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Strange Men in Bars

Sara's Birthday

Calista wasn’t sure why she was there. She was in a bar drinking - on a Thursday for heaven’s sake. Well, in all honesty, she knew exactly why she was there; it was her sister’s 21st birthday. Her young, beautiful, perfectly toned, honey skinned sister named Sara.

Calista was not unattractive, but when you grow up with a sister that looks like a supermodel, self esteem isn’t exactly easy to come by. It didn’t help that the first thing men noticed about her were her boobs. They weren’t overly large, but for a woman her size, they were larger than normal. Sometimes she felt like men noticed her boobs and then her actual personality.

“Callie, what the hell are you doing? It’s a shot. You’re supposed to chug it.” Sara pointed to the small glass in Callie’s hand and raised her eyebrows.

Callie gave her a grin and raised the glass swallowing the concoction with a big gulp, expecting the worst. “That was actually quite yummy.” She said surprised.

Sara laughed, “Duh! You just have to know what to get. That, sis, was a grape kool-aid.”
Sara’s friend Megan came over with another tray of shots. “And this is a chocolate cake shot! You lick the sugar, shoot it, then suck on the lemon.”

“That’s complicated.” Callie frowned a little. She could feel the alcohol already; she wasn’t a big drinker. So the beer she was nursing and the shot she just had were already making an impact.

“Nah. You’re just a little drunk.” Megan told her with a grin. She handed the glass to Callie. “Lick.” Megan licked the rim of her glass. “Chug.” She took the shot. “Suck.” Then she popped the lemon in her mouth.

“Got it!” Callie said and offered a thumbs up gesture before following Megan’s directions.

“Wow…that was amazing.” Callie smiled dreamily. “I don’t really think it tasted exactly like chocolate cake though…but I liked it.”

“I know. Shots are dangerous because it’s hard to believe there is alcohol in them when they’re made right.” Megan told her and Callie nodded.

“You’re so smart. I mean, you’re like, what, 21, and you know all this stuff? I have no idea about this. Give me a glass of chardonnay and I’m done!” Callie knew that she was drunk or quickly on her way there…and yet…it felt kind of wonderful. Sometimes not caring about the world around you was a wonderful to state to be in.

“Whatev! You’re the one with the degree and kick ass job! You’re saving the youth of America one class at a time.” Megan picked up her beer and raised in salute. “To teachers.” She said, and Callie raised her beer and then clicked them together, then each took a drink.

“And beer - who knew it tasted so good?” Callie looked at her now empty glass seriously. “I still love my wine, but beer is awesome!!”

“Exactly.” Megan agreed seriously.

“Holy hell. Look at that man. He. Is. Gorgeous.” Sara broke into their conversation. Callie and Megan looked over at the aforementioned man.

“I like his friend better.” Callie said with a shrug. He was tall, broad and gorgeous; there wasn’t much not to like.

“Uhm…isn’t there usually a door number three? I don’t like either.” Megan said, causing them all to laugh loudly.

Brent Seabrook and Jonathan Toews looked over at the three girls that loudly erupted into laughter. It was still relatively early in the bar and it wasn’t too crowded.

Brent smiled when he saw their obvious amusement. He especially appreciated the one in the middle. Her hair was brown, but he could see that it glinted gold when the lights hit it. From across the bar, her smile was what really drew his attention. It was breathtaking.

Jonathan turned to him, “Those girls are gorgeous.”

Brent smiled, turned to look at his friend and said, “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” He earned a smile from his team captain.

Their friend Patrick Kane walked into the bar and came over to them.

“So, what is up my brothers?” He asked jokingly, then looked over to where they were staring. “I call the blonde. Tall girls freak me out.” He added with a shudder.

Just then the girl that Brent was obsessing over looked at him. His breathe caught in his throat, he’d never been this attracted to a woman he didn’t know. And judging by the startled expression on her face, she wasn’t immune either.

Callie was momentarily frozen when she glanced up and locked eyes with the man across the room. She swallowed and quickly turned away from him.

“Whoa, Cal. You ok?” Sara asked, surprised by her sister’s sudden movement toward the bar.

