Alex had never gotten along; why? No one really knows. Jack, Alex, Ashley and Nicole had all been friends in middle school, but something happened between the two which caused them to become enemies.

And it didn’t help that Alex was Jack’s best-friend.

If Jack and Ashley got together and something happened between Nicole and Alex, they two would mostly take their best-friend’s side over just staying out of it. It seemed like that was one of the downfalls to being Nicole’s best-friend.

“Are you listening to me?” Nicole’s voice reached her ears; turning to face her, Ashley nodded her head. Nicole raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest -they were parked in Ashley’s driveway. “What did I say, then?”

Ashley licked her lips tasting her flavored lip gloss, “Alex’s such an egotistical, cocky bastard who needs a reality check and maybe, just maybe, a heartbreak of his own.”

Nicole’s lips parted, “So you were listening.”

Ashley nodded her head and opened the door, “I’ll text you later.” Nicole waved her hand dismissing what Ashley had told her as she put her car in reverse. Ashley felt the small vibes from her cell phone in her pocket as she closed the car door. Pulling out her phone, she couldn’t help but grin at the text she got.

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