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Strange Men in Bars

Chinese Food

Dinner. She could do this. It was just dinner after all. Only for some reason she’d felt compelled to offer to make him dinner at her place. Then she’d got caught late at work, coupled with Megan’s current drama, she hadn’t had time to pick up anything to make. He was going to be here in ten minutes and she had nothing to eat. She was horrified.

When the doorbell rang, she ran to answer the door. Brent was standing there smiling down at her. Jeans and a t-shirt shouldn’t look that sexy on a person. It really just wasn’t fair.

“Sorry. I know, I’m early. I was just really excited to see you.” Brent apologized not sounding remotely sorry, then rushed in and pulled her into a hug.

Callie laughed. “Well, I’m sorry because I don’t have anything to eat. I had every intention of making you dinner, but then I got caught up at work and now…I don’t have anything.”

“No worries. We can order something?” He said as a question, his hands gently running over her back.

“Yes. I like that plan.” Callie hesitated a second before she stood on her tip toes to kiss him. He instantly pulled her even closer. It was like the weeks hadn’t passed and they‘d known each other forever; however, suddenly she felt herself panicking. It’s moving too fast again, she thought to herself. She pulled away from him a little.

“I like Chinese food.” She told him dumbly. She watched as one side of his mouth curved up in a smile. Then he reached up and ran his thumb along her lower lip.

“That works.” He smiled and she practically ran out of his arms toward the kitchen. He followed her closely, secretly enjoying her discomfort. It meant she was feeling exactly the same things as he was. “Crab Rangoons are my favorite.” He added as he admired the sway of her hips.

“Mmm…me too. Eggrolls are just too much cabbage.” Callie grabbed the menu off the fridge and shoved it in his direction. She hated that she was so nervous. He’d seen her naked after all, and here she was, throwing menus at his face.

Brent took the menu and his grin grew. “Callie.” He said her name and she looked at him with a bemused expression.

“Hmm?” Was all she could manage. He was just too distracting for her to form full mental thoughts.

Brent was struggling not to laugh at her obvious attraction to him, it was infinitely sexy and cute at the same time. “You do realize that I’m not going to grab you and drag you off to the bedroom? I actually came here for dinner. I want to get to know you.”

“Oh.” Contrary to all her nerves, Callie couldn’t help the disappointment that flashed through her. Obviously, Brent read her expression.

“Or, I can drag you off to the bedroom.” He said suddenly and lunged toward her intending on sweeping her up into his arms, but she held out her hands to stop him.

“No,” She laughed a little. “I mean that yes, I would like that, but I really do want to know you a little more. Besides I’m starving.” Her laughter increased when Brent’s stomach growled loudly. “And so are you. Let’s get something to eat.”


“I can’t believe you’ve never seen it. It’s amazing. I’m hooked.” Brent said before taking a bite of food.

“I don’t get HBO. How am I supposed to watch something when I don’t even get the channel?” Callie pointed out with a smile.

“You can come watch it at my place.” Brent stopped then narrowed his eyes at her. “You haven’t seen Boardwalk Empire, but you’ve watched every single episode of True Blood. How’d you manage that considering you don’t have HBO?”

Callie grinned somewhat sheepishly. “In my defense, Megan used to have it, but then she broke up with Mike. Now she lives with me, and I only have basic cable. So she is deprived too.”

“I’m sure that’s the only reason you have no idea what the show is. You should just admit that it’s because Boardwalk Empire isn’t all sex and vampires.”

“But very sexy vampires and don’t forget the werewolves.” Callie corrected.

“Whatever. We’re watching it.” Brent told her then reached over and stole her crab Rangoon.

“You’re just lucky that I like you, and I’m full. Or else I might have been forced to retaliate against you for stealing that.”

Brent looked at her, with a small smile. “I’m so scared. You realize that I play against guys that weigh double you and are taller too? This is on an almost nightly basis.”

Callie paused and looked down at her plate shyly, “I have to confess that I have watched some of your games. It’s kind of sexy, hockey.”

Brent’s grin grew and was now an all out ear to ear smile. “I’m sexy when I play hockey, you mean.”

“You’re always sexy. But yes, when I didn’t have the real thing, I watched hockey just to see you, like a loser would.” Callie confessed and was having a hard time looking him in the eye.

“Callie, look at me. I think you’re sexy too. If I could have watched something to see you, I would have. But I didn’t have any way to stalk you after you left. Not even a phone number.” Brent reminded her.

Callie’s expression grew serious. “I am so sorry about leaving. I told you that I just freaked out. I won’t again, I promise.”

“Good. I know where you live now anyway. I’m not too proud to chase you if you run again.” Brent reached out and pulled her out of her chair and into his lap.

“You won’t have to.” Callie kissed him gently, rubbing her hand along his jaw.
“Good. I can drag you off to the bedroom right?” Brent asked, and before she could answer he was picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder caveman style. She laughed and slapped his butt.

“We don’t have to. I mean, we can wait for our next date. And well, I hate to force you.” Callie mumbled as she silently marveled at how firm his butt was. She was jealous, although she wasn’t sure she’d want to put the work in that was required to maintain an ass like that.

“Cal, sweetie, you can force me any time you want to.” He paused in the hallway. “Bedroom?“

Callie momentarily stopped ogling his butt, to look at her surroundings. “Up on the left. First door.“ She told him.

“Your bed is made. I‘m not sure why that’s sexy to me, but it is.” He told her as he threw her onto the bed with a wide grin.

“You have the best smile, you know.” Callie told him, reaching up to stroke his cheek, and his grin grew even more.

“Thanks. People always say that I have a big mouth. And I don’t mean that I talk too much.”

“It’s perfect to me.” Callie said and reached up to pull him down into a kiss. His aforementioned mouth worked it’s magic on her. She felt his hands creep under her shirt and she was irritated by how much clothing Brent was wearing. She pulled away from him a little and his hands paused their movements.

“You ok?” He asked, concern evident in his voice. Maybe they were moving too fast…

“No. You’re just wearing too many clothes.” She told him. He laughed loudly and quickly stood up and pulled off his shirt, pants and underwear quicker than Callie would have thought possible. Clearly, being an athlete came in handy a lot.

“Better?” He breathed as he laid back down and kissed her.

“Much.” Callie told him and pulled him closer.
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