Sequel: Anchor.
Status: Complete.

Love Gone Mad

Who would have known that simple words on a page could blossom into something more?

Love Gone Mad By: Stars Go Dim

I'm taken back from the words you said
That you don't know if you can love me anymore
I can't believe that my worst fear is coming true
And I don't know what to do
And I don't wanna live this life alone

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the story and/or the characters created by J.K. Rowling. I do, however, own Adara and the several other characters I created for this story.
  1. My Story.
  2. Another Birthday.
    Age seventeen...Eight years to the day Adara's parents died. Numb to sadness, she presses on.
  3. Diagon Alley.
    While shopping in Diagon Alley for their yearly Hogwarts curriculum, Adara and Draco encounter a few likely (and unlikely) characters.
  4. Hogwarts Express, "We meet again."
    The start of Adara's sixth year at Hogwarts begins in a way she would have never imagined. Plagued by butterflies.
  5. A Year To Remember.
    You cannot be satisfied with the turn of evens unless you see it through both character's eyes.
  6. Welcome To Hogwarts.
    Interrogations and pacing glances leave Adara's mind spinning in circles.
  7. It's Just Business.
    Oh, the irony.
  8. Quidditch, anyone?
    It's not easy seeing the one you love most tear apart at the seams.
  9. Persuasion.
    Two dates and two points of view. This shakes things up a bit.
  10. A Friendship Gone Mad.
    It all comes down to this. The first meeting. Fights. Their story.
  11. "I don't trust that, Weasley."
    This will sure give them something to talk about. Will Adara give in?
  12. Let's Flip The World Upside Down.
    Adara is falling and falling hard. Falling hard for a Gryffindor, that is.
  13. All Thanks To Her.
    George Weasley finds himself doing something he once thought impossible. Pursuing a Slytherin.
  14. Fruits are ticklish?
    Adara comes face to face with the truth. Not just one truth. But two.
  15. Stunned.
    The other Slytherin's were bound to cause tension eventually. Why not now?
  16. A little more pizazz?
    Puking Pastilles', a secret passageway, and infidel. Oh, my!
  17. Remembering.
    Certain places bring us back. Certain smells are like a time machine.
  18. What words couldn't...
    This is it. A kiss.
  19. Everything Is Different Now.
    Dinner with the Gryffindors and another note. What has Adara gotten herself into?
  20. Self-Propelling Custard Pie.
    A long awaited answer is spoken. Yes or no?
  21. You Might Disturb The Beast.
    They've been found out? And so soon?!
  22. Finding Compassion.
    Sometimes the unwanted company is the best company.
  23. 93 Diagon Alley and 5 days.
    Things are changing...but only for the better. At least, that is what Adara is letting herself believe.
  24. Making Memories.
    A food fight. A masquerade ball. How classy.
  25. Goodbye, George.
    Driven by her anger and grief, Adara pours her emotions onto George, leading her to a place of regret.
  26. Love Gone Mad.
    A lot of thinking can be done in the short time frame of 12 hours. A lot of decisions can be made.
  27. Hoping For Tomorrow.
    A year passes and nothing's changed.
  28. Merry Christmas.
    Draco plans for some special guests to visit Adara, when she's left home alone on Christmas eve.
  29. The Gift Of A Second Chance.
    Adara is faced with another chance; a chance to make things right. However, it comes a little too soon for her liking.
  30. That Unmistakable Red Hair.
    Here we go again...
  31. Welcome to Weasley Manor.
    Death Eaters always ruin the moment.
  32. It's About Time.
    Fact: Separation makes the heart grow fonder.
  33. You Will Always Have A Home With Me.
    Adara spends a night at the Burrow.
  34. Responsibility.
    "That foolish girl."
  35. “Especially then.”
    Tickling. The new form of torture.
  36. Dance With Me.
    The wedding of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour will be one of rememberance.
  37. Pick Up The Pieces.
    Saying goodbye has never been so hard.
  38. I Like You.
    "...And that crooked smile of yours knocks me off my feet."
  39. Be My Bride.
    Oh yes, it is what you think it is.
  40. Dinner At The Malfoy's.
    "This is too good to be true."
  41. One Could Only Hope.
    Planning a wedding.
  42. From This Day Forward.
    George confronts Lucius. It can either go two ways...Good or BAD.
  43. Say You Forgive Me.
    A week before the wedding...and now they fight.
  44. Breathe.
    One day until the wedding.
  45. When You Say Those Words.
    "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married..."
  46. Five years to the day.
    An ending? Or just the beginning?