“I think we need more alcohol.” Callie lied and moved toward the bar. She hadn’t felt that attracted to anyone - ever. It was freaking her out, even through her alcohol induced euphoria.

“K. But I think we need some red bull and vodka. This party is just getting started and I need a kick.” Sara said to her as Callie walked toward the bar. Callie nodded, even though she hadn’t really heard what her sister had said.

Unfortunately, when the bartender turned toward her, Callie still could not recall what Sara had wanted.

She stared at the poor man blankly, then mentally tried to force the memory of her sister’s order from her brain. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes, concentrating intently.

“I think the lady will have three Red Bull and Vodkas.” A deep voice interrupted her thoughts. Her eyes popped open and she grinned widely.

“Exactly!” She smiled at the man who’d answered for her, but she checked herself when she saw who it was.

“I’m Brent Seabrook.” He offered with a wide smile and Callie was powerless, she had to smile in return.

“Calista Morgan.” Her grin grew as she offered him her hand. He took it and she was shocked by how strong his handshake was.

“Aren’t you supposed to gently shake a woman’s hand?” Callie teased, emphasizing gently.

He smiled and continued to hold her hand in his. “I was kind of afraid you’d get away if I gave you a chance.” He squeezed her hand gently, then leaned in close to her. “Now, you’re mine.”

Callie blushed and hoped that he couldn’t see it because of the dim lighting…she really hoped anyway. She was also pretty sure that was a line, but tonight she couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Well I -

She was saved from having to come up with something witty by the bartender. Brent looked at him briefly as he ordered drinks for him and his friends. She glanced over at them and noticed that her sister and Megan had found their way over to his group. Calista grinned. Her sister was on the prowl…again. Callie couldn’t even remember the last guy she’d been serious with. Her sister’s life was populated with random one night stands and the occasional week long boyfriend. Callie had no idea how she did it, but at least Sara got some action. Callie could count the years it had been since she’d had a live breathing male in bed with her.

“What?” Brent asked, drawing her attention back to him.

Callie shook her head. “Nothing. That’s my sister and I was just thinking that she will probably manage to get into more trouble on her 21st birthday than I’ve managed my whole life.”

“Calista, trouble isn’t as exciting as people make it out to be.” Brent told her and his expression was actually serious. It made her think he’d had some experience with trouble.

“When you say it that way, I actually believe you.” Callie smiled crookedly at him. “And you can call me Callie. All my friends do.”

“So, we’re friends?” Again, Brent squeezed her hand, drawing attention to fact that he’d yet to relinquish it. Callie nodded shyly.

Brent took his free hand and gently ran it along her cheek. “Good.” He looked at Callie’s eyes; they were the color of sapphire and the darkest blue he’d seen. They sparkled with the alcohol and what he’d hoped was a physical attraction to him. Hell, he was ready to take her home right now, but he didn’t think she’d go along with that idea.

“I guess you need this back, eh?” He asked and pulled her hand up to his mouth to kiss it along the knuckles. He saw her swallow and nod. “You’re so quiet all of a sudden…” He trailed off, willing her to tell him why. He didn’t know what it was about her, but there was something in the way her eyes sparkled that made him feel like he knew her.

“I’m very attracted to you. I’ve never been this way with anyone else. It’s kind of overwhelming.” She said in a rush and turned to grab the drinks off the bar. He stopped her, by grabbing her shoulders and holding them firmly.

“Wait. What?” Brent wanted to be sure he’d heard her correctly. Women weren’t that honest. Not with him anyway.

She fidgeted and shrugged slightly trying to dislodge his hands. He could tell her confession had discomforted her, and he knew she was telling the truth. “I’ve just never had this…this…uhm…desire for someone that I didn’t know. It’s strange to me.”

Brent had to work to swallow. She wanted him. Immediately certain parts of his anatomy stood at attention. “You’ve never had a one night stand?” That thought was a foreign concept to him, oddly he like the idea at the same time. She wasn’t some random puckbunny.

She looked at him and glared - fire flashing through her sapphire eyes. “No.” she answered and her posture stiffened.

