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Who's The Devil Sitting On Your Shoulder?

Cheer Up

Nicole’s breathing pattern was back to normal, but she was still hurt. She couldn’t bare to comprehend why Alex would do that to her. Her jokes and pranks never cost him much, just mere humiliation. But there was something else, that was bugging Nicole too; she felt as if Ashley was hiding something from her. She also didn’t understand why Alex hated her so much. Did she do something to him? Had he heard that she secretly liked him and this was his way of rejecting her?

Her thoughts drifted back to the situation she was currently in. She had no job anymore -which meant she needed to find a new one soon to pay for car and cell phone bills. Running a finger underneath her eyes, Nicole rubbed off the smeared make-up. She couldn’t believe that Alex made her cry; she looked down as Ashley returned to the room with a smile on her face.

“What are you up to?” Nicole looked at Ashley intensively; her eyes held mischief in them.

Ashley shook her head, “Nothing, Nic.”

Nicole squinted her eyes, “For some reason, I do not believe you.” Nicole watched Ashley let a giggle escape her lips as she took a seat on the bed. Nicole watched Lia for a couple of minutes before sighing. “Lia…” The girls had been quiet for the few minutes in which Nicole was watching her, “never mind.”

Lia tilted her head to the side, “What?”

“You know I would never lie to you, right?” Nicole noticed that Ashley bit her bottom lip and looked away. “Nor would I keep anything from you.” Nicole added. Ashley didn’t glance at Nicole as she spoke; her eyes were focusing on the pattern etched in Nicole’s comforter.

“I know,” Ashley whispered.

Nicole nodded her head and licked her lips, “We need to do something tonight.” Ashley laughed agreeing with what Nicole had said. “You know I’m only happy when I’m wasted.” Ashley giggle causing Nicole to join in a few seconds later.

“I know,” Ashley stated; what Nicole had said was true. Nicole was always happy when she was drunk. Even if she got into a fight while drunk, she would still be happy and laugh at how ridiculous the reason for the argument was. Ashley was Nicole’s party buddy. They went to every party together -they both would get drunk together or they would let the other one get wasted to the point where they were throwing up. “Shit! I almost forgot!”

Nicole looked at Ashley curiously, “Forget what?”

“Lisa invited us to her party tonight.” Ashley replied causing Nicole to scowl. Lisa; Nicole hated Lisa, not because she was Alex’s fuck-buddy but she just couldn’t stand the girl. Sure, Ashley and Nicole were nice and friendly, but once that girl turned her back, Nicole would gossip like World War III was about to begin. “I know you don’t like-”

Nicole cut Lia off, “I can’t stand that bitch.”

Ashley rolled her eyes, “-her, but we need a party; you need a party.” Ashley watched for Nicole’s reaction -she knew that a party was what Nicole need to get over what Alex did to her; and if getting her drunk would do that, than so be it. “Come on, Nic, they have vodka.” Ashley stretched the “a” in vodka as she sang the sentence to her best friend.

Nicole combed her hair with her fingers, “You know vodka is my poison.” Ashley smirked as began to bounce on her best friend’s bed causing the older girl in the room to laugh and agree with her. “Fine! I’ll go -but do you think Alex will be there?”

Ashley paused; the only way to answer Nicole’s question would be to lie and she hated doing that. She already lies about times when she’s “sick” but she’s really hanging out with Jack. Lia cleared her throat and shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Nicole groaned, “I don’t want him there -he’ll probably make me drink until I’m sent to the hospital or something.” Ashley shook her head and stood up as Nicole stretched her legs. A quiet knock was heard and they girls turned towards the bedroom door. “Come in.”

Nicole’s mom peeked her head in the room, “I’m going out to do some errands, I’ll be home later.” Nicole and Ashley nodded their heads as Mrs. Emerson started to close the door; before it was shut, she opened it quickly, “If you’re going out, sweetie, just shoot me a text.”

“Okay mom.” Mrs. Emerson smiled as she closed the door. Nicole rolled her eyes and looked over towards Ashley, who had a grin on her face. “Shut up.”

