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Strange Men in Bars

Calista Morgan wasn't the type of woman that just went home with men...that was her sister. However, after a random meeting with the hockey player Brent Seabrook in a bar, she's beginning to think she should take a chance on him.

Author's note: I changed the name from "Take a chance on me." I decided I hate that name. Sorry for any confusion.
  1. Sara's Birthday
    Random meeting in a bar.
  2. Oh, We're Doing This
    Callie and Brent finally leave the bar together, but somehow she didn't know he was a hockey player.
  3. Is That Like a Playboy Bunny?
    Callie confides in Megan, and Brent is suddenly thrust back into her life.
  4. You Can Say The Word...I've Seen You Naked
    Brent and Callie meet again.
  5. Chinese Food
    Dinner at Callie's Place
  6. Obviously it was amazing the first time, and the second time, and the third.
  7. A Double Order of Hashbrowns
  8. Kissing a Stanley Cup Champion