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Strange Men in Bars

Kissing a Stanley Cup Champion

The team had beaten San Jose in four games. The Stanley Cup finals with Philadelphia were tied 2-2, and they were back in Chicago to play Philadelphia in Game 5, when Callie got the bad news from Megan.

“Yeah….So, I moving to St. Louis. Is that so hard to believe? You know that I’ve been trying to find a job for about the last 3 months.” Megan told Callie. The younger blond woman seemed so serious that Callie felt like she hardly recognized her.

“I just…I’m going to miss you.” Callie’s brown crinkled as she fought off tears.

“Me too. I don’t know anyone in St. Louis. I mean, it’s in Missouri…I only think of farm animals when I think of Missouri, right?” Megan said with a grin.

“Nah. There’s civilization there. The ‘Hawks play them a lot and Brent says that it’s actually a fun city.”

“He knows all the good bars then? Places for me to meet those hot Missouri boys?” Megan said with a smile.

“Hmm…I think that’s Kaner. You should ask him where to go. Although he probably only knows the best places to meet skanky chicks so that’s not really your thing.”

“True enough. I like the men folk. So I would need to find the skanky dudes.” Megan stopped to ponder. “I think they’re just called man-whores though, not so much skanks.”

“Johnny will be sad.” Callie commented. Callie could see that her comment upset Megan, but she didn’t know why.

“I know. I’m going to miss him.” Megan paused. “I’m going to miss everyone.”

“But him more than most?”

Megan took a deep breath. “I guess. I don’t know. He’s…so sweet. And wonderful, I do like him, but I don’t think it’s something important enough to pass up a real job offer. I’ve been looking here and if I could stay, I would, you know. Besides with all my drama lately, I’m thinking a change is needed.”

“Have you told him yet?” Callie knew that Megan and Jonathan had become really good friends. They hung out a lot outside of when the team would collectively go places. Many times Megan would serve as Jonathan’s plus one to the unofficial team events. Whatever their relationship was, Callie knew that Johnny would probably end up hurt. However, she also knew that Megan was right. She had to take this chance.

“I’m not sure when I should. I don’t want to mess with his game at all. What are a few more games?” Megan was clearly uncomfortable with telling him.

“I guess.” Callie said noncommittally, and Megan sighed loudly.

“Don’t make me feel guilty about this. Johnny and I don’t have any sort of romantic relationship. We’re friends, that’s all. We can still be friends, even when I’m in St. Louis.”

“You’re right. It’s not my business anyway.” Callie said. Their conversation was cut short when she heard a key in the lock. Brent was the only other person besides Megan that had a key. Callie grinned widely when she realized that meant he was home for the night.

“Hey, Babe.” He dropped his bag and rushed into the kitchen grabbing Callie and kissing her deeply, regardless of the fact that Megan was in the kitchen as well.

“’Night.” Megan said, then went into her room without looking back.

“I missed you.” Brent told her when he pulled back to look down at her.

“Me too. I watched the games though. My mom is feeling better by the way.”

“Good. I know you needed to be with her, but you’re coming to Philly next time.” Brent told her, and it wasn’t a question.

“I'm already packed and ready to go.” Callie reached behind him and ran her hand under his shirt. “Too bad you’re probably exhausted.” She said slyly.

“And I’m not supposed to engage in any questionable activities.” Brent reminded her. “Coach Q is strict on that one.”

“It's a shame really. I bought this really sexy bra and underwear.” She said then shrugged. “I’m wearing them now.” Callie pulled away and turned toward the few dishes that were in the sink. “I guess I should probably just go change.” Before she had time to take a breath, she felt his body pressed against her back. He towered over her and she leaned back into him, loving how strong and warm he was.

“No changing. Ever since I was a kid, I haven't been able to listen to instructions as well as I should.” Brent said as he grabbed her chin and turned her head around to kiss her. She tried to move so they were face to face, but he stopped her by firmly grabbing her hips with her hands.

She searched his eyes, her neck at a slightly uncomfortable angle. “I hope you’re not lying about that lingerie, Cals. I’m breaking all kinds of rules for this.” He said then thrust his hips into her back to demonstrate exactly what state he was in. Callie gave a sexy grin.

“You’ll have to decide for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can buy it next time.” She said then forced her way around to kiss him.


Callie didn’t know how she’d managed to not have a heart attack during the last game in Philly. She was literally on the edge of her seat, and when Patrick Kane scored the game winner in overtime, she jumped up and screamed loudly. She didn’t care that they were in Philly and she was cheering for Chicago, she screamed and clapped wildly.

After what seemed like forever, they brought all the friends and families on the ice to celebrate with the team. Brent smiled widely when he saw her. She ran to him and tried to throw her arms around his neck, but he was way too tall in his skates for her to reach. He laughed and picked her up. She kissed him, and heard someone whistle in the back ground.

She pulled away reluctantly and he set her on the ground, but kept his arms around her. “So that’s what it’s like to kiss a Stanley Cup champion.” She said.

“Amazing, eh?” Brent joked.

“Actually, it’s not much different than usual.” Callie told him with a grin.

“I’m getting you all sweaty.” He said as a drop of sweat trickled down his cheek and landed on her chest.

“I don’t mind you getting me all sweaty. In fact, that sounds kinda nice to me.” Callie told him with a wink. He laughed and Jonathan interrupted their moment.

“Get a room, you two.” Johnny said. Callie pulled away from Brent to hug Johnny. Brent let her go for a second then pulled her back over to his side.

“He’s not allowed to get you sweaty.” Brent told her and Callie blushed lightly.

“Relax, Seabs. I’m not moving in on your territory. Besides she wouldn’t be interested anyway.” Johnny gave a lopsided grin.

“That’s right, because I’m the one that’s going to steal her away.” Adam Burish stated as he skated over to the group. Callie was about to give him a hug too, but Brent stopped her.

She looked up at him and saw that his jaw was clenched.

“See. He knows the truth.” Burish said with a laugh, his blue eyes glinting.

“I just know what a manwhore you are.” Brent told him, but he was smiling too.

“You’re just lucky that you saw her first.” Adam told her before he winked at her and skated off.

“I think he’s serious.” Johnny said, knowing that it would irritate Brent.

“His butt really does look good today.” Callie said as she watched Adam skate off.

“You can’t even tell. He’s in his pads.” Brent said outraged.

“I was actually talking about you.” Callie said and grinned up at him. “And you can’t tell me that I don’t know what you look like because you would be a liar, Mr. Seabrook.”

He smiled a little at her. “I’m really happy right now. I didn’t know what winning the Cup would feel like, but it’s amazing. I’m pretty sure that having you here is partly why.”

For a moment, Callie didn’t know what to say. He was being so earnest, and sweet that she was at a loss for words. “Well, I have absolutely no idea what it’s supposed to feel like, but I’m ecstatic for you. And it’s probably beyond cheesy, but I’m so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard and here you are.”

He brushed hair back from her face. “I’m glad that you’re with me, Cals.” Brent leaned down and kissed her again.

“I’m just going to go now.” Johnny said and skated off. Brent pulled back and looked at Johnny throwing him a smile.

“You have no idea how happy I am that Patrick got sick that day and it was you came to school instead. I knew I made a mistake about 1 minute after I walked out on you. I just never thought that I’d get another chance.” Callie said and reached up to rub his cheek.

“Me too. I never really thought I’d be grateful to Kaner.”

“I should go give him a hug.” Callie said with an impish smile.

“Not that grateful.” Brent said then picked her up again to kiss her.
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