Callie could not believe that she’d just made THAT confession. She was beyond irritated. Her effort to remove his hands, turned from gentle shrugs into much more elaborate shoulder thrashing. He took her hint and removed his hands, only to shift his grip to her hips.

He leaned into her, his hands pulling her hips toward him. “Calista…” He breathed and she felt his breath on her cheek. Without her permission, her hands moved to his shoulders and pulled him closer toward her. Suddenly, she forgot to be mad at him.

“I want to kiss you.” He told her. His voice sounded slightly hoarse.

“I…ok” She said and sounded equally as breathless. He looked at her lips and causing her to lick them in anticipation. She felt his hands tighten on her hips.

“Eh, so were you going to bring the drinks over, or just flirt with the prettiest girl in the bar?” Adam Burish interrupted their moment and Callie’s gaze flew to him so she missed Brent’s jaw clench.

“I didn’t actually buy you one, Burish.” Brent let go of Callie and reached over to get the drinks off the bar. Callie followed his lead and grabbed hers.

“Your hands are full. Let me lead the lady over.” Adam put his arm around her shoulders and took one of the drinks from her hands.

Brent glared at Adam, but refrained from commenting. “C’mon, Callie.” Brent turned and walked toward their group.

“I’m Adam Burish, by the way. Seabs was rude and didn’t introduce us.” She glanced at him and saw that he was grinning.

“Seabs?” Callie questioned.

“Yeah. His last name is Seabrook. We just call him Seabs. It’s easier.”

Callie laughed. She wasn’t sure what to think of everything that had happened up to that point. Firstly, she’d almost made out with a stranger in a bar and now, she was being flirted with by another man. This was more action that she’d had in the last year. They arrived at the table and Callie saw that Sara was talking to the tall brunette they’d been staring at earlier. Megan was looking at her phone, probably texting her boyfriend.

“Sara!” Callie called and handed her sister one of the drinks. Megan was already holding her hand out waiting for hers. Callie laughed and handed her the other one.

“Uhm, where’s yours?” Megan asked before she took a sip.

“This isn’t for me?” Adam joked and handed it to Callie, purposely prolonging the touch of his hand on hers.

“Thanks.” Callie said and then quickly took a sip to cover her sudden awkwardness. He grinned at her, then turned back in the direction of the bar.

Callie immediately began trying to find Brent, she didn’t have to look far; he was standing close next to her.

She couldn’t stop the smile that lit her face when she saw him. He grinned in return. “Sorry about that. Burish doesn’t really know how to function in society.”

Callie laughed loudly at that. “You’re a liar. I’m pretty sure that many a woman has fallen prey to his charms.” Callie paused and deliberately let her gaze travel from Brent's face down his body and back again. “I like yours better though.” She blushed at her own brazenness. She wished she could blame it on the alcohol, but truthfully, she was beginning to think it was Brent. He made her this way.

“My charms, eh?“ She saw him grin at her obvious appraisal and he reached out to put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. “Just so that Burish doesn’t get confused as to whose arm belongs around your shoulders.”

“Of course.” Callie gripped her glass tighter. She should be offended by his territorial gesture, but oddly she liked it. He seemed so comfortable and at ease with touching her. She had never been that way. Callie was shy - well, normally shy. Tonight, with Brent, there was something in him that was drawing her out.

Sara looked at her and gave her the look. The “rescue me-I’m not into this guy look.” Callie bit her lip. She didn’t really want to move from her current location, but she also couldn’t just leave her sister hanging. She looked at Brent. “Do you know where the bathroom is?” He pointed towards the back of the bar.

“I’ll be back.” Callie told him and then turned toward her sister. She walked by her slowly and her sister reached out to grab her arm. “Where you headed?” Sara asked.

“The bathroom. Wanna come?” Callie had to stuff down the grin that came over her face, when she saw the relief in Sara’s eyes.

“Yes.” Sara turned without even saying a word to the man she was just talking with, leaving Callie to offer him an awkward smile.
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Note: Updated the title. I actually kinda hated "Take a Chance on me". This was written during last season. Some of the mentioned players aren't with Chicago anymore. Just a heads up. Please comment!!!