Three Cheers For The Jet Set Life

Place I Go

Frank’s POV

The hours seemed to fly by, Dakota was gone. Everything was still so vivid in my mind, from Gerard holding her body to the paramedics having to pry him away from Dakota’s lifeless body, then when the police arrived and there were flashes everywhere as photo’s were taken. And finally when her body was being zipped in to the mortician’s bag as she was place in the back of the awaiting van. Watching every moment I hated seeing it, my thoughts were with Gerard.

I had no idea what he was thinking, since she had left. He had said no word, the police nor the detectives had been able to get any words out of him, it was like as though he had simply gone and was hiding. I couldn’t blame him, Once everyone had found out the tears hadn’t stopped. Gerard seemed pale, sitting on the sofa at my place where I had taken him after the police station.

He simply sat outside holding a cigarette not smoking it just watching it burn away. It seemed as though his own soul was drifting away and not sure of what to do, we were all in a state of shock. This is not what we wanted.

Damm I could kill that bitch!

Gerard’s POV

Watching the cigarette burn away as the wind took it away it seem to be the only thing that was soothing the pain that I was feeling inside, everything was tearing apart. Each muscle was slowly tearing making me feel the worst pain I had ever felt.

All I wanted was to be able to hold her one last time, to feel her warmth against mine. But the realisation was she was DEAD, in a fridge her body cold and stiff, the life simply taken away from her. It was so real. Closing my eyes, the tears wanted to escape yet again, but I was determined, she wouldn’t want me like this.

I needed to be strong, but how can you be strong when the woman you love is dead, She was to be my wife. To have my children and one day we would have that picket white fence like any normal family. But it had been cut short all because of psycho people.

Sitting out on the back porch of Frank’s place there was really no where that I wanted to be, where was there to be? Nothing seemed important anymore, everything well seemed...worthless, like it was just plain boring. Getting up from where I sat I could feel the eyes on me as they watched me move around me.

All of a sudden an urge of anger pulsed through my body, with the grip of my hands I grabbed the deck chair and threw it as far as possible, it landed with a loud splash in the pool. The next thing on my hit list was the glass bottle, throwing it you could hear the glass shatter as it connected with the brick wall that outlined Frank’s property.

There were voice’s behind me, but rather they seemed to be blocked.

“You left me...WHY?” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

The pressure was too much, feeling arms around be, I could feel myself being pulled down, down to the brink of all my pain. Looking up I could see her flowing dark brown hair, them piercing blue eyes and that ever beautiful smile. My angel!

“Why’d you leave me?” I whispered as the tears over came me.

“Shh...” Came the voice.

Looking up she was gone and there with her arms wrapped around me was her friend Kansas.

How much time passed I really don’t know, did I care? Nope. There was nothing there and well I didn’t know what to do.

“I want to be alone.” I mumbled.

“Ok honey, Let me take you to the spare room.” Kansas replied ever so sweetly, why couldn’t that voice be Dakota’s.

I said nothing as she held my hand and led me to the spare room, everyone else seemed to watch. Even my own brother stood there, I knew he was confused and knowing me like he did, he knew it was best for me to well be alone.

As Kansas left, she glanced back at me and smiled before closing the door as she left.

Mikey’s POV

Seeing my brother like this was even tearing me apart, knowing how much pain he was in I had no idea. I wanted to be there for him, he had just lost the woman he loved. I know that Dakota and I had hit it off on the wrong foot, but our friendship had progressed especially as I saw how much she truly loved my brother.

She was his Bonnie, His Juliet, His everything and well now she was gone.

How Gerard was gonna be and come to terms with this I didn’t know, when we had lost our grandmother it had hit him pretty bad and with this the love of his life. I didn’t want to predict anything, all I or any of us could do was wait.
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