I want it to be real, but do you?

I continued to eye Terrence as I couldn't stop staring at his beautifully shaped muscular body. I hopped off the edge and into the pool, holding his hand as he reached out for me. We swam and played around for about ten minutes, then I slowly swam to the shallow end so I could stand up. Terrence followed me as I knew he would.

He grabbed me gently from around the waist, making me blush and pulled me closer into him. I stared into his eyes, as he did mine, and I couldn't help but think about "us". If this is what he wanted? I wanted so badly to know, but I couldn't, I didn't know how to bring it up.

Still staring into eachother's eyes, he began to move closer, about, 1cm every second. Until he stopped, millimetres from my face. It was obvious he was looking at me as if he was asking permission to kiss me. I closed my eyes, and slowly parted my lips. With every movement, getting closer.

He also closed his eyes, as he did so, our lips touched. The tinyest touch of his lips against mine sent an amazing feeling throughout my whole body. Only making me want him more, and more. All I could focus on was that kiss and not losing this unbelievable sensation. I never thought that something like a simple kiss, could ever empower me untill the point where I lost control.

By losing control, I mean my hands. They were moving along his arms, around his neck and down his chest. He pulled away and said, "Joanne, what does 'this' mean?" As he said this, he gestured to the space between us. And by that I knew exactly what he meant.

I was too nervous to answer, so I tryed to play dumb. "What?" I said looking confused, hoping he would buy it. "This, I mean us, is this for real, or just some little summer fling?" I so badly wanted to answer that with the first part of the question. I wanted to tell him that all I wanted was to be by his side, never leaving.

"I want it to be real, but do you?" I turned away, hoping that the answer was yes. He caught my arm as I was half around, and said, "you know how I feel about you, if you don't then I'll sum it up for you. I really like you Joanne and would love to be with you." The real question now was how was I going to tell my mum. She knows I like Terrence, but we're moving soon. I decided to beg.

"But I don't wanna move mum, I want to remain friends with Beth, Terrence, and Patrick. Please, I just want to stay here." I was refusing to take no for an answer, then my mother changed her position, and her tone. "I'll think about it," she said. I ran straight to my room and rung Beth. I told her everything that had happened today, whilst telling her, I felt my face go red, and it was burning up.

I told Beth everything about today, all I could do was smile, giggle and blush, it was a dream come true. I found someone I want to be with and my best friend and I are still best friends. Bethany has always been there for me and will continue to be. I want her to meet Terrence soon and I know they'll get along because she's my best friend and does anything for me.
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