The Lights Will Guide You Home


“Se-Seunghyun,” he breathed, pulling his lips centimeters away from the other man’s. He could still feel the comforting hands holding his face close, could still feel the slow, in-and-out breathing that brushed against his skin. His heart was still sending shockwaves through his body; his brain still fogged over; his stomach still turning, jumpy.

Seunghyun seemed to pause for a moment- a mixture of being caught in what had just occurred and the undecided feeling of what to do next. Finally, slowly, he pulled himself away, dropping his hands from Jiyong’s face. He looked away, face downturned, hoping somehow he hadn’t done wrong.

“I…” He didn’t know what words would work, piece together to form a coherent sentence. “Sorry,” Jiyong whispered, voice quiet and unstable. He moved for the door, hand searching desperately for the handle.

Seunghyun spun as the other man made to leave. His arm shot out to catch him, pull him back in, but he dropped it, knowing he shouldn’t.

“Seunghyun, I…” Jiyong started again, but the words still wouldn’t come. He shook his head, sighing. His fingertips found the handle, and he pulled it open, letting the cold swallow him.