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Who's The Devil Sitting On Your Shoulder?

Sick Joke

Nicole rested her elbows on the counter of Starbucks; she hated working the afternoon shift because it was the busiest time of the day. People would be going on their breaks and getting coffee always seemed to make their day go by a lot faster. Rubbing her eyes, Nicole sighed. She was still irritated because of Alex. Nicole was never one to hold grudges or hate someone for long, but with Alex, she just loved to hate him.

Looking down at her nails, Nicole reminded herself that she needed to get them done; hearing the ding of the bells on the door, Nicole straightened herself out before walking over to the cash register. Twirling her finger around a strand of hair, Nicole took coffee orders as her co-worker made them. After Nicole’s co-worker finished the last order, she sighed.

“What’s wrong Gina?” Nicole turned around to face her. Gina smiled sadly at Nicole as she took a cup and made herself a coffee. “Come on, spill.”

“I had sex with this guy -and I really like him, but he hasn’t called me back.” Nicole nodded her head as she ran her tongue over her lips; running her hand through her hair and grabbed herself a cup.

“Who’s the guy?” she asked as she filled the cup with French vanilla flavored coffee and brought the cup up to her lips as Gina’s cheeks tinted with a bright red, “You’re blushing! Now, tell me who!”

Gina lowered her voice, “His name is Zack.”

Nicole swallowed the coffee, “Wait -Zack Merrick?” Gina nodded her head and threw the cup in the trash. Nicole mentally groaned; what was with all these girls falling for the All Time Low boys? What was so special about them? Nicole thought to herself and the bell on the door rang once again; turning around Nicole’s eyes met with the oh-so familiar brown lustful eyes. “What are you doing here?” Nicole’s voice was dangerously low.

“It’s a coffee shop, Nic,” Alex retorted. “Obviously, I want some coffee.”

Nicole crossed her arms over her chest, “What do you want Alexander?”

A smirk graced his face, “You of course.” Nicole rolled her green eyes as she heard the soft giggle come from Gina’s covered mouth.

“Go away, Alex.” Nicole pleaded; she didn’t need this. It was bad enough that she had to deal with him at school, but at work too? It was just too much for her to handle. “Leave me alone.” Nicole spoke softly; so soft, Alex was shocked that her voice could be so gentle; he was used to her high pitched yelling.

Alex’s face softened -for only a second. He walked around the counter, lifted up the bar, and stood in front of Nicole. Gina had stepped back to give them some more room; she also noticed that Nicole and Alex looked cute together. They practically acted like a married couple anyways.

Gina watched as Alex took Nicole’s hand and pulled her out from behind the counter and into the front part of the store. There was only about ten people left in the shop; five were college students, an old couple, and a group of teen girls.

Nicole watched Alex curiously, “What are you doing?” Alex sent her a breathtaking smile, but Nicole didn’t fall for it. Nicole watched as Alex began to lower himself onto one knee as he right free hand was in his pocket of his black leather jacket. “Alex, stop -everybody is looking at us.”

“Let them watch,” Alex muttered; Nicole tried to pull her hand out of his but Alex’s grip was too tight; her stomach was in knots. She didn‘t understand what Alex was trying to do -with a full room of people watching every single one of their movements. “Nicole Elizabeth Emerson, you know I love you with all my heart.”

Nicole’s eyes narrowed, “Excuse me?”

Alex licked his lips, “I love you so much, and these three years spent with you were amazing. I know we’re only eighteen and my band is about to take off, but I’ve been thinking about asking you something for the past few months or so.” Nicole’s heard Gina’s gasp of shock and the soft ‘awes’ around the room. “I wanna be just like them-” Alex turned slightly and pointed at the old couple sitting with their fingers laced together, “old and still in love.”

Nicole hissed, “Alexander William Gaskarth-”

Alex hushed her, “No, you don’t have to say anything.” Alex inhaled, “I guess what I’m trying to say is, Nicole, will you marry me?” Nicole’s mouth dropped as he pulled out a tiny black box and opened it to reveal a beautiful ring. Is he fucking serious? Nicole’s mind screamed.

“No. Absolutely no.”

Alex’s face dropped, “What?”

“No, I will not marry you.” Nicole spoke confidently; even though the inside of her was shaking and having a small panic attack. She was confused, scared, and embarrassed.

“Why not?” Alex’s voice shook; he forced his face to contort to confusion and sadness. Standing back up, Alex noticed how strong she was trying to be; but her façade wasn’t working very well. “Don’t you love me?”

Nicole shook her head; she was terrified now because everyone in the shop was staring at her and Alex. Gina was leaning against the counter for support. Nicole’s mouth was becoming dry, meaning that the waterworks were about to start. “We’re not dating, we’re not in love, and…” Nicole trailed off. She didn’t know what to say; all she wanted to do was run and hide.

Even though Alex was frowning on the outside, he was smirking on the inside. His plan was working. She was breaking down right in front of him. “How could you say that?” Alex raised his voice for a dramatic affect. “After everything we’ve been through, you’re going to pretend we were nothing?” Alex exhaled sharply, “Is there someone else?”

Gasps around the room could be heard, “What?” Nicole screeched.

“Is there someone else?” Alex repeated slowly.

“Of course not!” Nicole answered, hands on her hips, “Even if there was, it wouldn’t matter because I’m not dating you!” Alex dropped his head and let his hands hang by his sides.

“Nicole,” Gina’s voice floated across the room. Nicole held her hand up causing Gina to stop mid-sentence; tugging at her apron, she pulled it off and threw it at Alex’s feet.

“Tell Terry I quit.” Nicole’s whispered as she turned around and exited the coffee shop; she’ll be damned if she let herself cry in front of Alex. Fishing out her LG Rumor Touch, Nicole began to dial Ashley’s number; she really needed her best-friend right now.

Alex smirked as he watched Nicole’s retreating figure.

He had won.
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