Getting to Me

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Zack was completely shocked at her words. He hadn’t had any clue that Mandy could be that lustful when she was that turned on; or that she could say one small phrase like that and turn him on more than he ever had been in his entire life. His green eyes darkened until they were a near black color, and his tongue darted out over his lips so that he could make sure they weren’t drying as he looked up at her, wondering if she was just saying that, or if she truly wanted it.

He saw no hesitation in her chocolate brown eyes, and he knew that the moment had finally come. He had known that he wanted this with her for a long time. Hell, he wouldn’t deny that he’d wanted her since the day he’d first met her back before Thanksgiving. But he had sure as hell never thought that it would ever get to the point that it was now. Before he’d fallen in love with her, he just figured that he was going to have sex with her. He’d never counted on making love to anyone.

“You’re sure this is what you want, baby?” He asked her, making sure just one more time that she was absolutely positive of what she wanted. He didn’t want to get so close, only to have them both let down if she decided that she wasn’t ready to take this step in their relationship. He knew that she loved him, but this would be the first time she’d ever had sex, and he wanted to make certain that she wouldn’t regret giving her virginity to him.

“Yes, Zack. I’m sure,” She whispered as she leaned up so that she could capture his lips in a heated kiss. Zack took his time in returning the kiss. He wanted this to be a moment in time that she would never forget. He wanted to rock her world in the wildest of ways, while being as gentle with her and as loving as humanly possible. He wanted to show her what love could feel like, not just how good sex could be.

When she finally broke the kiss, he looked down at her and nodded again before he climbed off of her to walk over to the dresser. She didn’t protest, because she knew what he was getting. He returned a few minutes later with a bottle of lube and a box of condoms. She wasn’t surprised to see the condoms, but her eyebrow arched at the bottle, an he just smiled as he lowered his lips to the corner of her mouth affectionately as he started unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper so that he could push them down his legs and onto the floor.

“It’s to make it hurt less, baby,” he murmured as he looked down at her, pushing some hair out of her eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you at all, and this will just make it easier going in. Unless you don’t want it?”

“It’s fine,” she told him, a flush forming on her cheeks as she lay back down on the mattress, letting the pillows prop her back up. Zacky couldn’t believe how utterly sexy she looked laying there like that. He had never seen something as beautiful as she looked right now. No naked woman he’d ever encountered had been so graceful and so drop dead gorgeous in the way she looked. He knew it was the love talking, and he couldn’t have wanted it any other way. He was proud to be in love with a girl like Mandy. She was all he’d ever dreamed of having.

“What are you looking at?” Mandy asked him. She was feeling subconscious of the way his green eyes seemed to be burning holes through her body, and Zack found it absolutely adorable. He brought his hand to the side of her face and let his touch linger for a few moments before he trailed his hand down through the valley between her breasts.

“Just you,” he told her, leaning over and kissing her neck softly. His bulge was pressing up against the inside of her thigh, and he knew that she could feel how aroused he was. He heard her whimper slightly, and he smirked, knowing that she was getting impatient for him. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered into her ear.

Mandy had never been called beautiful by anyone that wasn’t her family before. The only terms that her boyfriends had ever called her before Zack were ‘hot,’ or things along those lines. And while those were fine, they didn’t mean as much as being called beautiful. Zacky saw the flush form on her face, and he knew that he had said something right to her.

He took the opportunity to start pulling his boxers down his legs before he tossed them down onto the floor to join the rest of his clothes, and he then squirted some of the lube into his hand before he started sliding it all over his length. Mandy’s eyes darkened at the sight of it; she’d never thought something could be that sexy to her. Zacky smirked and then tossed her the bottle before looking in between her legs.

“Use it on yourself too,” he told her, grinning from ear to ear. “It’ll make it less hard to go in, and you’ll feel a lot less pain.”

Mandy nodded and then closed her eyes so that she couldn’t see his eyes watching her as she started to rub some of the lube into herself. She’d never done anything like this before, so she had no idea if it would work, or if he was just giving himself visual stimulation to jack himself off for a few moments. She let her hand fall away from herself when she felt the bed shift as he moved so that he was in between her legs, his hands on top of her knees as he kept her spread wide apart for her.

“Are you ready, baby?” Zacky asked her, leaning over to brush his lips over hers. Mandy nodded, and then felt as Zacky slid his length up and down her slit several times. He already had the condom on, so she knew that he was going to penetrate her any moment. She knew that in a few seconds, her life would change, no ever how small the change might be. She wasn’t going to regret it though, she found. She was ready to do this with Zacky. She loved him, and that was all that mattered.

He covered her mouth with his as he pushed inside of her, swallowing her initial scream of pain. She whimpered against his lips as he stayed buried inside of her for several long minutes, letting the pain wash away from her body. She had never felt a pain quite like that, although it was far from the worst pain she’d felt in her life.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and let Zacky’s mouth break away from hers, and she reached up to shakily push some hair out of his eyes. “Don’t stop, she told him, putting a small smile on her face. Zacky returned the small smile, and then started to move in long, slow strokes, wanting her to feel every small movement that she could.

She had never thought that it would feel this amazing being with Zacky sexually. It was true that she’d known it would be good. But she had never thought to herself that she’d actually be able to feel what love felt like physically rather than emotionally. She already knew that Zacky loved her. There was no doubt of that in her mind. But now, he was actually taking it to another level and showing her the physicality behind that raw emotion that he felt for her.

“Zack,” she breathed out his name as his hips meshed against hers in a sloppy movement. He was still trying to find their perfect rhythm, although it felt pretty damn good to him, too. It had been awhile since he’d been with any girl, although this felt way better than it ever had before. He knew that it was because Mandy was the girl he was in love with, and none of the others had been.

“What, baby?” He asked her as he allowed his movements to slow down even more, so that it was at an almost agonizingly slow pace. He watched as her chest heaved up and down several times as she tried to catch her breath, and then watched as a smile lit up her face as she looked up at him.

“It feels so good with you,” she whispered, moving her hands to grab onto his shoulders. Zacky just smirked down at her, letting his grin show her that he agreed with her, and then he started to roll his hips a little so that she’d be getting a little bit different of a feel. She cried out in pleasure, and he hissed in a pleasure of his own as her short nails dug into the skin of his shoulders.

It didn’t take either of them long after that to reach their releases. It took less time for Mandy, because she had never done this before and she couldn’t build it up and hold it for awhile. Zack knew that would come with time, and he allowed himself to cum in the end of the condom before he pulled out of her after they had finished. He rested next to her after he’d taken the condom and thrown it into the garbage can, and then smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder to cuddle with him.

“I love you, Zack,” she breathed as she looked up at him through half-lidded eyes. Zacky smiled down at her and let his lips press against her forehead before he let his own eyes close so that he could drift into a nap.

“I love you too, Mandy,” he murmured to her. As they both fell asleep, he couldn’t help but think that he wanted to marry her sometime soon. He had no doubts in his mind that he loved her, and that he wanted to be with her forever. And he knew that Mandy felt the same way about him. He just hoped that, when he finally got the balls to ask her, she would say yes.
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