Getting to Me

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Once Zack and Mandy got up to their bedroom, she told him to strip out of his clothes before she walked into the bathroom to change into the surprise she had gotten for him. What she had planned for tonight had only been made sweeter by his marriage proposal. She knew that her parents would be ecstatic, and she knew that she’d be happy with him. Zack was someone she had completely and utterly fallen in love with, and nothing could change that now. She wouldn’t take anything back—including the car accident. If anything, she thought to herself, the car accident had brought them closer. It had only been when she’d nearly died when she realized just how completely she had fallen for him. It was something she hadn’t realized before, and she was glad she knew it now.

The surprise she’d gotten had been ordered specifically off the Internet. She hadn’t wanted Zacky to have any indication of her going into a store to get something, and she knew that he wouldn’t check the computer history. A quick search of online adult stores had taken her to a lingerie website that she’d found a perfect outfit to wear for him tonight, on Valentine’s Day.

It was a crème-colored bustier with garters, paired with some lace boy shorts. She had known she wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a thong in front of him, so she’d gone with a different alternative she knew he’d enjoy seeing her in. She’d also gone ahead and gotten a blindfold for him to use as well. She didn’t know how kinky she’d get in bed with him, but she remembered that he had said something about it once, and she wanted to make sure that she experimented with him instead of continuing to do the same thing over and over.

“Babe, are you coming back any time soon?” Zacky’s voice called from the bedroom, causing Mandy to let out a nervous giggle as she checked her appearance once in the mirror to make sure she looked good before she made her way back to the bedroom. Zack was lying on their bed clad in only a pair of boxers, although she could see goosebumps forming on his flesh because of how cold the room was.

When he saw her, she saw his eyes darken significantly as he sat up, looking her over several times before letting out an approving growl. “That looks damn good on you,” he murmured as she slowly made her way closer to him.

“I’m glad you like it,” she replied simply before climbing onto the bed next to him, letting her body straddle his as his hands moved to grab her hips lightly. She let out a small, shaky breath as his thumbs started rubbing circles into her skin before she leaned down to connect their lips in a heated kiss.

“I love you so much,” he whispered against her neck before pulling his head back so that she could see the expression in his eyes.

Mandy nodded, her heart swarming with warm feelings and stomach churning with butterflies when she saw the intensity in his eyes. “I love you too,” she breathed against his neck before trailing her hand down his arm. “Why don’t you show me how much you love me, Mr. Baker?”

The look in his eyes darkened once again as he nodded, a smirk forming on his lips as he rolled their bodies over so that she was underneath of him. He saw her holding the blindfold in her hand and let his eyes meet hers before he touched the side of her face carefully.

“Is this for what I think it is?”

Mandy nodded, biting her bottom lip as she watched Zack take the blindfold carefully. “I trust you,” was all she said as he carefully tied the silk fabric around her eyes, blocking her vision. He made sure not to tie it too tightly, and then let a soft kiss land against her lips before his bodyweight shifted, lips traveling down her covered stomach and then down to her legs before he moved his way back up again.

“Where did you get this?” He asked her, touching the lingerie softly before he started sliding the bustier higher up on her body, exposing more and more of her skin. “It makes you look even more beautiful than you already are.”

Mandy felt her breath hitch in her throat at his softly spoken words before she tilted her head to the side as his lips ghosted across the tan flesh. “I got it online,” she replied in a hushed whisper before his hands laced their fingers together.

He didn’t say anything else as he quickly started to pull her boy shorts down her legs. As much as he wanted to take his time with her tonight and do both foreplay and complete sex, his body needed hers far too much right now, and he didn’t think he could wait even if he wanted to.

“Skip the foreplay?” He asked her as his hand traveled in between them to tease her folds lightly. He smirked when he realized how wet she already was before he brought his fingers to his lips, sucking her wetness off of them before he connected their lips in a passionate kiss so she could taste herself in his mouth.

“Yeah,” she groaned, feeling his tip poking at her entrance. “Fuck, Zack,” she muttered under her breath, her hands moving up and down his tattooed arms several times before she finally grabbed onto his shoulders. “That feels fucking amazing.”

Zack nodded even though she couldn’t see it and then breathed out softly against her neck, allowing himself to slowly slip inside of her, giving them both a few moments to savor the feeling of having their bodies connected as one before he started moving in long, slow strokes.

This was what love felt like, Mandy thought to herself. This was what it felt like to have your body taken by someone who loved you for your entire being, not just the way you looked on the outside. Zack loved her heart and her soul, not just her appearance, and that was why being with him this way felt so incredible to her.

Likewise, Zacky could tell just how much Mandy loved him by the way her hips moved in synchronized harmony with his. They had a perfect rhythm going, their bodies almost like a well-oiled machine with how well they knew one another.

“God, baby, you’re fucking heaven,” Zack groaned against her neck, closing his eyes and allowing her to kiss his shoulder sloppily as she held on to him tightly. She was incapable of responding vocally, too taken with the pleasure to actually talk. It felt amazing to be like this with him, and she knew that it always would.

Neither of them said anything else as their bodies continued working together, both of them feeling the most intense pleasure either of them had ever felt. They’d had sex before, but it had never been like this. It hadn’t been this in depth, and they hadn’t been nearly this in tune with one another. She loved the way he would murmur incoherent sweet nothings in her ear, and the way she let out strangled moans and soft sighs nearly drove Zacky insane.

“I love you, Mandy,” Zack told her clearly as his teeth gritted together once he was starting to get closer to his orgasm. He knew he could never say that to her enough. Zack truly loved her, and he would say it to her every day, all day if he could. He wanted her to understand just how much he cared for her.

“I love you too,” she cried out, her walls clenching tightly around his length like a vice grip before she breathed out his name loudly when she started cumming around him. Zack fought off his orgasm for a few minutes more, wanting to give her as much complete satisfaction as he could. He wanted to make sure that she got off; that she received as much love and as much satisfaction as his body could possibly give her.

Finally he allowed himself to fill her, not bothering to pull out. He knew that while they were young and probably not ready for a family, neither of them wanted to prevent it from happening. He knew they’d be together forever, and since they would be getting married, he saw no reason to pull out. She let out a moan of pleasure as his release coated her walls before he finally pulled out, lying beside her in a spent heap before his head turned to face her.

Her eyes held such satisfaction and love that it nearly made him want to cry. He could stare into her eyes forever, he thought to himself. And as long as Mandy Haner was with him, he felt as though he could do anything.