Ashley laughed, “I can’t believe your mom texts.”

“I know, right?” Nicole laughed softly, “I’m surprise she knows how too; she’s such a Betty Crocker.” Ashley picked up Nicole’s keys and threw them at her. Nicole glanced down at the keys in her lap before looking at Ashley with questionable eyes.

“If we’re going to a party, might as well look hot, right?” Nicole snatched her keys and stood up.

“Definitely,” Nicole answered, “Where to? Forever 21, Zumies, Hollister?” Nicole asked as she made sure her wallet was in her oversize bag. Ashley thought over the choices Nicole had asked; those stores were good, but didn’t exactly have the style that they needed for a party.

“What about WetSeal?” Ashley offered.

Nicole smirked and looked over at the auburn haired girl, “Nice choice.” Ashley giggled as the two girls made their way down the stairs and out of Emerson residence. Once the girls were situation in Nicole’s car, she pulled out of her driveway and into the street. “You know what? I’m going to look like sex on legs tonight.”

Ashley turned in her seat and looked at Nicole, “You look like sex on legs every day.”

Nicole scoffed, “Fine. I’ll look like kinky sex on legs.” Nicole smiled at Ashley, but she kept her eyes on the road. She was thinking about what she was going to wear for the party. Nicole wanted to keep it simple, but she wanted to go all out -more than she usually did for parties. She wanted Alex to notice her differently; maybe tonight would be the night that Nicole and Alex stopped fighting and actually became friends.

Nicole pulled into the parking lot and found a spot very quickly. Turning off her car, she grabbed her oversize bag and got out. Ashley waited for Nicole to lock her car before entering the store. “Any ideas of what you want?” Nicole asked Ashley once she got beside her.

“I have no idea.”

Nicole brushed her hair off her shoulder, “I say we split up, grab shit and meet in at the dressing rooms in twenty?” Ashley nodded her agreeing and took off in a different direction than Nicole. Automatically, her feet brought her over to the skinny jean section. Nicole went through every rack, grabbing different type of skinny jeans and in different colors. After she had about five good pairs, she made he way over towards shirts. She grabbed some t-shirts and tanks. Nicole instantly did a double take when she walked by the shoe section.

By the time Nicole reached the dressing room -where Ashley was waiting for her, she had a handful of clothes to try on. First, she let Ashley weed out the not-so good choices before leaving Nicole with a pair of white ripped skinny jeans, a black tank, and simple pair of black pumps. Nicole tried the outfit on -instantly getting an approval from Lia.

“Did you find anything?” Nicole asked she folded up the clothes she was going to purchase.

“No, but I do have in mind what I’m going to wear.” Nicole smirked as she looked over at her best friend; ever since a couple months ago, Ashley had this glow that Nicole has never seem come from her friend before. She didn’t know what or who caused it, but she liked seeing her friend beyond happy.

“Did you get laid?”

Ashley whipped around, “What?

Nicole laughed, “Did you get laid?”

Lia scratched the back of her neck nervously, “What makes you think that?”

“You’re glowing.”

Ashley raised an eyebrow at her friend, “I’m glowing?”

Nicole rolled her eyes, “Figuratively. You look happy.”

Ashley smiled and looked down at the shirt she had in her hands, “I am happy.” Nicole linked her arm with Lia’s as they walked towards the checkout. “I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

“Aww.” Nicole cooed, “Who is it?”

Ashley licked her lips, “What makes you think it’s someone?”

Nicole shrugged, “Your body language; you’re too affectionate for it to be an object, so it must be a boy.”

“You think it’s a boy?” Ashley asked as they walked back to Nicole’s car.

“Duh! If you were bisexual, I would know. I’m way too sexy for you not to fuck me.” Ashley’s mouth dropped causing Nicole to laugh and open her door on the side of the car.

“Oh God.” Ashley mumbled, “Just drive us to my house so we can get ready.” Nicole laughed as she backed out of the parking spot and began driving to Ashley’s house.
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