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Strange Men in Bars

Is That Like a Playboy Bunny?

*Name Changed from "Take A Chance on Me." Sorry for confusion.*

“I think you’re a puck bunny, Cal.” Megan told Callie seriously. They were hanging out and Megan was googling “Brent Seabrook”. After Callie realized what she’d done, she’d called Megan. Not her sister, but Megan, because she knew that Megan would answer and immediately be there. She sometimes felt like Megan was her best friend and not her sister’s. Upon hearing the news, Callie’s sister had just been pissed that she’d given up on sleeping with a “boring” and yet famous hockey player, while Megan was truly excited for Callie. It made her realize how unaware her sister was. She had a best friend that was amazing and didn’t even care.

“Is that like a playboy bunny?” Callie asked with a slightly disgusted tone. She was mentally picturing a lady dressed in silk stockings carrying a hockey stick cheering on the local team. There was an extended pause as Megan read the article.

“Oh, wait. I lied. You didn’t only have sex with him because he was a hockey player. So, not a puck bunny; just a slut.” Megan grinned as she said it. “Oh, c’mon, high five me at least.” Megan lifted her hand expectantly.

Callie grinned and gave her a high-five. “I freaked out, so I don’t think a high five is entirely appropriate.”

“If we were men, it wouldn’t matter.” Megan reminded her. “And I’m pretty sure I should have given you a stick tap in that situation to show my appreciation and not a high five. Too bad you don’t have a random hockey stick laying around.”

Callie shook her head a little. “I’m not sure I want to know what a stick tap is…sounds a little dirty to me.”

Megan laughed. “Look at you. One night out and you’re already making pervy hockey jokes! I love it! See, all along you would be funny and tell dirty jokes around me. Maybe now everyone else will get to see what really goes on in your mind.”

“I am a closet perv. That might be true.” Callie’s grin faded. “What was I thinking?” She sad sadly.

Megan reached out and patted her leg. “We could go to a game and hope he recognized you?” Megan offered with a hesitant smile. “I’ve gone to one before. It was actually really fun and I’ve been wanting to go again.”

“No…I don’t think he’d want to see me. I literally ran out of there when I heard him shuffling around.” Callie was even slightly disgusted at herself for her actions.

“For your first and very likely, only one night stand, I think you handled it well; however, if there is a next time, you should have at least let him buy you breakfast.” Megan told her with a grin. “That’s what I would have done. You two actually seemed to get along at the bar. It didn’t seem like just sex to me.”

“It wasn’t for me.” Callie frowned at that. It hadn’t been and she wished she hadn’t been so stupid. She let her own fear and insecurity take a hold of her mind and it pissed her off. “So let’s change the subject. You’re graduating this semester right? Any plans yet?”

Megan narrowed her eyes and Callie knew she mentally weighing if she would accept the subject change or not. Megan smiled before saying, “I don’t know. I’m hoping to get a job here in Chicago, but really, I’ll be lucky to get anything anywhere.”

“What about Mike?” Callie asked. Megan and Mike had dated for the past year and seemed pretty serious. They were the perfect couple. He already had a job as a financial analyst at one of the many large banks here in Chicago while Megan was poised to graduate in a few months.

“I don’t know anymore. Mike is…” Megan sighed with a frown, “Mike is perfect - I know that. I’ve known that since the moment we met. It’s just that he doesn’t make me feel breathless. He never has.” Megan confessed and Callie was momentarily shocked. Everything seemed to be perfect for Megan and Mike. “I know that sounds silly or like something one your students would say, but lately I’ve wanted someone that made me breathless. Someone that I couldn’t imagine not ever seeing again. Or touching again, someone that kisses me goodnight and I feel like they actually mean it.” Megan shook her head. “Or maybe I’m just crazy and should be happy to have someone that cares about me.”

“No, Megan. You’re not crazy.” Callie reached out and pulled Megan into hug.

“I don’t believe in fairy tales. I’m not looking for Prince Charming or Mr. Perfect, but I just feel like there has to be someone out there that will make me feel like he’s my other half. He’s not perfect or ridiculously debonair, but I have him and he has me and that’s it. It’s not just complacency or that we work; it’s that he genuinely loves me.” Megan was tearing up and Callie’s heart was breaking for her.

“Meg. I think that you need to follow your heart.” Callie grabbed Megan’s hands in hers and squeezed tightly. “You cannot settle. Not when it’s forever.”

Megan gave her a watery grin. “What if I fall in love with an old dude?” Megan laughed. “Or god forbid, someone poor. Can you imagine what my parents would say?”

“They’d probably disown you.” Callie wasn’t joking with that comment. She knew that Megan’s parents were ridiculously wealthy and expected her to marry well.

“I know.” Again Megan’s face grew serious. “Callie that should matter to me right? That they would just cut me off and out of their lives? It should make me sad, or angry, but I just feel relieved at the thought.”

“You will always have me, so you’ll never be homeless or alone.” Callie said, causing Megan to laugh.

“Thank god! I may just take you up on that. I don’t think Mike will want me at our place if I break up with him.”

“Not even a problem. I have an extra room.” Callie sat back a little. “But don’t think I’ll let you stick tap me or anything like that. Even I have to draw the roommate line somewhere.” They both broke into the giggles at that comment.


“Everyone, listen. Today we are going to have some very special visitors.” Callie looked at the principal of the school. Today all the third and fourth graders were going to get to meet a few members of the Chicago Blackhawks. Upon hearing that members of the team would be visiting, Callie immediately asked who would be there. She breathed a sigh of relief when the principal had informed her that it would be Jonathan Toews, Antti Niemi and Patrick Kane. She would have called in sick if Brent was among them. Even though she knew that he wouldn’t be here, she still felt nervous. She hadn’t met Antti that night, and she doubted that Jonathan or Patrick would remember her, but she couldn’t shake the nervous knot in her stomach.

It has been more than three weeks since she’d ran out of Brent’s apartment like a crazy person, but she still wasn’t sure what she’d do if she saw Brent. Her biggest fear was oddly that he wouldn’t remember her. She’d rather see anger in his eyes than a total lack of recognition. At least she didn’t have to deal with that today. He wouldn’t be here, she reminded herself as the students all sat on the floor while the teachers sat in a chair next to their class. Callie fidgeted, and looked down at her hands.

“Ok, Ok, without making you guys wait anymore,” The principal grinned. He was clearly excited. “Here they are!” He stepped aside and three men emerged from a side door.

Callie was still looking at her hands, as she listened to the loud applause and yells that were being directed at the men. She had to pay so much attention to her students, she hadn’t even had time to look up towards the three men. Once all the kids were finally situated and settled, she looked up at them and froze. Standing there, not 15 feet away from her was Brent and he was staring at her. Well, glaring really, but he was looking at her and he definitely hadn’t forgotten her.

Relief that he recognized her coursed through her, but was quickly replaced with fear. She was momentarily frozen and couldn’t even breathe. He was just as gorgeous as she remembered.
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Obviously, I renamed this story. I'm sorry if that confused anyone! I didn't like the title anymore. Sorry. Also, I think I'm going to write a story about Megan. Not sure who the hockey player should be. I was leaning toward TJ Oshie, but I'm totally open to any suggestions. So send 'em my way, please!! Comment, you know, whatev. Thanks!!