First meet.

My name is Joanne and I am home schooled which I think really sucks. I don't get to meet any new friends, especially boys now that I'm 16. I haven't ever been in a relationship with someone out of my neighbourhood, lame huh? Well all that was about to change as this morning my mum told me we were moving, how exciting. She said I was going to a proper school, with teachers, and classrooms. It will be strange, but I'll get used to it.

I ran to my friend Bethany's house and told her the good news. Only it wasn't good news for her, we probably won't see eachother again. "We'll keep in touch I said." Walking out the door and waving goodbye.

As I headed home, I heard the screeching of tyres coming towards me and all I could do was scream. Suddenly, two strong arms were wrapped tightly around me, and we were on the pavement safe and sound. Before I could turn around and ask who this peron was, he was gone and there was no sign of him even being here.

I went home and that night I had a dream, a different dream than I am used to, it was about the day I've just had, and what happened, and trying to figure out who that person was who saved my life. It was hard as I didn't even see his face, or his hair. I thought it was my father at first, but then I heard him yelling at me to run from the driveway, so it wasn't my dad.

The next morning, I set off to find this mysterious man, and thank him for what he did. I was half way down the street when I saw a young man about my age mowing his lawn. I thought it was strange because I've never seen him before. I decided to go and say hello. When I reached the beginning of his driveway, he looked up and saw me. I waved and he just walked inside as if he didn't see me.

Now I thought that was totally rude, so I knocked on his door and out he came. The boy of my dreams, although he wasn't the on mowing before? We had a quick chat and I discovered his name is Patrick. He explained that it was his brother who saved me, but he wasn't home at the moment and I should try again in the morning.
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