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Who's The Devil Sitting On Your Shoulder?

Needed Help

Ashley didn't bother knocking on Nicole's front door as she twisted the doorknob and stepped across the threshold. They had been friends for so long that each others houses were practically their own. Ashley even referred to Nicole's mother as mommy because her real name, Sharon, hardly suited her. She ever rarely called her Mrs. Emerson either because the title held a sense of casual formality.

Ashley had to walk through the kitchen in order to get to the staircase that led to Nicole's bedroom. Her eyes were slung downwards as she tried to think of various things that Alex could have done to upset Nicole so badly. She barely noticed the older blond who she ran into when she slipped on a wet substance that coated the white titled floor. The older woman caught Ashley before she fell and a soft chuckle floated into her ears. Her cheeks burned crimson.

“Sorry, mommy.” Mommy being Mrs. Emerson. The blond simply shook her head while smirking slightly as she wiped her hands on the maroon colored apron hung low on her waist. A peach goo began to smear on the apron.

“It's okay, Ashley. What's got you in such a rush?” Mrs. Emerson spoke as she continued on with what she was doing before Ashley walked into her. She looked like she was baking muffins or cup cakes; she used a spoon to put the batter into the trays. Ashley knew her ears were still in-tuned to her even though Mrs. Emerson was slightly distracted.

Ashley grimaced, “Nicole's upset.” Just the thought of Nicole in tears made Ashley's stomach churn. The last time Nicole had cried was nearly three years ago when one of her close aunts passed away due to cancer which coincidentally was when Ashley and Nicole began actually conversing with Jack and Alex.

They had gone to the same school since the eighth grade but never once communicated with one another because they hung around different people. When they entered high school that was a different story though, they began making friends with the same type of people which caused them to at least become acquaintances. That's when Jack and Ashley's crush formed and Alex and Nicole's hatred began to burn.

Mrs. Emerson's hands stilled, “What's she upset about?”

Ashley rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hands, “I don't know anymore than you do. It's what I'm here to figure out.” Mrs. Emerson nodded her head; her blond curls bobbing around her milk-white face.

“Don't let me keep you waiting.” It was her cue to leave Ashley realized as she straightened out from leaning against the counter, waved and began ascending up the stairs. She automatically knew that Nicole's bedroom was the second on the right. Not only because she essentially spent the majority of her time in Nicole's house but because it was the door covered in bumper stickers and mismatched band posters.

Ashley opened the door to Nicole's bedroom and the brown-haired girl was partially throw backwards as Nicole engulfed Ashley in a heart-wrenching embrace. Nicole sobs were loud and Ashley could feel the tears leak onto her neck and seep through her thin blouse leaving wet blotches.

Ashley stayed silent and just tightened her arms around her best friend. She knew that Nicole needed time in order to collect herself before she could explain exactly what had happened. When Nicole's sobs began to reduce to hiccups and shuddering wheezes Ashley let Nicole go. She kept her hands on Nicole's forearms and took in her disarranged appearance.

Nicole's mascara was smeared across her face and her eyes were puffy as well as blood-shot red. “What happened?” Ashley inquired softly sitting them down on Nicole's bed. They sat cross-legged from each other. Nicole swiped at her eyes with the sleeve of her plain white shirt and sniffed.

She chortled bitterly, “What didn't happen?”

“Let's start from the beginning.” She suggested to Nicole. Ashley rested her back upon the wall to support her full body weight; her arms reaching around her legs in order to tuck her knees into her chest.

Nicole took a shaky breath, “Alex came into work today--” Nicole retold the story of how Alex had shown up at the local Starbucks where she was currently stationed. He then took her by the hand and brought her near where a large audience could see to fake propose to her so that he could humiliate her at her work place place. During her tale Nicole had to pause to glare furiously at her blanket covers as if she pierced them hard enough with her evil eye they would burst into flames.

Ashley only interrupted at certain times where a best friend was supposed to by injecting things like 'He did what?' in an incredulous tone and 'How dare he?'. Ashley understood why Nicole was so angry. Alex had humiliated her in front of her co-workers. There was no way she'd go back to her job now. The only thing she couldn't fathom though why Alex planned this in the first place. No one wakes up in the morning after a long dreamless sleep and then in mid-stretch think to themselves, 'lets fake propose to someone today to see their reaction'.

“Why does he have to make everything so complicated?” Nicole questioned randomly. By this time Nicole was laying down on her bed and had her head half hanging off letting her hair dangle onto the floor. The blood was rushing towards the top of her head which caused a purplish red color to coat Nicole's face.

Ashley lifted one shoulder in a half shrug, “I don't know. Why does Alex do anything he does?”

Nicole snorted, “Maybe because he's mentally unstable?” Both girls laughed for the first time since Ashley stepped foot into her bedroom and immediately the gloomy mood vanished.

Something popped up into Ashley's mind, “Hey you never did tell me why you disliked Alex so much? I mean before you guys began fighting like an old married couple. It appeared like you never liked each other. Which is weird because you're practically the same person.” Ashley's words were true whether Nicole wanted to admit them or not. Nicole and Alex were alike in so many ways. They both adored the same bands, they were both stubborn and they both loved to just have fun with just about anyone who was around.

Nicole froze momentarily. She absolutely detested talking about the real reason why Alex and herself never got along. It's why she never did. She knew that she usually told Ashley everything and she was beginning to get worried but this was one secret that Nicole was going to take to the grave with her. Well not that drastic but she intended to keep it a secret for as long as she could.

Ashley regarded Nicole's silence thoughtfully, “Still not ready to reveal the big one?” Nicole sighed in relief and gave her a grateful smile. Ashley didn't want Nicole to feel forced into telling her even though she was dying to know. She had many conversations with Jack concerning it but he didn't know either.

Ashley changed the subject, “What are you going to do now?”

“I don't know anymore. I see him every where I go. I have him in all my classes this semester. It's not like I can avoid him easily.” Nicole sighed in despair.

“I keep hoping that he'll give up one day and move onto tormenting someone else.”

“You know that's probably never going to happen right?”

Nicole moved her eyes in a circular motion, “Thanks for being so optimistic, oh wise one.”

Ashley made a face, “I'm just being honest. Alex likes a challenge.” Alex was known for his challenges. For some reason playing hard to get only heightened his interest. Nicole was the only girl in the school who hadn't sunk low enough to even consider accepting Alex's lustful invitations.

“Maybe I should just give in.” It was just an idea but it was enough to make Ashley's eyes pop.

“Are you retarded?!” She hissed.

Nicole raised her hands in defeat.

“I never said I was going to do it. It was just an idea.” Nicole paused, “But you have to admit. If I gave in then maybe Alex would finally leave me alone.”

Ashley considered this, “Even then I don't think he would.” Nicole had that feeling too.

“Then the only thing left to do is get even.” Ashley narrowly eyed her best friend, “You know that's not a good idea. You and Alex playing pranks on each other? You're just asking for World War 3.”

“I don't see you coming up with any better ideas.”

Ashley suddenly grinned getting an idea, “Maybe not.” She stood up abruptedly startling Nicole.

“I'll be right back.” Ashley exited the bedroom leaving Nicole sitting there with a perplexed emotion plastered on her face.

Ashley entered the bathroom and closed the door tightly behind her. She put the toilet seat down and sat down. She took her phone out of her pocket and began dialing a familiar number. It rang twice before the person on the other line finally answered.

I know we aren't on good terms right now but I need your help.

The person paused and then answered in a masculine voice, “What can I do?” Jack replied.
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