Lucifer's Whisper.


Heaven’s head office was pretty much what Heechul had expected it to be. He’d heard stories of how amazing it was and it was pretty impressive, all marble and gold with a sophisticated air to it, the building huge yet strangely welcoming. It was clean and beautiful, but the brightness of the sunlight against the polished white floor was beginning to hurt his eyes and the overly cheerful atmosphere was beginning to piss him off.

This was not Heechul’s idea of Heaven. What he had always envisioned as the perfect afterlife was to be worshipped, relaxing for all eternity on satin sheets with hot, muscular men feeding him chocolates, celebrating his beauty and overall wonderfulness and providing him with endless sexual pleasure. Of course, Heechul knew it was probably this thought and many more like it that had gotten him stuck in Hell in the first place. Lust was a deadly sin, as was gluttony and vanity. And wrath. Heechul had a lot of wrath to spare and had dished out more than enough of it in his short lifetime.

Heechul sighed heavily as he sunk back into his seat, tapping his fingers impatiently on his armrest, looking slightly out of place with his fire red hair and black leather trousers. Not that he particularly cared, in fact, he loved standing out and hated blending in to the background. Kim Heechul was born to be noticed, his beautiful face wasn‘t going to go to waste.

He just didn’t appreciate the way everyone here looked at him as if he was something disgusting on the bottom of their shoe. He was used to being adored, being stared at with a mixture of fear and lust when he danced in the club, being treated like a princess. The contempt in which these stupid people looked at him rubbed him up the wrong way, made him want to freak out and set fire to things, which, of course, he could do now quite easily. With a click of his fingers, he could have this place in cinders. If they hadn’t already taken that power away from him the second he arrived in Heaven.

The redhead cursed them for being smart enough to factor his anger problems in their plans and glared at the clock on the wall opposite him, a growl erupting from his throat as he noted that he’d been sat there for half an hour. What a shit concept of time keeping these people had. You could criticise Heechul for a lot of things, condemn him for being vain and short-tempered, almost evil sometimes, but he was always very punctual.

He pursed his lips in irritation, his nostrils flaring as he fought the urge to just get up and leave. He didn’t even want to be there, had been forced into attending and signing up for this dumb buddy scheme by his so-called friend, Kyuhyun. The little bastard had bitched and moaned so much that the older demon had finally given in and agreed to join in the conversion from demon to angel.

Kyuhyun had actually done quite well in the past couple of months, though Heechul suspected that his progress was due to how pretty his angel buddy was and how much Kyu wanted to get into his pants, rather than the young demon’s desire to be a good boy and earn his white wings.

Heechul simply saw it as something that could be fun. He’d taken on his own personal challenge to try and use his powers of seduction and corruption to turn this whole thing around and do some teaching of his own. He could teach this goody-two-shoes so much about his world that they’d be begging to go to the dark side. And if his partner was hot, well, that was just a bonus.

“Kim Heechul?” a slender, yet slightly nerdy woman peered round the door at him, shuffling some papers in her hand and breaking the demon‘s trail of thought. He nodded, sitting up, mentally criticising her dowdy outfit and flashing a bright smile at her. “You can go up now. Seventh floor, Choi Siwon’s office. Knock before entering.”

“Or what? I’ll catch him in the nude?” Heechul smirked, walking over to the door where she was still standing awkwardly. He stopped when he was right in front of her, a dirty smile playing on his lips. “Is he hot? If so, I shan’t bother knocking.”

Her answer was a blush and a glare, to which he responded with a loud laugh, before stepping into the elevator across the hall, his stomach churning with both excitement and anticipation. He danced on the spot as the metal box moved steadily up, stopping on each floor, even though no one else was getting in it and he started to whistle when the doors opened and he wandered through the corridor to Choi Siwon’s office. The door was slightly ajar, so he pushed it open slowly, peering almost timidly around it.

Choi Siwon wasn’t naked, but he was good-looking, talking to the blond man opposite him with animated gestures before spotting the redheaded man in the doorway and smiling politely. Heechul moved into the office without a further invitation, his eyes transfixed on the blond man. He was better that he’d expected, better looking than anyone he’d ever slept with in his human life, with pretty deep brown eyes and utterly kissable lips.

Blondie looked less than thrilled at the way the redhead was looking at him, but Heechul didn’t care. He would fall into his arms soon enough. No one had ever resisted Kim Heechul before and no one ever would. An evil smile worked its way onto his lips and he thanked Kyuhyun silently for such a blessing.

“So, Heechul,” Siwon’s tone was light and friendly, but Heechul could see the judgement in his eyes, even though he tried to cover it with a veil of politeness. “this is Hankyung. He’s going to be your partner for the next few months as you complete the tasks we have planned out for you.”

“Hello there, Hankyung,” Heechul smiled beautifully, his tone sugary sweet and full of sunshine. The angel grunted in response, fixing the demon with a reproachful look before turning his gaze to the file he was holding in his hand. Heechul noticed that the label had his name on it and wondered what kind of things were in there. All of it, probably. Every mistake he’d ever made, every thing he’d ever done wrong. He sighed and looked at Siwon, pouting a little at the lack of attention he was getting from Hankyung. “I don’t quite get what will be happening, Mr Choi. Will I be with Hankyung every minute of every day?”

Siwon raised an eyebrow at the hopeful tone of Heechul’s voice, but chose not to comment. Instead, he nodded, his smile widening as he took in the displeasure on Hankyung’s face. “Pretty much, yes. You’ll be staying with him at his apartment and each day, you will work together to make yourself a better person.”

“Ah, that sounds good,” Heechul said, turning his gaze back to Hankyung, making his expression as innocent as possible, his eyes wide and his bottom lip still jutting out in a little pout. “I’ve been such a bad boy, Kyungie. Really naughty. I deserve to be punished.”

The blond just stared at him, amazed and slightly embarrassed by his lack of subtlety and Heechul stared back, silently challenging him with his eyes.

“Don’t consider it a punishment,” Siwon said, missing the point altogether, his hands still flapping around as he spoke. “It’s an opportunity to learn and to grow -”

“You don’t have to sell it to me, Siwon,” Heechul smiled, his eyes still fixed on Hankyung’s handsome, yet slightly worried, face. Yes, this was definitely going to be fun. He was going to win the challenge he had set himself. Blondie would be his, whether he liked it or not. “I’m already sold.”

And with the wicked smirk that flickered across Heechul’s face, Hankyung knew that he was fucked.